Job Vacancies in Sharjah, UAE, For Fresh Worker 2022 (Latest New Job updated)

Description About Job Vacancies in Sharjah

If you are in search of promoting your career in Dubai then you are in the right place which will deliver you the information of job vacancies in Sharjah.  Known as the third-largest city of UAE, Sharjah allows the skilled and experienced employee to contribute their service in the country.

The third most populated city was recognized a healthy city by WHO since the city prohibits the consumption of alcohol and has also restricted the industries for not serving it. Equipped with the population of over 80,000 the city contains the majority of Muslims in the area. Being a business center for most of the business person from the globe, Sharjah also contribute to build up their employee’s career. Hence, every year millions of candidates are hired by the country in order to increase the economy and business sectors.

With its cultural history, there is a flow of mass of visitors in the country and because of which the economy is rising up. The city also has strong relationship with its business partners and makes efforts and contribution to keep it long term. Dubai is a country having clear vision of business and industries and with the establishment of these sectors it aims to achieve its targeted goals and objectives. Since, Dubai lacks numbers of expertise it is always in search of talented and experienced employees. As a result, the country publishes and recruits employees in a huge number. Therefore, if you are looking to get a job in Dubai, Sharjah is announcing vacancies in large number. You can present yourself as a potential candidate and get the opportunity.

Job Vacancies in Sharjah, UAE, For Fresh Worker 2022 (Latest New Job updated)
Job Vacancies in Sharjah, UAE, For Fresh Worker 2022 (Latest New Job updated)

How to find job vacancies in Sharjah?

Finding a job in Sharjah is a difficult task with the increase in the competition in the market. The company is always in search of capable employees but with the right steps to be taken you will easily find the job in Sharjah. You need to keep yourself update so that the latest vacancies can be notified and you can apply for it. Sharjah is a city of opportunity where working is a benefit for the job seekers. As the country pays overall income to the employees and also provides them extra benefits working in Dubai have become a trending for the employees. In addition to it, you can go through the following steps for finding the job easily:

Visit Job Search Engines

If you are trying to get information of the latest vacancies then the best way is to go through job search engines. This site will provide you with all the vacancies post by different companies along with the job description. You can visit the most popular job sites in Dubai such as Dubizzle,, LinkedIn,,,, etc. and search for the numbers of vacancies posted by the top companies. You can prepare yourself as per the job descriped by the company and apply for the post.

Check out Company Websites

Another way you can find job is by checking the website of the company you are planning to apply for. You need to go through the site of the company and search for the vacancies posted. You can also get the contact information of the company from their website. After checking the vacancy posted you can now apply for it and connect with the recruiter directly through phone or send them application for the post published. Make sure to converse in professional manner so that the recruiter can get the first impression.

Job Vacancies in Sharjah, UAE, For Fresh Worker 2022 (Latest New Job updated)
Job Vacancies in Sharjah, UAE, For Fresh Worker 2022 (Latest New Job updated)

Converse with your connections

The next step you can do is getting the information from your networking. You can learn about the vacancies from your networking recruiters or the middle person. Try to build more connections since it is the most powerful thing for success in this modern age. Through networking you may also be referred to the company as well as it will be easier for you to get the job.

Create your public profile

You can also find the job by creating a profile in the various online websites so that you will get the info when there is any vacancy. This step will also help the recruiters to know about your skills and abilities from the profile created. Fill up the application with the necessary details and post it publicly so that the hiring manager can get to you when needed.

Therefore, by following these certain steps you can find the job and help yourself to grow your career. These are the easy steps that you can follow from your home and prepare yourself for the application.

Job Vacancies in Sharjah

You can find various job vacancies in Sharjah as the city is the place where the opportunity grows. Different job vacancies relating with different fields or industries are posted by the company in their website. So, you can go through the published and latest one and do the application process.

Some of the job vacancies in Sharjah are listed below:-

  • School Nurse

School nurses are the registered nurse who works in school with the objective to take care of the children’s health and assist them to improve their learning. They not only examine the health of the children but also provide them necessary guidance regarding the healthy habits. School nurse is responsible for managing overall health issue that a child can have. They also test their physical and mental health and give advice for improvements.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Providing health education to the children and school team

-Organizing health related programs for the awareness in the community

-Monitoring children activities and provide guidance for good hygiene

-Assisting students for developing good healthy habits

-Encouraging children to overcome with the illness

-Keeping health record of every children and handling it to their parents

-Coordinating with the parents regarding the children health


-Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or health related field

-Registered Nurse

-Experience working as a nurse

-Must possess school nursing certificate

  • Store In charge

A store in charge is responsible for monitoring the overall management of the store. They need to perform day to day operational activity and make sure that the activities are performed well. The in charge also makes the record of inventory and plan business plans. They also check the requirements for the daily operation in the store. In addition to it, they keep the store clean and tidy.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Recruit, train and monitor new staffs

-Collaborate with the sales team and plan for marketing strategies

-Deal with the customers and resolve their issues

-Prompt decision making

-Prepare daily reports on inventory of the products

-Motivating staffs to obtain organizational goals


-Diploma in business administration or related field

-Communication skills

-Customer oriented and leadership skills

-Depth knowledge in marketing scheme

  • Sales Merchandiser

A merchandiser deals with the retailer and is responsible for ensuring that the products are in right quantity and quality. They work with the suppliers, buyer and distributors and make strategies to develop customer base in the company. A merchandiser performs various sales activities and enhances the sales volume of the company. Moreover, they also coordinate with the sales team and identify the sales issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Following the clients order and providing necessary training

-Demonstrating new product to the retail partners

-Cooperating with sales team and finding the solution for the problems raised

-Develop strong relation with the retail partners

-Learn about the latest market trend

-Know the customer’s preference


-GED or High school diploma

-Expertise as sales merchandise

-Valid driving license

Strong analytical and communication skills

-Ability to provide best customer service

  • Press Operator

A press operator produces or manufactures the printing materials. They may work in newspaper or magazines and complete the tasks before the deadlines. The operator keeps daily record of the material used and maintains all mechanical issues. Furthermore, they also examine the machines functioning.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Reviewing the orders and checking ink and paper for the production

-Finding the possible errors and fixing them

-Proper maintenance of the equipment and notify for repairing

-Working with staffs about pre-press functions

-Observing the work of press team

-Maintain cleanliness in the work place


-Print technology degree

-Interpersonal skills

-Physical health and stamina

-Time management skills

  • Dental Technician

A dental technician repairs and solve overall dental issues of the patients. They make dentures, crowns and bridges as per the dentist specification. The technician takes the information from the patient’s dentist and makes the dental devices as per the prescription. Moreover, they also suggests the patients for taking care of the devices.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Design and develop the dental devices as per the dentist’s advice

-Repair and maintain dental devices like crowns, dentures, bridges, etc.

-Record maintaining and reviewing the finished devices

-Replacing the loss of natural teeth by designing the dental devices

-Improving quality of the devices


-Bio medical expertise

-Customer service skills

-Dental implant and experience

-Proficient dental tech

  • Welder

A welder managed and fixes the machines and is skilled enough to work in the industries like construction, automotive, manufacturing, etc. They repair all the machinery and keep them up to date for the operational activities. In fact, they are machines specialist.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Mends and repair all the machineries

-Update the machines for further use

-Usage of safety regulations during work

-Welds all types of pipes of various metals

-Determining required equipment and identifying engineer drawings


-Valid certification in welding

-Excellent knowledge of welding methods, machineries and tools

-Able to understand designs and blueprints

-Years of experience as a welder

  • Receptionist

A receptionist is a person who is responsible for handling the calls, maintaining records and other organizational activities. They also welcome and greet the guests or visitors and create comfortable environment for them. A receptionist notifies the company or administration about the visitors and performs other operation in the office. Hence, a receptionist needs to have knowledge of office works.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Handling calls and providing information to the inquirers

-Escorts visitors to the office and guide if necessary

-Cooperate with other team members

-Respond to the visitors and maintain secrecy of the company

-Arranging meeting and conference halls

-Replying to the incoming mails and forwarding information to all the departments


-High school degree

-Technical skills

-Good communication skills

-Ideal personality and attitude

-Multitasking and customer oriented

  • Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant assists the teacher in charge for teaching the students. They help the teachers by preparing the daily lesson plans, enhance learning process and maintain safe and tidy in the classroom. They are responsible for supporting the teacher in the classroom. Therefore, they need to be child friendly.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Making lesson plans

-Increase the learning procedure

-Supervising the students in field trip and other school activities

-Help teacher in checking the daily assignments

-Supplying necessary materials for classroom

-Taking the class attendance and preparing schedules of subjects


-Education degree or education related field

-Skilled in teaching with experience

-Positive attitude and friendly behavior

-Organizational skills and calm

-Punctual and organized

-Familiar with student’s behave

Conclusion about Job Vacancies in Sharjah

In summary, Sharjah provides several job chances to the potential and efficient candidates so that they can utilize their skills and expertise in the related field as well as contribute for the improvement of the country. The development in the various sectors requires more and more employees for further betterment. Hence, the country hires and selects talents from foreign country and get the benefit. Similarly, the employees also get benefit by working the country like Dubai because they don’t need to pay extra tax for the government and get free apartments to stay. The applicants also get the extra bonuses as per their performance and extra working hours. They are provided with extra certain amount when they get their contract expired so that the employees get motivation and may join the company in near future.

So, if are seeking job vacancies in Sharjah you have lots of opportunities in different sectors and choose any sectors with respect to your abilities. Consequently, you will be able to flourish your career and attain your goals.

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