Fresh Graduate Jobs in UAE for fresh worker 2022 (latest Job updated)

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 Description about Fresh Graduate Jobs in UAE

Are you a fresh graduate and searching for the jobs in UAE? Are you seeking for the answers of your questions regarding Fresh Graduate Jobs in UAE? Stop searching and go through the article that will deliver you with all the possible results of your findings.

Dubai is known for its great success and achievements in various business fields. It has become a land of opportunities for most of the people from the world. They admire to start their career and discover the business profession in Dubai. The country carries a vast knowledge and experience in the economic development as well as plans to develop more achieving strategies.

With the growing industries and technologies UAE opens the doors for the fresh graduates. The companies are in search of fresh bloods that can perform actively and efficiently. Although, the fresher are unable to get the experience, the companies hire the potential one and provide them with necessary trainings and instructions. One can get benefit by working in the companies of UAE as it offers lots of extra facilities to the new comers. You can’t be sure that all the industries in UAE facilitate the employees with the same programs.  But just you have to select the right company and through the effective process you can find a job of your preference.

So, if you are considered a new graduate from your university and can prove yourself as a potential candidate then without wasting your time keep searching the newest and the suitable job for yourself where you can groom your skills through mentors, show your proficiency, develop experience and also contribute for the advancement of the industry.

How to get fresh graduate jobs in UAE?

Being a fresher, it is a difficult task to get a job in UAE where the competition is leveling up. Every day is a new beginning for the employer in UAE. They are always leading themselves in the promoting activities of their business. The market is inventing latest trends in which the employers need to compete and overcome the challenges. For making the business successful and expanding the employers recruits the employees from the corners of the world. Hence, they look for the young and active employees who are capable to perform the assigned task.

So, let’s start with the tips that will assist you to get fresh graduate jobs in UAE:-

Improve your resume and cover letter

As you are a fresher you may not have the expertise in the related field. But don’t worry the company hiring the fresher also exist in UAE and you can apply in such industries. In order to increase the chance of getting job firstly it is required to maintain your CV and work on your cover letter. Since, these are the first contact materials it is important to keep it update. You can format your resume professionally by highlighting your skills and education as you don’t possess any work experience. Make sure to create an attractive resume so that the hiring managers allow themselves to observe your resume and if possible get in contact with you for the offering too. Additionally, write a pleasant and specially made cover letter that will enhance the ethics of your resume.

Take advantage of job portals

It is obvious that you will be searching for the job in Google. But it is the better idea for getting the job. It is clear that you can have the information about the vacancies through Google site but there is little chance for having the opportunity. So, try to utilize your time by scrolling the sites of top job portals where it is sure that numbers of openings will be posted by the companies. Moreover, you can also create your free job profile by fulfilling the necessary details and make yourself available for the post published. It is easy and fast to make a job profile going to the online job sites like, Dubizzle,, LinkedIn, etc.

Fresh Graduate Jobs in UAE for fresh worker 2022 (latest Job updated)
Fresh Graduate Jobs in UAE for fresh worker 2022 (latest Job updated)

Social and Professional Networking

Today’s world take their move through networking that means it has become the most valuable and effective medium for communicating with the business bodies. A business can’t function well without the use of proper network available. Therefore, a fresher should build a network both socially and professionally. The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are fruitful for building your connect with the professionals and recruiters. You can also follow the hiring managers and get the updates through their posts too.

Career fair and events

Attending job fair is also a suitable method to get in connect with the employers. Through this you can meet the managers face to face and let them know about you. In addition to it, carrying a card that contains your contact information and your social links can make the meeting even better and generate the chance of being in touch with the recruiting members. Give a good impression if you had an option to meet them otherwise you can also send emails to them and show your interest to work with them.

Company profile

If you prefer working in a particular company then the better idea is to go through their company page. Almost all the companies have their profile in their website. So, it is easy to observe their page and learn about the job openings. You are required to fill an application and give away your resume. In some cases, you can also find the company’s HR link in the website through which you can directly send your application to the hiring officials.

Job Referral

It becomes easier to the fresher with no experience if they have number of referrals in the country. Job referral supplies you with the high chance of getting the occupation of your preference. So, try to make a list of the persons you know and find if they are working in the industry of your choice or they may be the friends of your friends. Get in connect with them so that they can help you with a referral.

Recommendation letter

Applying for a job with recommendation letter helps the recruiter to know about you character. However, if you don’t have any past experience you can request your teacher for preparing a suggestion letter in a particular position including your skills, abilities and potentiality to perform the job. It also adds value to your documents and let the recruiter to call you up for the interview.

Walk-in interviews

Various companies organize walk-in interviews in order to nominate the potential candidates for the job vacancy. They publish particular date and time for the interview through which you can present yourself as a candidate and experience the interview. Since, the appointment for the interview is not prior you can go and give your interview for the job.

Send Emails

Visiting the company website you can have the mailing address of the recruiting company. Sending mails to the hiring manager can link you up with them. Furthermore, you should ensure to send the mails carefully by mentioning the subject for the post you are applying for. For instance, Application for the post of XYZ, etc.

Training Platforms

Getting training programs from the institutions can lead you to meet up with the job providers as these institutions have good contact with the hiring employers. You can get the training for your skill enhancement as well as you will have high chance of being employed in the company of your choice. Training certifications also supports you to gain the job employment.

Fresh Graduates Jobs in UAE

UAE has many business organizations seeking for fresh graduates. Through the proper guidance and mediums you can get the opportunity to work in UAE. Its a big platform for you as you can get the experience working with multinational companies and get extreme benefit for your career. Similarly, your experience can sell your service to many other companies and help you to live your dream life. Thus, it is vital to identify the important ways to find the job and apply for registration.

Some of the fresh graduates jobs in UAE where you can grow your career includes:-

  • Trainee Pharmacist

A trainee pharmacist assists the pharmacist in serving the customers, providing prescribed medications, collecting the payments and maintaining cleanliness in the pharmacy. The trainees are flexible to work as per the duty hour and shifts allocated. They are also responsible for performing the day to day operation of the pharmacy and keeping records of the medications.


-Collecting payments

-Customer service

-Supplying doctor’s prescribed medications

-Keeping record of the medicines


-High school diploma

-Technical skills

-Communication skills

-General knowledge of medications

  • Call Center Agent

The agent handles the customer’s call and assists them with necessary information about the product and services. They respond to the client’s questions and complaints. They also process the organizations forms, orders and applications on the request of the customers.


-Receiving customer’s calls and responding their queries

-Evaluating important issues and reporting to the management

-Handling complaining customers and solving the issues

-Coordinating with the internal staffs and work in team

-Providing organizational information to the clients


-Ability to deal with the customers


-Multitasking capability

-Diploma in high school

  • Home Maid

A maid is a person responsible to perform all the cleaning activities of a residence. The cleaning includes mopping, sweeping floor, vacuuming, washing clothes and carpets, wiping windows, etc. In addition to it, a maid also disposes the wastage materials and keeps the premises clean and tidy.


-Sweeping, mopping and wiping dirt from the dusty area

-Washing carpets and ensures to keep the rooms clean

-Regular disposal of garbage and maintain record of each cleaning task performed daily

-Cleaning restrooms and make them smell free

-Laundering clothes and ironing them for use


-GED or high school diploma

-Knowledge of cleaning methods and tools

-Healthy and fit

-Effective performance and time management skills

  • Restaurant Junior Waiter

A junior waiter follows the instructions of the manager or supervisor and provides service to the guests and customers in the restaurant. They are responsible for welcoming guests, escorting guests to the table, taking orders and delivering the order in time with excellent service.


-Greeting guests and heading them to the table

-Taking proper food and beverage orders and delivering in time

-Excellent customer service

-Resolve the guest’s complaint about the food or service

-Clearing the table after each meal taken

-Helping the guests in payment of the bill

-Converse with the guests about the service

-Recommending today’s special to the guests and knowing their views


-Degree in Hotel Management

-Customer –oriented

-Strong communication skills and active listener

-Food and Beverage knowledge


To sum up, fresher are allowed working in UAE as the employers are always in search of new talent and capable candidates. No matter if you don’t have any work experience you can register through the company recruiting fresher. The salary offered may be low but with the increase in your probation period and your work efficiency the employers will pay you satisfactory pay scale. Or you can also find the better paying companies and apply for the job.

Dubai is capable of building the career of fresh graduates where they can get trained, work under the experts, receive guidance for work efficiency and grow themselves as an experienced and skilled worker in course of time. So, for getting employed in UAE you need to check the online job sites, build social networking, participate in job events, connect with the recruiters through emails or phone calls, increase your referrals and show your interest in the preferred job.

Furthermore, you can also get work experience in your home town so that it becomes easier to find the job and in short time. Keep following the job sites and make preparation for the job  interviews so that you can deal with the employers showing your confidence and ability to communicate freely and professionally.

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