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How to get Canada job offer

If you feel like your country of origin has no opportunities to offer and you need to seek greener pastures elsewhere, Canada is a solid choice for aspiring immigrants. The weather is a little hostile during certain seasons of the year. You need to prepare adequately for the cold.

But any discomfort you experience during the winter is a worthwhile sacrifice for the other benefits Canada has to offer, including a thriving economy, friendly people, and free healthcare.

But immigrating to Canada is easier said than done; there are numerous hurdles that you must jump before your dreams of a new life in the country can come true.

Do You Need a Job Offer to Move to Canada?

This is the question many an immigrant wants to be answered. Is a job offer required for you to move to Canada? The answer is ‘No’. There are plenty of programs that will enable you to become a permanent resident of Canada regardless of whether or not you have a job offer.

The country needs skilled workers. Its economy keeps absorbing tens and even hundreds of thousands of foreign workers every single year. And yet it still has many more open positions that have to be filled. As such, if you have the necessary expertise or experience, Canada will gladly welcome you.

That being said, a job offer would make the immigration process so much easier for you. Skilled workers have the opportunity to expedite their immigration by applying for permanent residence through the Express Entry system. This program takes all your attributes and skills and it gives them a score.

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It then ranks all applicants according to their total score after which the individuals with the highest score and rank are encouraged to apply for permanent citizenship. The presence of a Canadian job offer on your resume can add several points to your profile.

In fact, it could become the deciding factor that separates you from every other skilled worker that has a similar educational background and experience. Certain types of immigrants do not have to worry about such issues.

How to get Canada job offer
How to get Canada job offer

Business investors, for instance, can sail through the immigration process even if they lack an appropriate job offer. Such individuals are in a position to create their own employment. You also have people with very attractive attributes such as Doctoral certification and decades of experience in fields that Canada prioritizes. Canada loves such workers and goes out of its way to make their entry into the country as easy as possible.

If you do not fall into such categories, every immigration expert you encounter will encourage you to land a job offer before you submit your application.

What is Canadian Job Offer?

Before you start worrying about how to get Canada Job offer, you need to first understand what a valid job offer looks like.

It isn’t enough for you to say that a friend of yours in Canada hinted at the possibility that they might employ you if you ever immigrated to Canada. A Job offer must be tangible. That means quite a few things:

1). It must be an offer of formal employment.

2). It must be full-time employment. If all you have is part-time work, you do not qualify. That isn’t a valid job offer, not according to Canada.

3). The employment opportunity should last at least one year. Seasonal work does not count.

4). If an employer in Canada has made a valid offer to you, immigration officials will expect you to state the title of your position.

5). You must outline the duties you are expected to execute. You must also specify the requirements of the work you will do.

6). The authorities will want to know your salary and how you will be paid, not to mention the name of your employer, their address, and the contact information of whoever gave you the job.

If your job offer doesn’t tick all these boxes, Canada will ignore it because it isn’t a real job offer.

How to get Canada job offer
How to get Canada job offer

How to Get Canada Job Offer?

Now that you know what a Job offer is, how can you get one, especially if you live outside Canada? Well, you have a few options available to you:

1). A recruitment agency should be your first stop. Many Canadian employees understand that the country does not have enough skilled workers on hand to fill the available positions. They also understand that they cannot personally acquire skilled labor on their own. For this reason, they rely on recruitment agencies to connect them to skilled workers.

Look for recruitment agencies that are hiring immigrants. Do not presume that every agency you approach will react favorably to your offer. Some companies only work with native Canadians. But that shouldn’t concern you. There are plenty of recruitment agencies that target immigrants. One or more will gladly connect you to a Canadian employer even before you enter the country.

2). Because so many immigrants rely on recruitment agencies to get job offers, some foreign workers find that they have to wait months to receive feedback. And even when they hear back from recruitment agencies, the responses are never positive.

If you are tired of waiting for recruitment agencies to connect you to Canadian employers, try to create your own connections. If there are people in Canada that you know, especially friends and family members, use them to find job openings.

Ask them to vouch for you were possible. Canadian employers are more likely to trust you if they think that you are related to someone in Canada that they know. This means that you are not just a voice on the phone or a face on the internet. Read more and getĀ  Direct jobĀ 

3). If your family connections are not delivering the fruits you hoped, try bypassing them and reaching out to potential employers in Canada. There are plenty of Canadian organizations with websites. And those websites typically feature contact information.

Identify companies that your skills might be suited to and call them. This takes a bold attitude but it works. If a company doesn’t have an opening, ask them to keep your resume. They will call you if a position opens up.

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