Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

Description About Job Seeker Visa UAE

Are you the one framing to fly to Dubai and is confused about the visa process, then we are here with the aim to help you by providing the direction with reference to Job Seeker Visa UAE.  Meeting with this composition you will get needed information about Job Seeker Visa UAE.

Dubai has become the top tourist destination as it consists world of entertainment for them. Every year millions of visitors come to Dubai in order to spend quality time and learn about the lifestyle of Dubai. It has not only attracted tourists but also crowd of job seekers from every corner of the world. Free tax income, extra benefits, requirement for labor, luxurious lifestyle and reasonable cost of living motivates the work hunters to enter Dubai and utilize their skills and knowledge in the related field.

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)
Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

Beside that Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where the people from the world are engaged in different services and provide satisfaction to their clients through their service. Massive hiring managers and recruiters are looking for the right person in the right job. They are hunting for skilled and experienced individuals so that they can be benefitted with their service. The country aims to develop the economy. Furthermore, the hired employees also get good-time to expand their career and grew their living standard.

Types of Job seekers visa UAE 

For entering into Dubai and search for a job you need to apply for the visa depending on the country you belong to. If you are from the nationalities that are allowed for visa on arrival, then  you need to apply for transit visa. There are different types of visas and they have their own policies and conditions.

  1. Transit Visa

There are two types of transit visa issued by UAE i.e. 48 hours transit visa and 96 hours transit visa. 48 hours transit visa is free of cost and you need to pay AED 50 for 96 hours transit visa. If you are going to Dubai through transit visa then you need to process and get approval before the arrival. Since, the visas are not extendable you need to leave the country before its expiry. You can apply for the visa through UAE based airlines in advance. Note that the fees will not be refunded after the issue of visa and you can’t change the visa to 96 hours if applied for 48 hours before.

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)
Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

Documents required for applying for 48 hours transit visa

  • Three months valid passport
  • A photo with white background
  • Ticket booking to a third destination

Documents required for applying for 96 hours transit visa

  • Six months valid passport
  • White background photo
  • Third destination ticket booking
  1. Tourist Visa

You can apply for tourist visa for 30 or 90 days depending on your trip and project. You can also extend it to 30 days more by paying AED 600 for each renewal without leaving the country and register for single or multiple entries. Tourist visa is issued for those who are not permitted to enter without visa on arrival. You can register it through UAE based airlines, travel agencies and hotels in the UAE. Make sure that the agency and hotels you are applying through are licensed and are eligible to provide you with the visa.

Documents for a tourist visa

  • Application form
  • Sponsor’s passport copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of marriage certificate if sponsoring spouse
  • Birth certificate copy if applying for children
  • Proof of relationship

Business Visa

UAE provides business visa to those entrepreneurs who is an experienced businessman at some point of his career and wants to do the business in UAE. Moreover, the applicant must pass the requirements of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. To apply for business visa you can follow the listed steps:-

  • Create a new account on
  • After creating an account log in and apply for nomination.
  • Register your application which might take up to 30 days for to be discussed.

With the issuance of a business visa one can enter the country with their dependents and establish a business. Also, they can select three of his senior staffs for their residency.

Job Seeker Visa UAE

If you are planning to apply for visa to find a job in UAE then the most convenient is the six months visit visa. UAE has issued six month temporary visa for the job seekers from foreign country as well as within the country. You can request for the visa from your home country. The visa is valid for six months and the approved applicants can stay in UAE for 14 days after their arrival.

In addition to it, applicant visiting there through 30 or 60 days visit visa can apply for this visa. The six month visa is issued for business person, industrialist and the potential employees who can live and work in UAE. The applicants approved with this visa also get Emirates ID cards through which they can find jobs in the country. This visa has become an advantage for the job seekers so that they can have enough time to search job. Since, there is enough time for searching job the employees don’t have to accept the low pay job.

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

Documents for job seeker visa UAE

  • Duplication of their first and last page of passport
  • Six months valid passport
  • Colored passport size photo
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Evidence of enough funds
  • Need to present confirmed return air ticket


If you are applying for your children too, then you need to submit your child’s birth certificate either in English or Arabic. You need to attach the documents on the first page.


It refers your spouse, and to apply visa for them you need to submit the supporting documents that proves your relationship. For example, marriage certificate.

You need to submit other evidences as per the nationality and it is mandatory to submit otherwise you may get your visa rejected and the amount won’t be refunded. The submitted documents must be in 1 MB and should be formatted in JPEC format.

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

After the expiry of the visa, the applicant needs to change their status. The job seekers who are unable to find the job during the period need to return to their country. And those who are still working there can renew their visa if their employers’ permits sponsor for them. You are prohibited to stay there after the visa expires and must leave the country otherwise you be imprisoned as per the country’s law and policies. You can build your network within the period or apply online to find the job. There is a huge opportunities in UAE but you need to take the proper steps for getting it faster within the validation of your visa.  You will also get an option to learn and understand the culture and environment of the country which helps you to adjust easily.]

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

How does the job seeker visa benefit the job seekers?

Generally, the validity of job seekers visa is for six months. Within this period the job hunters need to search the job as per their skills and ability. This visa benefits the job seekers as the period is long i.e. six months which is enough time for getting the opportunity. During the period, they can search the job through various medium such as online websites, networking, walk-in-interview, etc.

The employees whose visa gets expire and wish to continue their work in UAE can also extend their visa depending on their performance and the sponsor’s will. The new applicants get enough time to seek for job and perform the tasks with their hard work and efforts. They will be provided with Emirates ID for searching job in various sectors available in the country. Since, Dubai is always in search of expertise workers the opportunity can be easily gained but it is bit tough talking about the multinational companies as the competition is at the top.

Job Seeker Visa UAE Job careers for Fresher 2022 (Latest Job Updated)

How to get an Emirates ID?      

For Getting an Emirates ID first of all it is necessary to complete your visa application process. It refers the identification of the person. Emirates ID card is provided to the employees because most of the transactions are done through this card. It’s a national identification system which is linked with your visa and passport. After the process is done it may take time from five days to a month depending on your employer. You can also this card through online. You can use this card for the following transactions:-

  • To obtain government services
  • For providing vote in the elections
  • Works as s travel document for the UAE citizens
  • Immigration pass document

ID card Features

Emirates card contain the following elements and carries higher reliability and safety:

  • Smart card
  • Digital signature and authorized evidence
  • Touch biometric


  • Recognition number

It is the identity card for the residence that allows them to take benefit from the government as well as private services. The card consists of 15 digits and is the proof for who is using the service. The card holds un-repeated number and it is compulsory to bear it with you.

  • Electronic chip

The electronic chip contains the personal details of the card holder and it can be read by the machine. Some of the documents are allowed to read only by the authorized persons in order to maintain secrecy. The chip is able to store up to 32,000 letters of details.

  • Other technologies

The card has been made with nine security characters that create difficulty in proving fraud to the card. The card is very safe and contains all the documents and information of the bearer.

How to get rid of visa frauds when applying for a job in UAE?

Everyone dreams to have good job with better salary so that they can sustain their life. People search and adopt various methods or ways to get the opportunity. During this process, some of the applicants may get fooled by the agencies or middle person. They may fool you by charging extra financial charges and vanish from the market.

The applicant should ensure to deal with the existing company. They should research about the agency and stay aware from the frauds. Hence, to be away from such frauds from fooling the applicants you need to go through the following tips issued by the UAE authorities:-

  • Ensure that if the agencies offer you with the job they need to provide you the offer letter that contains the authorization of UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • The applicants can verify the offer letter’s validity from the UAE embassy of their country or check through email at [email protected] or call at 0097168027666.
  • After you accept the offer letter you will be delivered with permit visa. You can check its validity

In GDRFA’s website.

  • Reject the offer if the employer provides you tourist or visit visa as it doesn’t allow you to work in the starting point. You may need to pay penalties if you accept the offer.
  • You need to know that the overall recruitment expenses are beard by the hiring company.
  • Get the company details through the website National Economic Register Website and ensure that the company really exists.
  • Learn more about the permit visa and get the knowledge about the process.
  • Remember that a residence visa cannot be permitted when the applicant is outside the country. The candidate gets the visa after entering to the country..


Finally, you will be eligible to get the job in UAE when you will go through job seeker visa. The six months temporary visa allows you to enter UAE and search for the job. Since, you have enough time to search the job you don’t have to accept the job that pay low salary and doesn’t contain any benefits. The major reason of getting to UAE for job is to have better lifestyle and career growth it is better to fly UAE through temporary visa.

The applicant working there can extend the visa after expire and rejoin the company. On the other hand, if you are unable to search the job within the period you need to return to your country and apply again for entering to the country. UAE is always in search of expertise job seekers so grab the chance and lead your career to fulfill your dreams.



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