Sales and Marketing Job in Dubai for Fresher 2022 (Online apply, Latest New Job updated)

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Sales and Marketing Job in Dubai for Fresher 2022

Dubai is an Arabian city that consists of almost half of the world’s population.  It is the world’s fastest-growing city. With the implementation of a stable policy and proper business strategy, the city is moving ahead with the aim of growing its economic condition rapidly. For this, the government of Dubai allows employers to hire employees from a foreign land. Hence, if you are planning to get the sales and marketing job in Dubai for fresher 2021 then it’s the right place where you can gain information about the topic mentioned before.

Moreover, if you are a fresher from abroad nation then getting a job in Dubai is a challenging job. To have the chance to work and live in Dubai you must have a job offer provided by the employer. Similarly, you can also search for a job in Dubai through a tourist or visit visa. But there is no guarantee that you can find a job in a short period of going through a visit visa. So, it will be better if you seek a job from your home country then only head to your destination. As the city offers lots of opportunities to job seekers it has become one of the most favorite workplaces.  Likewise, a number of industries are emerging due to which the employers are searching for talented and skilled manpower.

Since the city lacks skilled and experienced human resources the employers recruit fresh and active candidates from a foreign country. Hence, there is a high chance of having employment opportunities in Dubai. You can apply for the preferred job post and fulfill the requirement asked by the job description. You can live a quality and standard life working in Dubai.

Duties and roles of sales and marketing job in Dubai for fresher 2021

Every occupation has its own duties and responsibilities. It is your duty to complete the assigned task to run the operation in a smooth way. Moreover, properly completed duties and responsibility allows your business to flourish at a high rate. There is tough competition in the market. Day by day more and more competitors are involved in business trading due to which it’s very complex to sustain in a business market. So, as a sales and marketing employee, you should be able to satisfy the needs of your customers.

The first priority in business is customers. They are the major source of revenue for business enterprises. Hence, it is very important to fulfill the requirements of loyal customers. A sales and marketing employee should be able to understand the choice of their consumers. It is also necessary to take feedback from them about the company’s product. You will need to respond to the queries of your customers and try to attract new consumers. Furthermore, you should have good communication skills to interact with the customers. It allows them to gain knowledge of the product and make the right decision for choosing the right product.

Sometimes, you may also require dealing with difficult customers. In such a case, you should have the ability to convince them and try to make them happy. You should also inform your seniors about such difficult customers. A business organization can grab the attention of its customers if they understand their preferences and produce the products. A staff of sales and marketing needs to greet and welcome the consumers and assist them in finding the product they are looking for. You can also suggest the latest product manufactured in the company.

Skills required being a sales and marketing job in Dubai for fresher 2021

Skills are the ability that an individual should possess to perform a specific task. Such skills let them do the work efficiently and accurately. Additionally, some employer also provides on the job training to their employees. Therefore, it is vital to have certain skills for accomplishing the given task on time. With our research we have listed some skills that a sales and marketing employee requires can be listed below:-

  • Problem-solving

As the job relates to continuous interaction with the customers you will require handling their issues too. In case if there arise any misunderstanding about the product or quality then you must have the capability to make the customers understand and solve their problems as soon as possible. Happy and satisfied consumers will enhance your business and also increase your revenue.

  • Communication skills

Since communication is the best medium for understanding the needs of the customers you should have good communication skills. It is necessary to connect with customers through social media and know their preferences. Moreover, talking with the consumers during their visit will make them feel valued. This will promote your brand and grab more product buyers.

  • Product knowledge

A sales and marketing employee has to sell the product to the buyers. Hence, you must have a deep knowledge of the material you are selling. Consumers may be eager to learn about the product before buying it. Thus, as an employee, you should deliver them with proper information about the product. It will aid them to choose the right product for them.

  • Technical skills

Today’s world is the technical world. Everywhere technology is being used. Even a small task is done through the use of technology. Similarly, technology is the lifeline of a business company. Without it, there is no existence of a business. A well-managed enterprise is handled and functions with the support of technology. Various confidential and daily records are maintained using the tech system. So, a staff of sales and marketing should keep a daily record of sales revenue which will help the management to take future decisions.

  • Work flexibility

Generally, the duty hour of an employee is 8 hours. But the employee involved in marketing and sales has to do extra time duty as per the company’s need. They get paid for staying an extra hour for the company. They may also have to shift their duty in different shifts such as morning, afternoon, or night. Hence, you should be flexible for your work and contribute to the industry accordingly.

  • Market analysis

Marketing staff should have up to date information about the latest product or invention in the market. They require analyzing the marketing strategy and formulate a stable policy to stay ahead in the global market. Furthermore, they will have to gather information about the competitors and support the top level for the formulation of a new policy for marketing.

How to get a job in sales and marketing job in Dubai for fresher 2021?

It is an easy task to get a job abroad mainly when you are a fresher. Since the companies will be in search of expert workers fresher may not get the chance. But do not worry there are other employers too who hunt for fresher and active talents for their organization. To gain a job in sales and marketing firstly you should search for an employer in Dubai. You can visit different online sites popular in Dubai like,,,, etc. These sites publish the latest vacancy of many companies with the job description. You can select the job that matches your ability and apply for it.

Moreover, the next thing you can do is creating your professional profile in social media. Since the employers are engaged in social channels making an ideal job profile will allow them to connect with you if you fulfill their needs. Furthermore, you must not post unnecessary events instead it should be filled with effective and informative postings. Another step you can think of is building your networks. Today network is the most powerful element for success in life. So, you should connect with your networks and apply for the job in Dubai. You may have your relatives and friends in Dubai who will provide you the exact and sure information about the employer and the company.

You will have to take their support to have employment in Dubai. Additionally, you should participate in different job fairs and events organized near your residence. Such fairs also provide the chance to meet with the managers or employers. You can directly send the application through the mail or go for an interview after having a conversation.


a resume plays a significant role in the recruitment process. It acts as the first mediator that lets the employer learn about the candidate. It consists of all the relevant details of the applicant. Hence, it is a must to create a resume in a standard format. Normally, the size should not exceed more than two pages. It should be short and sweet. As the employer will be busy in their own schedule they may not get time to go through your resume. So, if the short resume is made with true details they can learn all the information even in a short period.

What are the sales and marketing job in Dubai 2021?

Generally, the sales and marketing job deals with attracting consumers and make them will to buy the company’s product. Skilled and sincere staff can easily grab the consumers towards their business. It promotes the flow of business and the company can earn more profit. Since the business is established with the target of attaining a specific goal and profit maximization it is essential to fulfilling the demand of the customers. Some of the jobs in sales and marketing have been mentioned below:-

  • Sales Executive
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Specialist
  • Supervisor Sales
  • Sales Agent
  • Marketing and Sales Coordinator
  • IT Sales and Marketing Associate
  • Head of Sales and Marketing
  • Tele Sales Executive
  • Field Sales Executive
  • Sales Consultant
  • Digital Creative and Digital Marketing

Interview questions for sales and marketing job

As we know an interview is the last phase of the selection process, you should be concerned enough about it. An interviewer may ask several questions regarding the job or outside the topic. They may ask you tricky or situational questions that should be answered correctly. Moreover, you might be nervous while facing an interview. It is common among all but preparing before the interview will make you confident. Otherwise, you may not answer them effectively and lose your job. Hence, practicing frequently asked questions will guide you to practice the answers and boost your confidence too.

Some of the commonly asked interview questions for sales and marketing job are as follows:-

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What is the reason behind leaving your last job?
  • Have you achieved your sales goals?
  • Tell me about the situation when you handled a difficult consumer?
  • What motivates you?
  • Can you sell me a pen?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What do you know about this company?
  • Why do you choose this position?
  • Flash your career goals.
  • How do you handle disappointment?

Conclusion for sales and marketing job for fresher 2021

In conclusion, we can say that Dubai is the land of opportunity for many job hunters. The city not only welcomes foreigners but also respect every religion. Hence, you should also understand their belief and values and respect their culture. Being a Muslim city the rules are very strict and one may get punished for breaking their rules. So, it is better to know about the rules before heading your journey to Dubai. Moreover, it is also a multicultural city as it consists of different people belonging to different nations and cultures. It is a benefit for you as you can learn about various religions and cultures working in Dubai.

Furthermore, workers are motivated and respected by employers. They are provided with many job benefits. As an employee of Dubai Company, the first attraction is you will obtain a tax-free income. It means you do not need to pay a certain percent of your salary to the government. Next thing you will receive free airfare to travel to your home town once a year. Similarly, understanding the wants of employees the managers permit the selected employee to travel in their vacations. Some employers also provide them with a travel allowance. Likewise, a gratuity fund is also granted to those employees whose working period has been expired. It is a certain amount of money provided saying thank you for the employee’s service for the industry.

Therefore, you can have many advantages from being employed in Dubai. You can live a quality life and also enjoy the lavish lifestyle in Dubai.

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