Canada job for Filipino nanny Workers 2022 (Latest New Job Updated)

Canada job for Filipino

There are so many Filipinos looking for work in Canada, partly because the Philippines is frequently mired in political conflict and partly because Canada is such an attractive working environment. There were almost a million Filipinos in Canada in 2018. That number has only continued to grow.

The right Canada job for Filipino immigrants can make all the difference in the world. Temporary workers are afforded great benefits. The healthcare system is amazing. The economy is stable. You also have the option of becoming a permanent resident and inviting your family to live with you in Canada.

Finding a Canada Job for Filipino Immigrants

Yes, Canada is a great place to work for Filipinos. But how can they secure work in the country in the first place? It is a long and arduous process that involves the following:

1). You need to identify the route you will use to enter the country. Canada offers various programs that can help foreigners immigrate successfully. The Express Entry System allows skilled workers to become permanent residents. But you must qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or the Canadian Experience Class.

Each of those programs has its own suite of requirements. For instance, the Canadian Experience Class targets people who have work experience in Canada. There is also the Provincial Nominee program to consider along with the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

The TFW program is popular among Filipinos because it offers a straightforward path to Canadian Citizenship. The program allows employers in Canada to hire Filipinos if they can prove that there is a shortage of Canadian citizens with the skills required to fill the available positions.

Canada Job for Filipino
Canada Job for Filipino

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Find a route whose requirements suit you. Once you know where you fit, you can proceed.

2). Once you identify a suitable immigration program, start looking for work. You don’t have to wait until you get to Canada to find work. In fact, your chances of securing a visa improve if you already have a job.

This is where Job Bank enters the picture. The resource helps Immigrants using the Express Entry system to find work. You can also look for a recruitment agency that the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has accredited.

The difficulty you will encounter in your search for the right Canada Job for Filipino immigrants will depend on your skills. Currently, Canada has a lot of employment opportunities for hairstylists, butchers, nannies, cooks, and welders, to mention but a few.

3). If you can find a suitable job, wait for your new employer to send you a job offer and a contract. These documents are important. Once they arrive, you can use them to apply for a work permit and a temporary resident visa.

There are two types of permits, namely an open-work permit and a specific work permit. Filipinos with a specific work permit can only work for a particular employer once they arrive in Canada. Open-work permits, on the other hand, allow you to work for anyone.

Make sure you select the right permit for your situation.

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