Job Canada gov for foreigners 2022 (Latest New Updated)

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Job Canada gov

The ‘Job Canada Gov’ keyword has gained quite a bit of prominence in recent years because people appreciate the security that government jobs provide. For a time, the Public Service in Canada had cut the rate at which it was hiring because of financial issues.

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However, the tide has turned. Public servants are starting to retire in greater numbers than before. As such, positions in the government are starting to become available. If you are one of those immigrants that are flooding Google with ‘Job Canada Gov’ searches, keep the following in mind:

Job Canada gov
Job Canada gov

1). The easiest way to land a government job is to visit the public service website. They have an updated list of every open position that they wish to fill.

2). Do not forget to create an account. This will allow you to submit your resume along with all the information related to your education. An account is required for anyone who wants to apply for the jobs advertised on the website. Even if you fail to qualify for the jobs being advertised, the site will retain your resume.

3). Do not stop at simply applying for a job. The website regularly sends out email alerts of any positions that open up. If you want to receive these alerts, you need to sign up. Because you have submitted your resume, the website will only send you alerts for jobs that you are suited for.

4). Do not expect immediate positive feedback. Try to realize that you are not the only one applying for work through this website. If this approach isn’t baring the fruit you expected, change tactics. Visit the social media accounts associated with government departments. These bodies have been known to advertise job openings on Facebook and Twitter. You could miss out on these opportunities if you don’t have a social media account.

Job Canada gov for foreigners 2022 (Latest New Updated)

5). Do not forget to look for job ads online. Some government departments prefer to use multiple internet platforms to attract interest in job openings. Pay close attention to the types of jobs being advertised. Some positions are permanent. Others are temporary and will only last for a set period. You also have casual employment opportunities.

6). Only a small number of employment opportunities are restricted to native Canadians. Most of the job openings you will encounter are available to anyone residing in the country.

7). More than half of all government jobs only require proficiency in English. But roughly 40 percent are targeted towards bilingual candidates. A select few (5 percent) require French speakers. This puts immigrants in a favorable position. Canada expects the people who apply for visas to display proficiency in English. If your visa application was successfully processed, it means that you are eligible for 55 percent of the available government jobs based solely on your proficiency in English.

Job Canada gov
Job Canada gov

8). The application process encourages you to specify the personal factors that set you apart. For instance, if you are disabled or part of a minority group, you may find that there are jobs directly targeted towards you.
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