Heavy Driver Job in Qatar 2024

Job Category: Qatar Jobs
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Qatar
Salary: QR 2500
Employer Name: merogau.com
Education Requirements: High School Level
Experience Requirements: 1 year Above

Job Description: We are currently seeking a professional and experienced Heavy Driver job in Qatar. As a Heavy Driver, you’ll be accountable for working and maintaining heavy motors to transport items and materials to various destinations within Qatar.


  1. Safely operate heavy cars such as vans, trailers, and other specialised automobiles to transport goods and materials to special locations.
  2. Follow the assigned routes and schedules to ensure timely transport of goods even as adhering to all traffic policies and regulations.
  3. Load and dump shipment the usage of suitable gadget, making sure proper securing and handling of products to prevent harm.
  4. Inspect vehicles before and after every journey to identify any mechanical troubles or defects. Report any malfunctions or preservation necessities to the manager.
  5. Perform routine vehicle protection tasks, which include checking oil, fuel, and water levels, as well as tire strain and tread circumstance.
  6. Keep correct information of mileage, gasoline consumption, and different applicable information associated with the transportation of goods.
  7. Ensure the cleanliness and presentable appearance of the car each internally and externally.
  8. Comply with company policies and strategies, consisting of safety suggestions, to make sure a secure working surroundings.
  9. Assist within the loading and unloading of goods, as required.
  10. Provide amazing customer service by way of maintaining a professional and courteous mind-set towards clients and associates.
Heavy Driver Job in Qatar
Heavy Driver Job in Qatar


  1. Valid Qatar heavy vehicle using license.
  2. Minimum high college degree or equivalent.
  3. Proven experience as a Heavy Driver, ideally in a similar role.
  4. Strong know-how of Qatar’s street community, traffic guidelines, and rules.
  5. Good information of automobile mechanics and upkeep.
  6. Ability to handle numerous forms of heavy vehicles, inclusive of trucks, trailers, and specialised system.
  7. Physical fitness and stamina to perform loading and unloading duties, in addition to sitting for prolonged durations of time.
  8. Excellent riding talents and a smooth riding record.
  9. Strong attention to detail and potential to observe instructions accurately.
  10. Effective conversation capabilities in English (both oral and written).
  11. Ability to paintings independently and as a part of a group.

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What Does Heavy Driver Job in Qatar Do?

A Heavy Driver is liable for operating and retaining heavy cars to transport items, substances, or passengers. Their number one duty is to force cars such as trucks, trailers, buses, or specialized device to exact places even as adhering to visitors regulations and protection policies. Here are some key responsibilities of a Heavy Driver:

  1. Vehicle Operation: Heavy Drivers are skilled in working various varieties of heavy automobiles. They force competently and correctly, following assigned routes and schedules to ensure well timed transport of products or passengers.
  2. Cargo Loading and Unloading: Heavy Drivers are accountable for loading and unloading cargo onto their motors. They ensure right securing and coping with of goods to prevent damage during transit. In a few cases, they’ll assist with the physical lifting and transferring of heavy objects.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance: Heavy Drivers perform recurring inspections of their cars earlier than and after every experience. They test for any mechanical troubles, defects, or damages and document them to an appropriate authorities. They may additionally conduct basic protection obligations like checking oil, gasoline, water ranges, tire pressure, and making sure the car’s average cleanliness.
  4. Recordkeeping: Heavy Drivers preserve correct information of mileage, gas consumption, and different applicable information related to their transportation sports. This facilitates in tracking vehicle usage, charges, and compliance with regulations.
  5. Adherence to Safety Regulations: Heavy Drivers prioritize safety by using following all visitors laws and policies. They exercise protecting driving strategies, hold secure distances from different motors, and use alerts and signs accurately. They also make sure that passengers, if applicable, are securely seated and guarded.
  6. Communication and Customer Service: Heavy Drivers often engage with customers, customers, or passengers. They hold a expert and courteous mindset, offering fantastic customer support. Effective communication capabilities are important for conveying facts, addressing concerns, and presenting vital commands.
  7. Emergency Preparedness: Heavy Drivers have to be prepared to address emergencies or breakdowns. They should have information of simple troubleshooting techniques and be able to contact the ideal authorities or roadside assistance if required.

Overall, Heavy Drivers play a critical position inside the transportation industry by ensuring the safe and green motion of goods, materials, or passengers. Their responsibilities encompass automobile operation, cargo dealing with, protection, protection compliance, recordkeeping, customer support, and emergency preparedness.

Salary and Benefits:

The revenue and blessings for a Heavy Driver can range relying on several elements along with the us of a, employer, enterprise, enjoy, and qualifications. Since you particularly referred to Qatar, I can provide you with a general idea of the salary and advantages variety for Heavy Drivers in Qatar. Please be aware that these figures are approximate and might vary:

  1. Salary: The average month-to-month income for a Heavy Driver in Qatar levels from QAR 3,000 to QAR 5,000. However, this will vary based on revel in, qualifications, and the corporation’s policies.
  2. Overtime Pay: Heavy Drivers may be eligible for additional time pay in the event that they paintings past everyday running hours or on weekends or vacations. Overtime fees typically variety from 1.25 to at least one.Five instances the normal hourly wage.
  3. Accommodation: Many agencies in Qatar offer lodging or housing allowances to their employees. This can range relying on the employer and the area of the job.
  4. Transportation: Some companies may additionally offer transportation facilities or allowances to Heavy Drivers to shuttle to and from work.
  5. Annual Leave: Heavy Drivers are entitled to annual go away, normally starting from 21 to 30 days in step with year, depending on the company’s rules and the period of service.
  6. Medical Insurance: Many corporations provide medical insurance insurance for their employees, which includes scientific fees, hospitalization, and occasionally coverage for dependents.
  7. End-of-Service Benefits: In Qatar, personnel are entitled to quit-of-service blessings, which are generally primarily based on the duration of carrier and the basic income. This is paid whilst an worker leaves the organisation.
  8. Other Benefits: Additional advantages might also encompass annual airfare allowance, annual bonuses, uniform provision, and training opportunities.

It’s essential to note that the real salary and advantages supplied may additionally range from one organization to any other. It’s advisable to check with ability employers or talk to the precise process provide to get correct and up-to-date statistics regarding the profits and blessings bundle for a Heavy Driver position in Qatar.

Note: This job description is supposed to provide a general review of the obligations and necessities of the placement. It is not exhaustive, and further obligations can be assigned as wished.

If you meet the above qualifications and are interested by pursuing a tough career as a Heavy Driver in Qatar, we inspire you to post your application, consisting of your resume and any applicable certifications.

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