Security job in Dubai:

Job description for security job:  

Security job is more live an easy opportunity if you want to work in Dubai. When we think about Dubai, we already know that there are tons of Gold, infrastructure and companies. Because of this development in security and those big companies of Dubai. A strict and strong bond of security should be provided to the people working in Dubai.

Each big infrastructure needs security around their premises and for this, they need some security guard for working for them. Because of so many of the opportunity available people from all around the world apply for getting this job. So it becomes a bit difficult in the selection process. But if you have a perfect skill then you should apply for the security job in Dubai. The salary and various facilities that you will get along with the security job in Dubai is really good. Because of the digitalization in the various system the work that you will have to do and process of doing the job much easier.

The salary that they will pay you as a security officer is based on where you are working. And under whom you are working. So there is no any limitations or a fixed salary allocated for the security officers of Dubai. If you want to work as a security officer and want to work abroad. Then there can be no better option for you then Dubai security job. So, if your qualifications and skills match their expectations then you should apply for getting the security job in Dubai. Because you can have a great lifestyle in Dubai as a security officer. And the various facilities that you will be able to enjoy.   


Responsibility of security job in Dubai:  

This job as security comes along with a huge responsibility. Because it is all unto the security officer to maintain a safe environment. You will have to be very energetic, enthusiastic and give attention to every detail as a security job. The security job applicant will have to provide monitoring and patrolling around the premises. Where you are working for providing the security to the person around you.

There will be various alarms and you can take help from them while providing security services. As a security person, one has to maintain the stability of the organization. As well as the reputation of the company through the legal requirements. The job holder will have to be capable enough so that they can work in a team. And bring out the team result through which they want to. One will have to set the building as well as the requirements or the equipment that will be needed.

Preceding the losses and damages is a must if you want to work as a security officer. Because you will have to submit the report of irregularities. If anyone in your premises is violating the rules. And the policy around there then the security will have to take the account for resolving it. Sometime security officer will also have to provide the safe. And a sound environment by giving attention to the details.

If anyone and anything is suspicious in the eyes of security job holder. Then they will have to take account for resolving it and giving attention to the details. If you think you are capable of doing all of this. Then you should apply for a security job in Dubai.   

 Requirements for a security job in Dubai;  


Getting a security job in Dubai is not easy because the competition is really hard there. For getting the security job in Dubai one gave to go through various training and that training is for about 36 hours Long. This training for security job can be both practical and theoretical based and can be from any country. The test which one has to go through consist of three of the exams and it is all practical, written as well as oral. And you will have to be successful in these training, proof for this will be a certificate given by the academy of Dubai police.

After getting that certificate of training you will have to go to the organization of education from the British vocational. The program which you have to take for getting the security guard job in Dubai will include so many of the things. And those things are such as firefighting, investigation and also about the search of the premises as well as the vehicles.

You need to have that capability of finding our if anything unusual happens in society and take the responsibility of the place where you are willing to work as the security guard. The security guard needs to have good control of managing the conflict and protect others as well as themselves if any of the situation or the cases of emergency occurs.

It is not if you get the training but don’t attain it still you will get the certificate because for getting the certificate, they have made compulsory for attaining every training. If you are enriched with all of this requirement then you will be able to apply for getting the security job in Dubai.  

How to write a cover letter for getting a security job in Dubai:  

cover letter

For getting any types of security job in Dubai one of the most important things that are considered is getting the cover letter ready. A cover letter is one of the most essential parts of applying for a security job in Dubai in any company of Dubai either through online or direct application.

A cover letter is more like the first impression in front of the recruiter who is giving you job so make it as good as possible. We will have to include every possible thing mainly your strength for making the cover letter convincing. A security guard is a job which requires many skills and if you want to get this job of the cover letter then you will have to include every possible thing.   

Sample of cover letter for security job:  

Today’s date,  

Hiring manager’s name,  


Phone number  

Email I’d,  

Dear Concerned Authority,  

I recently saw your advertisement for a job vacancy as a security job in Your company. It’s an immense pleasure to be able to apply for the security job in this company in Dubai. I am here applying for the job as a security officer in your company because of my skills and experience perfect for the job you are advertising. I have been working as a professional and have been proficiently doing my job as a security officer. So I can assure you with you are not going to regret if you hand over this job to me. With my skills, I will prevent different types of criminal or unauthorized activity that may arise in your company.

I will do this by providing you with safety and security as a security officer of your company in Dubai. If there’s any type of conflict going on around that I am capable of resolving it and bringing the most positive outcome through that scenario. I am capable of monitoring the scenario adequately and because I give attention to the details so I am preformed about the scenario that arises.    

By saying this I am enclosing my cover letter. I will be eagerly waiting for your response and reply so if you have anything about me please let me know. We would like to discuss more myself and my experience so if you have anything about it then please let me know. Applicant is really thankful for your time and consideration for reading my application for the security job in Dubai.  


Name of the applicant.  

 Interview preparation for a security job in Dubai along with the questions and answers:  

job interview

The interview is one of the core processes of getting the job. So it is always a better idea to do a good preparation before applying to get the security job in Dubai. Some of these questions and answers will help you crack any type of security job in Dubai. So, go through these and prepare yourself accordingly with mentioned things.  

1. Describe your experience with your team when you have solved various problems in your job.    

If you have the previous experience about it then you can directly mention it. But if not then you can tell how you will solve the problem that may arise a security job. You can tell them about your teamwork spirit and the things that you may do as a security officer in their company.  

2. As a security job there could be a time when you have gone through the assault. How will you handle the situation like that and bring out the positive outcome?  

If you have experienced anything professionally then it’s okay to explain that to the recruiters. If you have never experienced such a situation then you can make a situation like that and describe them with how you will help.   

  3. How do you deal with the angry member in the public as a security officer in Dubai?  

If a situation like this ever happened with you can explain about that situation by highlighting your skills and qualifications. You can explain properly how you resolve the situation like that when it arises in your life. Explain to them by telling to stay calm, listen to everyone’s idea and concern and in most of the case the solution lies in the problem itself.     

4. How do you handle the situation of being in Physical danger as a security job holder of Dubai?  

I am not aggressive because I try to handle every situation by being calm and composed. But if you are talking about the situation of natural hazard danger like earthquake and all then I can explain to you. Because I turn on the alarm and make sure to keep everyone in a safe place before thinking about my safety.   

  5. How do you tackle with the downtime in the job?  

Everyone cannot be all energetic all the time and they will have a situation when they are not feeling good. But a situation like this never affects my job and my responsibility. No matter in what state I am because my responsibility is always my priority.  

What is the basis for applying for the security job in Dubai?  


Because of the various system of digitalization used by the various companies of Dubai applying for the job has become easy nowadays. You can apply for the security job through the online medium. It’s really easy because all you need to do is search for the various online portal which has a security job in Dubai. Then you can create your account on those online portals. Creating an online portal is easy because all you need to do is provide the basic information.

After providing the basic information they will create your account in a very small time. Now what you need to do is check all the job vacancy for the security job in Dubai. After going through all of the vacancies you will be able to know the facility .And requirements for various security jobs of Dubai.

And now if any job is the perfect fit for you based on your qualifications and skills then you can apply for that job. CV will the first interaction with the recruiters and the recruiters will want to know every think about you through the CV. So, try to make your CV look interesting and best so that the recruiters will have an eye on you.  

What next after applying for that job in Dubai?  

Now if the recruiters like you then they will hire you for the job as a security officer of Dubai. After getting the job you can apply for getting the work visa of Dubai by keeping your recruiters as a reference. What we need to have is always prepared with the situation and energetic enough for solving all types of problem.

Applicant is capable of working alone as well as working properly in a team as a security officer of Dubai security job.Then it will be easier for you in getting the work visa of Dubai. Because getting the work visa of Dubai is more like a compulsion.   


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