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Everyone that comes to Canada wants to find work as quickly as possible. This makes sense. The sooner you secure employment, the quicker you can establish yourself. Fortunately, the government tries to make things as easy as possible for applicants, especially if they have the relevant documentation. job in Canada government 2022

They are determined to secure the best possible talent. As such, anyone looking for a job in Canada Government shouldn’t have a problem securing one. Though, if you are new to the country and you don’t know how to proceed, the following guide might provide some much-needed assistance:

job in Canada government , Latest new Job Updated

1). To get a job in Canada Government, you need to know where to look. Fortunately, the authorities have created a centralized system that anyone who wants to work in the public sector can visit. It has a list of every job opening in the government.

If you can access the site, it won’t take you long to locate enticing job opportunities. Create an account and provide all the information they want. Don’t forget to upload your resume. Even if the job openings on offer do not suit you, they will keep your resume on file. If a suitable job opening appears, they will contact you.

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Canada has a variety of companies that provide similar services. These recruiters will take your resume and match it against the openings they can find. If you have subscribed to their platforms, they will send you an email alert whenever a viable job opening appears.

2). If you don’t want to wait for companies of this sort to reach out to you and the government website has failed to provide any attractive employment opportunities, go to social media. The government’s various departments have thriving social media accounts through which they engage with the public.

They use these same social media accounts to advertise job offers. Rather than waiting for an email alert, keep an eye on social media and wait for an opportunity to emerge. Once a job opening is advertised, do not hesitate to apply for it. You’re not the only one watching the government’s social media presence in anticipation of employment opportunities.

3). Government jobs are quite diverse. Not all of them award their employees with an office and a car. Like most companies, the government requires everything from janitors and security officers to secretaries and parking attendants.

Some people limit themselves. They only want the cushy government positions. But such a focused approach to job hunting often leads to frustration because such positions are very competitive. If you want to get your foot through the door, you need to apply for everything.

Naturally, everyone should have preferences. There is no point in applying for the janitorial position when you want to do administrative work. The key is to apply for any positions within your particular field that you come across. If you can secure a position in the public sector, you can work your way up.

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4). Speaking of limiting yourself, don’t just apply for jobs in federal departments. These are the most alluring. However, there are plenty of provincial and municipal jobs that you might miss out on because you have set your sights on the federal public service.

Provincial and municipal jobs pay well if you have the qualifications. Identify the areas where you would like to work and visit those websites. Don’t dismiss these positions because they seem unimportant. Cast a wide net. Try looking for work at all levels of government.

5). Mobility is very important. Some people fail to secure employment because they want to work in specific places. The public sector is more welcoming to individuals that don’t care where their job posts them. They will work whenever and wherever. This flexibility makes them appealing and they are more likely to land public service positions than someone who has set their mind on a specific place.

6). If you cannot find full-time work in Canada, look for temporary work. Don’t let the salaries of such positions discourage you. This is just the start, and that is all you need. It is difficult to find a well-paying job in Canada Government when you lack the experience.

Temporary work will give you just that. It will introduce you to the job market in Canada. It will allow you to network with the right people. This, in turn, will give you access to internal job postings. You will have the opportunity to apply for jobs long before the public ever learns of their availability.

This will give you an edge. The approach is very effective for recent graduates that are looking to get their feet wet in the job market. It will give them a starting point, not to mention introducing them to professionals that can mentor them as they mature.

7). When you stumble upon a job opening that appeals to you, don’t be so quick to send your application. Take a moment to read the description of the job. Find out what it demands of you and what it will entail.

Make sure you are willing to do the things that are expected of you. This is where the issue of mobility enters the picture. Some people will apply for a job only to realize later on that it requires them to migrate to an entirely new city. This is why you should take the time to do your research.

The same goes for making sure that you are qualified for the opening. There is no point in submitting applications for jobs when your resume is clearly lacking. You will grow unnecessarily frustrated as a result of all the rejections you keep accumulating.

8). Language is very important. Some government jobs are only open to people that are proficient in English. Others only welcome people that are bilingual. You also have those that require French speakers. Before you get excited over a job opening, consider the language requirements. Better yet, try to learn all the languages the Canadian government might demand. This will make your resume stronger.


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