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Today’s world is the digital world. Everything has become digitalized. Things have become easier with the use of advanced technology. Hence, if are also preparing to start a job career in digital marketing, then with our research we have written an article for you. You can go through the writing and learn the details about digital marketing jobs in Dubai. Moreover, the article delivers the required information that a digital marketer needs to study to enhance their career in this field.

Well, digital marketing is a job related to the use of technology. It is a business customer based profession. The major source of revenue in such a job is targeted, customers. It means the more you earn clients the more will be your revenue. Furthermore, with the advancement in the digital world, there is a high demand for digital marketers in the market. The top employers are seeking experienced and skilled marketers to sustain in the competitive business market. So, if you are willing to join the marketing industry it is the right place to expand your career.

Dubai is the most wanted city in the world. Being the business center for more than 150 countries there are numbers of industries flourishing in the city. To compete with the tough business market there are requirements of skillful employees. Thus, the employer announces a large number of job vacancies for the potential candidates. They welcome the candidates belonging to different nationalities. As the city has a majority of foreign workers you will find a multicultural environment in the workplace. It also helps you to adopt the new work atmosphere. In addition to it, you can learn about various religions and cultures working as a team in Dubai’s companies.

Roles and skills of digital marketing jobs

There are several roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer. As a marketer, the major mission is to attract more traffic to their website. It will benefit their company and allows them to make more money. Similarly, you are responsible to increase the numbers of clients and sell the company’s products. It is necessary to understand the choice of the customers and produce the product accordingly. Moreover, you need to stay connected with the clients and make a good bonding with them. It is your duty to respond to their queries regarding the product and deliver prompt solutions for their problems.

Furthermore, you should coordinate with other team members and plan for stable business strategies. You will require implementing the policies and work hard for the company’s development. You will have to advertise the products and attract the clients for the purchase. It is necessary to have good knowledge of all social media channels so that you shall grab the attention of loyal and potential customers. You should also identify the latest trend in the market to compete with the market environment. To become an ideal marketer you should complete your degree in marketing or a related field. It is must to possess the greater experience to get the job opportunity in Dubai’s companies.

Likewise, you will require having good communication skills to interact with the customers. You should be analytically skilled to identify the errors and have prompt decision-making ability. It is vital to keep yourself up to date with the new market trending. It allows you to learn the threats and opportunities of market. To share new ideas and opinions regarding the enhancement of business policy you will require being creative and assist management for further Improvements.

Advantages of digital marketer

Since the world has become online there is extensive use of modern technology in daily life. People have become more advanced and perform day to day activities through the online process. Moreover, Dubai is the fastest-growing city that has got success in several fields during the short time limit. However, the employers are trying their best for further betterment. Business is the major source for the economic upliftment of the city. Furthermore, employers deliver various job perks to their employees. They are more concerned about their employee’s happiness and satisfaction. Hence, such perks help the workers to stay longer in the company. They get encouraged to enhance their work performance and also motivate themselves for completing the assigned task.

Some advantages that the employee of the digital marketing enjoy include:-

  • A most powerful form of marketing

Online marketing is considered the most powerful form of marketing. It assists in increasing the number of clients for your website. Similarly, it uses several tactics to connect with the customers and make them will to buy the product. It has become the easiest way to reach the targeted clients. Hence, you can connect with clients worldwide and deliver the service through digital methods.


  • Cost-effective

We can say that marketing through the digital process is very cost-effective. Since the promotions of the products through online pages are cheaper than the ads on television or newspaper you will have a cheaper rate for doing ads online. Furthermore, it is time-consuming and you will gain more viewers as most the people are aware of the digital facilities.


  • Measurable

You may have a question in your mind that how can we measure our business tactics. But the answer is simple through digital marketing you can measure your business improvement. You will learn what tactics are working and which are not. Additionally, you may further make plans to overcome the weaknesses and build the strength of a business. Since you can study your work through marketing tools you do not need to take the stress and you can utilize your time for improving your relationship with clients.


  • Target ideal buyers

With the help of digital marketing, you can ensure that the ads published can reach to the consumers. You can use SEO for knowing the customers seeking the content through your web. Moreover, it allows the business to gain the flow of clients and increases the rate of buyers. Digital marketing aids to learning that you have invested your budget on the correct path and also identify the targeted buyers interested to buy the product.

  • Starting a buyer’s journey online

As we know, people visit search engines to get the answers to their queries. They make themselves aware of the things that are unknown to them. Additionally, more view on the search engine can be favorable for your business. With the support of digital marketing, you connect with the searchers and make them available the content they are searching for. Starting a business is a risky job and for this one should have depth view regarding its operation. Therefore, being  a marketer, you can help the clients to start their buyer’s journey and reach the consumers.


  • Reach to consumers

Since most the people are well-aware of social media sites it’s easy to reach consumers with digital marketing. Publishing the ads in printed form has become traditional and also requires more budget. But if you allow marketing tools for promotion activities there will be a high chance to grab the potential customers. As people prefer using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter on daily basis online marketing makes the work easier.


  • Connect with mobile customers

At present, there might be fewer people not using mobile as their daily requirement. With increasing demand for the use of mobile clients are searching for their content through their device. Thus, digital marketing aids to target the customers who allows them to search the content on their mobile.


  • Quick adaption of your strategy

As you should require waiting for longer period to know which strategy is working if you use a traditional strategy. Digital marketing helps understanding the marketing result quickly. You can utilize other times to plan the necessary improvements. Moreover, web analytics helps you to see which sites are being more used and how much time the clients are spending on that page. Hence, this information will support to enhance your business better in the coming days.


  • Allow more competitive business

Since traditional marketing requires more expenses the small business cannot compete with the large firms. Moreover, digital marketing consists lower and affordable marketing tactics that support the firms to stay competitive online. You can promote your contents online and reach your customers. Similarly, you will require marketing your products and services nationally and internationally. It can assist the small firms to find new audiences and enhances the customer experience.

Digital marketing jobs in Dubai

There are several career paths in this field. You should choose the right job post and register for an acceptable profession that suits your skills and abilities. Furthermore, there are lots of opportunities for career development in marketing faculty. When there is increase in the service period and work performance, you will get a promotion to the next position. It also permits you to enhance your career and lead your life to the standard level.

Some available digital jobs that you can do in Dubai are as follows:-

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Lead Digital Marketing
  • Senior E-Commerce Marketing Specialist
  • Event and Communication Manager
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook ad Manager
  • SEO Executive
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Sales Executive
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Office Secretary
  • Country Representative
  • Key Account Manager
  • Cluster Marketing Manager
  • Brand Director
  • Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Product Marketing Executive
  • Account Marketing Executive
  • Senior Trade Marketing Manager
  • Performance Marketing Analyst
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Field Marketing Specialist

Average pay scale for digital marketer

The pay scale of a digital marketer depends as per their job post and the experience. Since the salary is for all levels are good, an interested candidate can achieve his dream job. However, we have mentioned some average salary of digital jobs:-

S.No. Related job position Salary in AED
1. Marketing Manager Digital 25k-363k
2. Executive Marketing 6k-159k
3. Marketing Specialist 6k-196k
4. Social Meia Specilaist 12k-185k
5. E-Commerce Manager 22k-495k
6. Assistant Marketing 4k-152k
7. SEO Specialist 3k-268k

How to get digital marketing jobs in Dubai?

You can follow many steps to get an employment opportunity as an online marketer. Since the right steps will result in the productive output you will need to adopt proper guidance. To search for a job in Dubai you should check out the online job portals. Moreover, these popular online websites publish the latest job vacancies where you have to apply and gain the job benefits. Therefore, you should go through the vacancies and grab the chance. We have listed some ways for getting marketing jobs in Dubai which goes like this:-

  • Gain advertising experience

To have an opportunity in digital marketing you will need to gain experience in an advertisement. Since the field is connected to the continuous learning it will be beneficial if you keep on learning the skills. Furthermore, you should  be familiar with Facebook ads and Google ads. It may require some time but as we know every fresher needs starting from the bottom. It does not matter if the pay is low but you will need to go on getting the experience to have a high-level job in the marketing industry.


  • Start creating a blog

A digital marketer requires writing a blog that will assist in having a position in the sector. You can practice writing blogs on certain topics. It will support practicing SEO, social media, designing, etc. Even if you do not have your blogs you can create them through the guest blogger. You should also make your own email address to write a blog. It is required for choosing the appropriate mailing address for blog creation.


  • Make a strong LinkedIn presence

It is better to create a profile on LinkedIn. It is necessary to complete your profile and get recommendations as much as possible. If you do not have an experienced one you can list your volunteer achievements for creating an attractive profile. Moreover, you should add your academic qualifications and awards if there are any.


  • Build a professional network

Getting a job in digital marketing needs building proper networks with marketers. Furthermore, you have to connect with the people engaged in such a profession as the higher the networks higher will be the chance to get employment. So, building a good connection with the professionals will benefit to have a job career in the digital field.


  • Apply for the available job post

You can search for the job on popular job sites that delivers the details of the new openings. However, you can choose the right job that matches your skills. It will supply an appropriate output. Hence, you should register and request for the job position with good preparation.

 Conclusion for digital marketing jobs in Dubai

In summary, we can say that there is a wide scope in digital marketing. You can upgrade your knowledge and enjoy a bright future. Moreover, your career will grow rapidly if you involve in this sector. Due to the development of modern technology the demand is very high for marketers. You can enhance your skills and apply for fruitful occupation. Hence, it is the most demanding job in Dubai. You will find more options for joining digital marketing jobs in Dubai. Thus, work hard and target your goals for having a happy life.


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