Pullman Hotels and Resorts Jobs in Dubai

 Pullman Hotels and Resorts Jobs in Dubai

The hotel industry is one of the areas that come under the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry refers to providing service to guests and customers. It is the prime duty and responsibility of hospitality employees to serve the guests and try to meet their needs and requirements. Moreover, the hotel industry is the leading industry in the world. It contributes to the development of the nation as well as benefit to the people engaged in this sector. Since in today’s scenario tourism sector has taken the market such industries are flourishing in the market. These industries aim to attract potential customers and enhance their revenue by delivering quality service to the consumers. Hence, if you also have a dream to do work in a hotel or resort in Dubai. Then go through the writing about Pullman Hotels and Resorts Jobs in Dubai.

With the advancement in the hotel line, more hotels and resorts are established. It provides a comfortable and entertaining environment to the visitors. As there is a slogan in the hotel industry ‘Guests are always right’, they are the main source of income for such industry. Thus, it is important to make them happy and try to fulfill their desire as much as possible. Furthermore, with globalization hotel industry is being global. Hotel employers are opening many hotels and resorts in big and small cities of Dubai. Hence, there is a requirement for the trained hotel management professionals is huge. This industry is also the most glamorous industry which is very helpful in developing your career. Additionally, with the expansion of the global travel industry and aviation industry, there is a high chance that the hotel industry is going to boost up in the next few years.

Who are the candidates for the hotel industry?

Generally, to have employment in the hotel industry it is necessary to have a completion of diploma in hotel management. However, some companies directly hire candidates from the universities and some hire only the trained employees. The graduates of hotel management will have prior knowledge about the industry. The companies prefer recruiting applicants with the certification of hotel management. Moreover, there are various job profiles under the hotel management industry that depends on the education, experience, knowledge, and skills of the applicants. Besides, some industries also provide training and job to the candidates based on their performance and abilities. There is also a provision of taking exams before the selection of candidates to ensure their potentiality.

How to get hired for employment in the hotel industry? (Pullman Hotels and Resorts Jobs in Dubai)

Every year number of vacancies are announced by the hotels of Dubai. Since their motive is to deliver quality service to the guests they seek professional and expert employees from a foreign land. Similarly, as Dubai consists of half of the world’s population there is high scope for the ex-pats to get a job in the companies of Dubai. Dubai is an Arabian city consisting of a majority of Muslim people. Moreover, the employers are concerned about the value of the family. So, they offer free air travel to the employees so that they can meet with their family members and spend time with them.

There is no shortcut for the enrichment of a career in the hotel industry. It depends on the capability and performance of the candidates. One of the best ways to get into the hotel industry is to get a degree in a related subject or get the certification. You can also do internships in different hotels that will support you to experience things in real and also grow up your skills through learning by doing. Some hotels also have paid interns who also get the training during their internships and further will have the chance of doing the job in the same industry.

How to land a job in the hospitality industry without prior experience?

Normally, there will be a requirement of an experienced employee, especially in the hotel industry as it relates to direct contact with the guests you should have great communication skills. Furthermore, some employers also seek energetic, fresh, and desperate candidates who are self-determined and aims to gain the targeted goals of their life. Various on-the-job training is provided to the hired staff and is made able to compete in the market. Here are few things that you should keep in mind if you lack experience and want to have a job in the hotel industry of Dubai:-

  • Show passion and enthusiasm

As the employers are well aware that the skills can be learned but the interest and passion for the job cannot be taught. So, to become an employee of the hotel industry you should be passionate and enthusiastic so that you can be dedicated to your work. Similarly, the hospitality industry is all about customer service. It is necessary to have the employees having a great attitude that can make every guest happy and ensure they are satisfied with their travel and stay.

  • Identify your transferrable skills

It does not matter what job you had done in previous years. It may be a teacher, an accountant, a salesperson, a volunteer, or a homemaker. The major thing you have to do is know your skills that will support you in doing the hotel industry jobs. The transferrable skills can be used in any field hence it will benefit you if you know your skills and use them in the right job at the right time.

  • Be realistic

It will be better if you start your hotel job from the lower level as you will have experience from the button line. No matter how many times you have got promotions in your previous field, but while starting your career in the hotel industry you should start from the beginning so that you can learn each step. Once you get the chance to step your foot in this field then it’s up to you to impress them through your skills and create a certain place in their hearts.

  • Educate yourself

There is nothing to worry about if you do not have any experience while joining the hotel industry. You can research the field and make yourself educated enough regarding your job. It will help you to understand the works and make it easy to adapt to the new environment. Additionally, you can get training, internships, workshops, etc. that will assist in understanding the things before your experience.

  • Update your social media profile and cover letter

Since the employers are active in social channels it is vital to update your social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You should post only the informational and meaningful updates that are beneficial. Unnecessary posts should be avoided that create a bad impression among the employers. Show your commitment by sharing the things that you have done. Employers not only search for the experience instead they also seek the candidates with the right culture that fits in their company. Moreover, you should keep your resume and cover letter update. Since a resume is the first mediator that connects you with the employers you should create it in the standard format and insert all the relevant skills.

  • Use your network

A network is the most effective way to get a job especially in a foreign land, it is essential to use your connections. You should keep in touch with the friends and relatives who are staying in Dubai. Moreover, several recruiting agencies have a good network with the hiring companies. They can give you the right information about the employer and the company. Furthermore, it is fruitful to collect more referees that help you to reflect a good impression in front of the hiring manager. You can also participate in the various job fares that assist you to meet with the recruiters and have more details about the latest vacancies. Hence, get more friends and networks that will certainly help you to gain the objective of your life.

Pullman hotels and resorts jobs in Dubai

There are various posts in the hotel industry in which you can develop your career. However, you have to join the industry from a low level. But it is the most glamorous industry where your level rises gradually with your performance and time or experience. So, you should work hard and dedicate your service to the customers so that the company gets in profit and you will have the income of your demand. Some of the available hotel line jobs have been listed below:-

  • Event planner
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • F&B Manager
  • Front Desk Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Housekeeping
  • Chef
  • Engineer
  • Technician
  • Cashier
  • Accountant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Guest Service Agent
  • Storekeeper
  • Security Guard
  • Driver
  • HR Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Developer
  • Bell boy
  • Auditor
  • Security Manager

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