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Lulu Supermarket Jobs in Dubai 

The Lulu supermarket is the store where you can buy all the daily used materials as per your need. It has been established to deliver comfortable shopping with an all-in-one facility. It is the best place where you can easily get the products you are looking for. All the products are stored separately as per their type and nature due to which finding is not so difficult. Since you can get all the required products in one place it has made life more convenient. Various supermarkets are opening in Dubai to provide their best service to the customers. For this, there is a requirement for more skilled and experienced workers who can deal with the customers and assist in enhancing the revenue of the company. So, if you also have the interest to work in the Lulu supermarket you can read about lulu supermarket jobs in Dubai 2021.

The things that are necessary for doing the job in the supermarket are mentioned in this writing so that it can help you to move easily in future. Talking about the career in the supermarket, there is a very bright career and scope in this field. As you will have to deal with and handle different persons on daily basis you can enhance your communication skills. It will make you sociable and outgoing too. Similarly, people will be doing shopping regularly so there is job security too. It means there is no loss in developing such a business if you move ahead with the right and effective plans and policies.


there may arise several problems while starting a new venture but you must not lose your hope and face all the challenges with courage. A man with strong determination to achieve certain goals will certainly later or earlier kiss the success. Thus, it is important to have the ability to bear the risk and handle the stress and problems that may arise during the operation of the company.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales assistant in a Lulu supermarket?

There are different duties and responsibilities that a sales assistant should accomplish during the operation. Since the main target of the business is to attract customers and increase the flow of clients. Customers are the main source of income in this industry hence it is very important to satisfy their needs. You must help the clients to find the product they are seeking for. As every customer expects to be welcomed and valued you should develop a welcoming environment for them. It also helps to get the visit of consumers next time. Being a sales assistant you should have enough knowledge to know their taste and preference. Understanding the need of the customer will ease you to make the product of their choice.

Similarly, the customers become happy when they get the product of their choice. It is the job of the sales assistant to assist them to purchase a quality product. It is necessary to respond to their queries and also provide them with the best solution. Likewise, you should regularly interact with the clients to build a strong relationship with them. Developing good relationships with the existing customers will support enhancing the flow of targeted customers as one single good comment about the industry will create a positive impression in the market. Moreover, you should have good knowledge of the features of the product. It is vital to learn the latest products launched in the market and develop a similar product that can compete with other products.


there may be a situation in which you will have to deal with a difficult client. In such a case, you should have the ability to make them convince and also inform the manager in case of critical condition. You will also have to keep a record of the daily transaction and take feedback from the customers about the product and the service.

What are the benefits of working in Lulu supermarket jobs in Dubai 2022?

The employee working in a supermarket will have several benefits that let them enhance their work performance as well as reduce the chances of employee turnover. Moreover, due to the availability of such benefits people will gain support for the development of their career too. It also helps to maintain good relations with the employees. Here are some of the advantages of working in a supermarket:-

Lulu Supermarket Jobs in Dubai 2021

  • Interaction with the clients

Since the job has the main focus on attracting the attention of the customers as an employee you will need to interact with them. You should communicate in such a way that you will be marketing the company to them too. As you will meet new faces daily you should develop communication skills for dealing with different people. Furthermore, you will have to build a good impression towards them try to sell as much as the product of the company.


  • Security of job

Nowadays, people have become materialistic and they are attracted towards quality goods rather than cheap ones. But they also want quality goods at a reasonable price. For this, they would like to shop in a good supermarket where goods have their brand and are of high quality too. Hence, the supermarket will be requiring more employees for their company as people will be doing shopping and the trend of shopping in the supermarket has grown up with the time. So, the employees will have security in their job as the demand and scope in this field is higher.


  • Earning opportunity

The flow of customers in the supermarket increases if the company has the best quality goods at an affordable price or if the staffs are friendly enough with the clients. If you are involved in the job of a supermarket then there is greater opportunity for you as you can increase the incoming of customers. Furthermore, the pay scale for the employees is impressive which depends on the experience and performance of the employees. The more you will sell the product the more you will have the chance to earn more.


  • Development of career

Working in a supermarket will add extra skills to you that will be useful in any other sector too. However, it will be more effective if you grow up in the same field. The skills that you will earn from joining the supermarket job will be helpful in any other sector. Thus, being a part of a Supermarket Company is very useful for career development.

Lulu Supermarket Jobs in Dubai 2022

You will find many positions in the supermarket depending on your skills and experience. It will benefit you if you select the job that suits your ability as you may get fail if you choose the job beyond your capacity. There will be an effective result if you do the work of your preference as you will have the confidence to work more. To get a job in Dubai’s supermarket the major thing is to find a potential employer who can give you the chance to fly there.

So, it is necessary to seek the job giver first then only you will have to do the other required preparation. It is vital to do a deep study of the company and the employer so that you will have extra knowledge of the applied company prior. It will ease you to sustain in the new place and environment. Some available jobs that you can perform in Dubai’s supermarket are as follows:-

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Business Operation Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Cashier
  • Baker
  • Fishmonger
  • Barista
  • Picker
  • Cook
  • Electrician
  • Driver
  • Waitress
  • Butchery
  • Packaging Assistant
  • General Worker
  • Cleaner
  • Security Guard
  • Loader
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Executive
  • Assistant Sales

What skills can you develop involving Lulu supermarket jobs in Dubai 2021?

Skills are the abilities that are required for doing certain jobs. Different skills are trained or it is possessed by the employee from the beginning. Some employers also train their employees for developing their skills and compete in the market. On the job, training is provided to the employees so that they will have competitive employees. If you choose the supermarket jobs and want to make your career in that field then the following skills can be gained engaging in the supermarket of Dubai:-

  • Communication skills

Since the job of employees working in the supermarket has to deal with the customers on daily basis it will increase their speaking capability. This skill can be used in any sector if you prefer to change your field. It will make you confident while conversing in front of the mass. Moreover, you will have the experience of handling various situations that may have arisen during the operation.


  • Enhance customer service

A supermarket is the service industry guests or customers are the major source of income. Hence, it is the responsibility of the staff to satisfy their needs by delivering the product they are looking for. The daily transaction with the incoming clients will help you to understand the value of customer service. Having this skill you can move to any customer service industry. You will know how to deal with and handle customer queries regarding the product and the service.


  • Commercial awareness

As you will be selling various products in the supermarket you will have the chance to know about the business market. How the business operates and how the trading is done, you can get the answer to these questions. Since there is regular interaction with the employer you can know the value of the brand and quality of the products. As quality matters to the customers, you will have to deal effectively and know the business market properly.


  • Detail-oriented

It is necessary to listen and respond to the customers as they are the only source for the supermarket industry. The employee must assist them in getting the right product they are seeking for. You will have to understand the taste of the regular customer so that they become happy and feel valued too. You will have to listen carefully for the orders of the product they make through phone calls or by mailing. It is important to provide the same product as ordered.

Hence, joining the Lulu supermarket industry is beneficial to the employees who desire to make a career in that field. However, the skills and experience can be used in any other field too and you can sell yourself in the competitive market.


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