Cashier job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for Fresher 2022(online Apply, Latest new Job Updated)

Cashier Job in Dubai may seem like a very easy job and they have the responsibility of assisting the customer of the customers in the place where they work. Dubai is a place which is full of luxurious rich people and if you apply for a cashier job in Dubai then it will be very beneficial for you.

Because there are a lot of opportunities for the people who are looking out to get the cashier job in abroad. There are many benefits that the job seeker gets in Dubai which they may not be able to get in the other company. Along with the benefits, the cashier has many responsibilities also. You as a cashier will have to bag up the items, request for the check-in the price, cashier have to ring up the sales, they have to collect the payment and they are also able to get various opportunity change.

Cashier are those people who do the work of counting the registered draw of cash after their shift is over. They will have to manage this record, receipt, record, withdrawal as well as all other responsibilities. The cashier will have to do the reporting work by checking on the supplies as well as the materials if anything is at least amount.

The salary that the applicants get in the cashier job is the main reason why so many of the people crazily apply for getting the cashier job in Dubai. But since the competition is high among the applicants so you will have to be the best for applying to get the cashier job in Dubai. You shouldn’t apply without any qualification or knowledge, because the competition is high so you may not get the job. You can have a great lifestyle with a cashier job in Dubai.  

 Responsibilities as a cashier job in Dubai:  

Cashier job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for Fresher 2022(online Apply, Latest new Job Updated)
Cashier job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for Fresher 2022(online Apply, Latest new Job Updated)

For working with the cashier job in Dubai, many of the responsibilities and duty comes along with it. So, you should be well aware of that responsibility before applying for this job. This job is something that may seem to be very easy in front of the many people but because of the critical thinking that is needed in this job, so many of the responsibilities come along with this job. We have mentioned every possible responsibility that will come along with this job. The workers have to check the transaction with the customer, then although that will also have to check the credit and for handling the cash as well.

The cashier has the responsibility of collecting the payment and also for scanning the good and various items. They will have to make sure that the pricing is correct from every perspective. It is also the responsibility to make the account of receipt, for the refunds and also for the tickets as well as the changes that need to be issued. Cashier are those people who do the work of managing the coupons and also for redeeming the stamps.

If any of the customers have any type of complaints or confusion then it is the cashier who guides them for further processing. In those cases where customers are leaving or entering the organization then you will also have to greet the customer. After the shift ends you will have to check the money or the transaction.  

You will have to make sure that the environment is in good condition more like neat and clean. If you see any type of wrong activity going on in your society then if possible, you should resolve then and if you cannot then you tell the manager about it.  

 Requirements for cashier jobs in Dubai: 

Cashier job is a demanded job in Dubai because of which the competition is also very high in Dubai. People from all around the world come to Dubai in the search of a job as a Cashier so you should be good at this job and the qualifications. Some of the needs and requirements for the cashier jobs are mentioned here. The applicants must have a degree from the high school diploma or the equivalent type of qualifications.

For applying to get this job in Dubai, they usually take those applicants who have experience in this sector. Freshers can also apply for the job but the experience is always given the priority. You must have that capability of handling the transaction with the responsibility and in a very accurate manner. A good computer, as well as maths skills, is a must for applying to get the job as a cashier in Dubai. Cashier’s energy of providing the service to the customer needs to be at a high level and will all the skills that are possible at the reach.

The cashier needs to be very careful so that they can give proper attention to every detail. The job seeker needs to provide excellent service to the workers as well as the member by being fast with their work and coordinating properly with the team. If the cashier has good communication skill then they can manage the customer requirements and convince them properly and calmly. The cashier will do the work in a very proper manner then there will be a good environment in the organization and customer will feel like coming often to take the service. If the cashier fulfils these requirements then their chance of getting the job in Dubai will also increase.  


How to write a cover letter for a cashier job in Dubai? 

One of the important parts in applying for the job as a cashier is writing a cover letter. While writing the cover letter, you will have to make sure about the importance and the requirements in the description and the submission of applying for the job description. We have mentioned a sample here which can guide you in writing the cover letter as a cashier in Dubai.  



Phone number 

Email Id 


Dear authority, 

It is a feeling of immense pleasure forgetting to apply as a cashier in your organization. I have earned years of experience and I am passionate to be able to work as a cashier. Since the moment when I saw your applications for the job vacancy, I feel like I can be the perfect fit for the job. I am capable of respecting the rules and regulations of the company and it will increase the company’ reputation and commitment.  

Being a young candidate who is applying for the job but along with my young age, I have a lot of experience in this job. I have the eagerness to learn many of the new things complete all of my energy. While collecting the experience I have worked for hours without taking any rest so you can completely rely on me for this thing. My educational qualification is perfect for applying for the job.   

Thank you for giving your time to check on my application for a cashier job in your company. I am an enthusiastic and great learner and I always seek for the new opportunities which may come on my way. So if you will hire me you won’t regret it. 

Yours sincerely, 


Interview questions and answers for a cashier job in Dubai  

  1. What is the meaning of excellent customer for you as a Cashier? 


A very obvious thing is that the cashier has to work with the public all the times so it’s an important question for the recruiters. You will have to prove to them that no matter what type of customer is there, it is the cashier who has to behave appropriately. This is a type of job where you will have to deal with thousands of people and their mood. So, the cashier should always be calm and composed so that they can do the work properly. We cannot expect any type of perfect customer but the one thing that is possible is to be the perfect Cashier. The cashier should be capable of resolving the issues and changing the mood of the customer so, that they can help for the perfect customer.  


2.  What type of working environment you want, alone or with the team? 

We cannot deny the fact that working in the team is a part of any type of job all around the world. For achieving success in all type of job, the most crucial thing is the tram work. But even though cashier has to work independently all the time there will be a time when the cashier may have to work in the team. You should be capable enough so that you will be able to work with other people with better communication skills.  


3. How do you manage the money and your behavior with the money? 

The cashier is a type of job whose main work is to handle the money. So if the person is unable to manage the money properly and honestly. Then this can be a risk for the recruiters so, in most of the cases, the recruiters want to hire those candidates who can be trustworthy. So, while answering this question, you can explain in detail about how you manage the money. You can tell them about your past job, your experience with the job. And also about how honest you have been with your past job as a cashier. Applicants can mention about how are they familiar about managing the money. And technologies related to the money and it’s handling. 


4. What if your coworker is not feeling well and you have to manage everything on your own? 

This type of problem is very usual and a common type of problem. That takes place in almost all type of industries. So, most of the recruiter usually ask this question in almost type of interview. So, you need to be very careful with this common type of question. That is usually asked at a maximum of the time. You will have to highlight your efficiency as well as your politeness with your coworker. You can tell them that you are a fast worker when the time comes. With can take the responsibility and manager everything properly. And you are capable to handle a large volume of the customer on your own. You can ask help in the cases where one is unable to manage everything on its own. So, you will have to be honest by mentioning what you can and what you cannot.  



5. Tell About your best service experience as a cashier: 

This question seems to be very simple, yet it comes with a need for a very tricky answer. So, while answering this question, you need to be very careful. You will have to tell the recruiters about some of your best experience with the customer. You can tell the recruiters about your response and your service for the organization as a cashier. Since this answer is entirely on your experience so our points and perspective may not hold any place.  


How to apply for a cashier job? 

Cashier job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for Fresher 2022(online Apply, Latest new Job Updated)
Cashier job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for Fresher 2022(online Apply, Latest new Job Updated)

There are many ways to search for a cashier job in Dubai because a lot of vacancies keep opening. If you are already in Dubai then you can check the newspaper. Or the website to check the new job vacancies. And if you are not from Dubai then you can apply through the online medium.

You can create an account on the online platform and keep checking on the qualifications and requirements for the job. If your qualifications and skills match their requirements. For the job then you can accordingly apply for the job through the online Medium. You will have to submit your CV along with your other details for applying for the job.

If they like your application, skills and knowledge then they will mail you with further processing for the job. You can proceed for the job as they say, and be prepared if they ask you for the interview. If you can do good in your interview then they may hire you for the job. After getting hired for the job it will be much easier to apply for getting a visa from Dubai. Because the recruiters will refer you for getting hired. Through this way, you will be able to get the job in Dubai. As well as a work visa for working there.  

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]