Job in Dubai security For Fresher 2023-2024 (New Latest Job)

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Job in Dubai security Dubai is the place with all sorts of jobs, from least unemployment to diverse golden opportunities for work. The economy is most diverse if we compare it in the whole middle east. It seems that the maximum applicants who apply for a job in Dubai are usually semi-skilled, so they use mostly for security guards. For job seekers, there is plenty of opportunity for security jobs in Dubai.

Job in Dubai security
Job in Dubai security

The economic growth in Dubai has led to more prominent empires and more huge buildings. This has put its security ad higher risk which has increased the demand of security officials.

Responsibilities of security guards ;

-To maintain a safe and secure environment and to protect company property and staff.
-To investigate the signs of crime, disorder, or any disturbances.
-To defense life and property lawfully.

Salary for a Security job in Dubai :

The security officers get an average of 4000 AED monthly. From their monthly income, they spend about 20%, 8%, and 11% on housing transport and other expenses, respectively.

Qualifications for getting security jobs n Dubai :

The most important job of all is to prevent crime even if there is much work for the security officer. The security guard doesn’t always need physical strength, even the presence of a security guard at any place drops the crime rate at a high level. The security guard creates a secure and safe environment for guests and team members of the guest. They need a security guard from private buildings to public places.

Also, in commercial enterprises and retail, there are security guards. In hotel premises, security guards are present to maintain the security of the hotel. The academic qualifications for the security guards or the security officer are not that high. The minimum of the diploma degree is enough for a security guard. Even the degree or diploma is just to keep in police records. If you have had a job experience of 1 year to 10 years or above, you have a high chance of getting the job.

The job market is increasing as there is the advancement of technology. There is a diverse place for security persons as they can even get some prestigious jobs as security network engineers, data security, and cybersecurity. But for these prestigious advanced jobs, You need to have excellent technical knowledge and also a first academic degree.

Job in Dubai security For Fresher (New Latest Job)

You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills if you want to have a unique security position to work. You should be a reasonable observer, have the motivation, leadership quality, and some strategic thinking skills. You should have the right attitude and hardworking personality as a security officer. For life and property, if you have the experience, then you should act lawfully.

Industries where security guard can work :

The security guard has a diverse place where they can work, as Dubai is a place where there are lots of hotel businessmen and billionaires. Some of the industries, where they can work, are health care, food chain, education, constructions, supply chains, purchase retains, etc

Some times some security guards are needed as strike security. They have professional training for particular scenarios, and they should have a proper understanding of labor strike or plant closure and their legalities. They must ensure to protect the person and assets because this management negotiator and union officials can have a good relationship even after the labor strike is over.

                      For the backbone for trading and business stores, the security guard plays a vital role.

As a Security Guard, the essential duty for you is to ensure to safeguard, monitor, and patrol the safety and security in the places where he is assigned his responsibility. The client’s security team makes security officer work. But sometimes the security guard works alone.  Even if the cases are different, but they are responsible for serving employer from any sort of disturbances or threats by protecting them without being selfish and being accountable for their duty.

The security officer provides proper training equipped with some skills and knowledge so that their duties and responsibilities are performed correctly, effectively, and efficiently.

 One must meet all the requisites for the level of security Guards.
They must have fluent knowledge in speaking both English and Arab. They can make recommendations to improve the security system of internal affairs such as the police and security department. The security guards should be able to work in an extreme type of environment. Security guards should be able to work in shift patterns. Guard should be able to manage the crowds; they should be available if there are any emergency conditions in the place where they allocate the guard. Security guards should have good physical strength.

Guards should be able to patrol and monitor in the area where they are enrolled. Officers should be able to detect any system if there are any cases of emergency. Security officers should have good knowledge about pubic security and the procedure to obtain the protection of the place where They work. Guards should be able to do detailed orientation and skills in Surveillance. Having a high school degree is kind of enough for the security guard.

They should have worked in the post of security or any such type of job. A security guard can either be a male or a female. If the candidate for the position of security guard has the license of police or SIRA, then they are preferred more than the other candidates. The security guards should be able to detect, observe, and should be able to report it to their manager.

Job in Dubai security For Fresher 2023-2024 (New Latest Job)
Job in Dubai security For Fresher 2023-2024 (New Latest Job)

The security guard should be very focused on their job and also on the people who they see on the premises of where they are working, if security guard finds anything suspicious about those people then they should Be Able to report it to the manager or the concerned authority.

As we know that it is difficult to remember who comes to the premises but if any sorts of an accident of incident or crime occur they should keep the detail note of who entered the premises at the time of the event and various other types of information and help to catch the criminal, and this can also help the police. News reports multiple incidents where officers find the criminal because of the enthusiastic work of the security guard.

Job in Dubai security For Fresher

They must patrol the building regularly and sometimes randomly, which crests fear in the mind of a criminal. Because of this, criminal avoids various kinds of criminal activities. They should have the complete access to which car entered the building and persons who entered the building so that the outsiders are not allowed in the building premises without the permission of the building authority, and this will help to ensure the peace and harmony of the building itself.

They should keep various types of detecting and emergency equipment, which allows them to find If anyone Is carrying any sort of stuff that is not permitted in the building, as it can also begin, CCTV will ensure that they don’t take illegal things in the building. There should be CCTV cameras and watch alarm systems because, as we know that the buildings in Dubai are massive. The people’s activity is very usual, so one cannot keep an eye on every place, but if there are cameras, Then we can have access to various locations by sitting at one home, and this will also emerge fear in those unfortunate though person. Job in Dubai security

Some sorts the minor incident which can have a significant impact if not handled properly can happen anytime hence, as a security guard is present every time and is accessible to everyone so they should enrich the guard with the training of first aid and CPR, which can probably save a life as many people do not know these things.

Security guards should have clear criminal records because we cannot trust someone with our security, which has already caught in crime on his own.

By choosing your career stream in becoming a security guard, you will probably get the various opportunities, and you can be able to talk to multiple types of people and can develop a useful link with people.

The security guard should be healthy on his own because that is a core. If the guard is not robust, he cannot give his full concentration, and the job of a security guard is tight, which requires good strength and health. They should be able to set up alarm and CCTV cameras when needed.

If you are working as the airport security guard, then you will have to search for passenger, luggage, and aircraft. They will also have to guard the boundaries of the airport. As a security guard, you should be able to control traffic. As a potential responsibility, you will have to defend cash or other valuable things in transit when sent somewhere.

There can be times of emergency like a fire or any severe issue. Then the security guard is expected to react fast by calling the concerned person, taking the crucial decision and right decision, which can probably save many lives.

As a security guard, you can also get a job to supervise the doors for large organizations. That can have a great opportunity in your life.

You can have a diverse career option as a security guard because you have a greater reach of a function where you can work. If you are working as a security guard, then not only you work as a guard, but also you can find many other job opportunities while working as a guard, such opportunities for you can get a job to drive, deliver something. You can work alone or with a small group of teams or in a larger organization.

Generally, security guards have to wear their uniforms, and the outfit has many benefits at first; it makes you look smart. The other could be that the people can recognize aware of you, and the intension of doing wrong work might get erased. Also, you feel responsible for your job and responsibility. Some times you might get allocated to a place to guard where you may not be able to sit or relax, but you will have to stand on your foot all this time you work. Job in Dubai security

We get training for working as a security guard. In preparation for security guard, w get to know how to manage conflicted situations, should have some common security knowledge, prepared for becoming a specialist in guarding.

A security guard should be mature, honest, and must take their responsibility. Some security guards have to work in a team, so they should have excellent coordinating behavior so that they can work well in tandem. You should have the confidence to challenge people when they are wrong, and no one, in any case, should ever suppress us if we are not faulty as a security guard.

Having a specific good knowledge about the computer can also benefit you in many ways as a security guard. Being a security guard, you should be able to make useful reports and should follow particular instructions which they give in relation the specific responsibilities.

We should be aware of the fact that being a security guard is a work of great responsibility. There is a lot of risks in this job, so sometimes our job can lead us to a potentially dangerous situation, and that situation for us can also be utterly unexpected so we should be every time to face every type of probable that we should be responsible about as a security guard.

We hope that this information can help you collect enough information about security persons in Dubai. But if you have any sorts of confusion related to anything, then you can feel free to contact us to clear your queries or to know about any particular thing. Feel free to contact us by texting us through email, or you can directly call us. We will provide the contact details below.

How to apply for a Job

Job Position: Security Guard
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: Unspecified
Send your cv to [email protected]

Job Position: Security Guard
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED 2000 – AED 2500
Send your cv to [email protected]

Job Position: Security Guard
Job Location: Al Quoz, Dubai
Salary: unspecified
Phone number: 0554695643
Send your cv to [email protected]

Job Position: Security Guard
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED 2000 – AED 3500
Phone number: 0566312826
Send your cv to [email protected]


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