Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? Easy and best way to get Jobs

Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? We cannot deny the fact that it is more like a dream for everyone to find a Dubai job and work there. But it is definitely not easy to get a job in Dubai. In fact, many people have been seen in Dubai who are in Dubai just on visit visa and they try their luck. But this luck does not help most often and sadly they cannot get the job and because of which they have to return. This situation is coming because the people who come to Dubai on a visit visa to find a Dubai job have a lack of preparation and knowledge.

No matter if you are a citizen of Dubai or you have come to Dubai on visit visa it is hard for everyone to find a job if they do not have the degree of college. There are many common and worst mistakes the individuals who are searching for the job commit because of which they get hard to get the Dubai jobs.

Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? Easy and best way to get Jobs

Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? Easy and best way to get Jobs
Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? Easy and best way to get Jobs
  1. Applying for the job in Dubai from outside of the country:

With the growth and development in Dubai, the job market of Dubai is turning out to be very competitive. Because of this reason the job market is declining in Dubai. So your decision to apply for the jobs from outside of that country may turn out to be the worst decision that one can make. And nowadays this system is very common for job seekers in Dubai.

These days the recruiters and the job offer that we get from Dubai most often will not bear your cost of living, visa, flight, local cost of living, salary and other expenses. But this system was prevailing in the previous days in Dubai. Along with the time, the way of hiring the employee in Dubai is also changing so you will have to update yourself with it if you want to get the job in Dubai. The process of hiring the employee is more of tough competition in the era of today’s world.

Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? Easy and best way to get Jobs
Why is it hard to get a Dubai job? Easy and best way to get Jobs

So for getting the job in Dubai, you will have to stay in Dubai which will increase your chance to get the job in Dubai. The job market in Dubai is tough and the people who are already staying in Dubai apply every day to increase their chance of getting a job in Dubai.

In Dubai, maximum recruiters conduct a face to face interview for selecting the candidate for the job in their company. This way of hiring let them know about the weakness and strength of the candidates which increase the chance of selecting the most potential candidate for a job in Dubai. Due to this reason, the recruiters of Dubai do not like to hire candidates from outside of Dubai. This is also a very valid reason if you are not getting a job in Dubai.

2. The time when you are visiting Dubai may not be the right time:

One of the valid reason for you to not get the Dubai job maybe because you are choosing the wrong time to go to Dubai and search for the job. There are some of the time in Dubai which is extremely bad for the job seekers. And I would suggest you not to go to Dubai in the month of May which is the month of Ramadan, January, June and august which is hustling for ‘Eid and obviously December the month of Christmas and new year. Because of the recruiters do nor hire an employee in these months in Dubai.

In contrast to this, there is some month which is going to turn out to be the best month when it comes to searching for jobs and those months include April, October, November, March, and February. So as far as possible if you are a job seeker then try to go to Dubai jobs in these months. This will increase your chance of getting a job in Dubai.

3. Your resume or the CV may be unattractive and unfocused:

Your CV is more like your representative and the first impression in front of the recruiters and we cannot deny this fact obviously. If your CV or resume is boring and unattractive then the recruiters will not bother to check on you. Try to make your resume in an attractive manner so that the recruiters take an interest in you and so that you will be able to get your dream job which you are applying in Dubai jobs.

Do not make your CV unfocused so that your image in front of the recruiters is poor. The CV which is unattractive will lead to the rejection of your CV and your chance of getting the job and the person who is not even as talented as you are will easily get the Dubai jobs.

No matter the job which you are searching in Dubai is a full-time job or a part-time job, if you have a perfect and attractive resume then the recruiters are going to select you for the job in Dubai. For standing out in the crowd in millions your CV is the best method. And this can be a very crucial reason for you to either get the job or lose it.

4. Applying only through the online medium:

The very common type of mistake that most of the job seeker does is searching for the job through only one type of source and that also through the online medium by submitting the CV online. As we have seen in many cases in Dubai based on the observation the applicants depend on the single and the only source for Dubai jobs.

Most of the people seek Dubai jobs through some of the premier sites and apply through the site and wait for the interviewers to call. Most of the recruiters are busy with their own work and the recruiters will definitely want to see your hard work. In such cases, if you are blaming the website and the company then it is your own mistake. You should not blame destiny in cases like this and give up on your career.

Try to apply through various sites which are stronger such as LinkedIn or Facebook. This site every powerful and if you are creating your account on these sites then your chance to get Dubai jobs will increase will the maximum percentage of Dubai jobs.

5. Rather than sending your resume through the email and try to drop it off on the hands of the recruiters.

The importance of going and submitting your resume on the hand of the recruiters is very important. It looks pretty similar and we may not see much difference in between dropping of the resume in hand and sending through the online medium.

The advertisement of the job through social media gets thousands of email from the job seekers and there are times when the applications get ignored by the recruiters. Since there are so many of the CV so there is a confusion that arises according to which it becomes difficult for them to choose among the most deserving candidate. Based on the CV if the recruiters have to do the selection then they will have to waste a lot of time for it and the recruiters are not willing to do that.

So try to drop the resume on the hand of the recruiting person and introduce yourself in front of them to make an impression of yourself. This will make an unforgettable moment in front of the recruiters and they will also treat you differently when you are among the other candidate submitting your resume.

6. You may be unaware of the ultimate power of Social Media:

If you are a job seeker then never in your dream think about undermining the importance of social media. Social media is a very important fact for job seekers in Dubai. Through the means of social media, the recruiters and the employee can get connected.  It is also seen from many research that many of the recruiters and the job seeker meet through the means of social media.

So if you are unaware of the importance of social media then you are definitely going to face the problem of social media. Try to put that information on your social media which the recruiters want to see from you. You can also join some of the discussion site and groups where they discuss the job vacancy and requirements and based on it you can apply for the job. Incomplete

7. Incomplete preparation for the interview of the job:

If you do not have the good interview skills then you may present what you deserve and what you are actually worthy of doing. The interview skills involve various types of skills such as communication skills, making good eye contact with the recruiters, having good knowledge of the skills to organize. If you are lacking the skills that have been mentioned above then ultimately your chance of getting the job will decrease.

So try to do good research about how to give the interview, be yourself but a perfect version of yourself and convince the employer that you are the most deserving candidate for the job. Attend the interview and make a good impression because of this reason you will be able to stand out in the huge crowd and get the job which you deserve to get.

8. Applying for the wrong position for Dubai jobs:

If you apply for the wrong position for the job then that is a huge reason for you for not getting the job. There is a time when we see the ads for the job and we find that ad very attractive for us that we want to get the job even though deep in the heart we know that we are not going to get the job. That attractive stuff includes visa expenses, flight tickets, accommodation and the salary.

Most of the people see this attractive stuff and without thinking about the requirement for the job they just apply for the job and all this lead to is disappointment and nothing more than that. This is the truth but we will have to take the bitter truth in a positive way and expect to our limitation which will lead to the satisfaction of our self. The recruiter is never going you hire you for the job if you are not capable with the requirement of the job.

There will be a time when you realize that even if you are applying for the job that you do not deserve you are going to land into the job. But it will come along with the dissatisfaction and frustration. So always try to apply for the right Dubai jobs and you will get the job.

9. No reference through anyone in the resume:

The reference I this case of resume for the job seekers means the public relation. Reference is a very important factor if you are the job seeker of Dubai. In Dubai, there are internal arrangements and links because of which the person gets the job and recruiters give the job without any fair evolution. In fact, there are some of the company in Dubai who hire the employee without considering the various options which may be available in the job market of Dubai. They do not advertise for the job in Dubai through any means of the newspaper of the websites.

But these type of company in Dubai choose the candidates through the medium of reference and if you have the reference then the chance for you to get the job will increase. If you do not have a reference and you are the job seeker then it must be very frustrating for you. So at first try to increase your references for getting the jobs.

10. By becoming a victim of the employment agencies:

There are a time when we search for the job for a very long time and still, if we don’t get the job then we feel the frustration. And after this, the only option that is left for many of the individuals is the agencies which claim to provide the employment facilities for the job seekers.

But do you think that the agencies are for real going to provide you with the job opportunity then you are wrong? Because such sorts of agencies are frauds they will make false promises with you. They spread the scams, and after taking fees from you they may become abusive to you. But all the agencies are not fraud so check their legal documents before believing then and make sure that they have the approval from the government of Dubai. Find New Job

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