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Canada express entry

If you want to permanently immigrate to Canada, the Express Entry system is the fastest avenue you can take. The country’s immigration selection process was initially based on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ system. Express Entry was introduced to resolve the labour shortage that certain regions of the country were suffering.

While the previous system was arbitrary in the way it selected immigrants who could become permanent residents, Express Entry is purposeful, primarily interested in identifying and prioritizing the most killed applicants available. The country wants to attract people that have the highest chances of experiencing economic success.

Express Entry is appealing because the system processes applications quickly and efficiently, typically delivering results within six months.

How Does Canada Express Entry Work?

The Canada Express Entry system is point-based. Every potential immigrant is given a score based on certain critical factors and then ranked according to the total score they accrue. Those individuals who rank the highest are then chosen and invited to reside permanently in Canada.

The Express Entry system tends to prioritize candidates that are young and well educated. Some people have raised concerns that the mechanism is turning human beings into commodities. But experienced professionals from foreign countries appreciate the expediency that Canada has injected into the immigration process.

Canada Express Entry
Canada Express Entry

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How to Use the Canada Express Entry System

Express Entry makes immigration more straightforward. But there are still quite a few hoops for you to jump through:

1). First of all, you need to qualify for the Express Entry program. The country has three immigration programs that matter, namely: the Federal skilled worker program, Canadian Experience program, and the Federal Skilled trade program.

You need to meet the requirements set by one of those three programs before you can move forward. In all cases, applicants are expected to have a minimum of one year’s experience in a particular area. They must also prove their proficiency in one or both of the country’s official languages.

Your chances of qualifying for Express Entry diminish if you have a shady past with a criminal record. The presence of a medical ailment could also get you disqualified.

2). Because this system is designed to find the highest-ranking applicants, you need to express your interest to participate in the program so that the relevant authorities can begin comparing and contrasting you to the other applicants.

This requires that you create a profile that lists the attributes you bring to the table. These attributes will be scored. Then the total score will be used to determine your ranking in comparison to the other candidates. Express Entry’s ranking system is quite comprehensive, taking into account a wide variety of factors. You can earn a total of 1,200 points.

As with every ranking system, you need to ensure that your score is as high as possible. The higher the score, the higher your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Critics of the system believe that it is cruel to reduce a human’s abilities to a simple number.

But the government believes that the score reveals an individual’s likelihood of succeeding economically in the country. This, in turn, allows them to ensure that they are only welcoming the brightest candidates to the country. There are ways to improve your score. For instance, a legitimate job offer from within the country can make you appear more valuable.

3). Not everyone has the fortune of securing a job offer even before they enter Canada. If you are one such person, you need to register with the Canada Job Bank which is designed to connect the right employers to the right employees. Once you clear this hurdle, all that is left is for you to sit back and wait. If your score makes you an attractive candidate, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Canada Express Entry draws are carried out every two weeks. If you are not selected to apply for permanent residence, there is no need to lose heart. Your profile will remain active for 12 months, During that time, you can make regular updates to your profile that you believe will improve your score.

For instance, you could secure additional educational certification or accumulate work experience. Fight the urge to lie. The Canadian immigration authorities will carefully vet every scrap of information you volunteer. Take tangible steps to improve your profile.

4). If you were one of the lucky few to receive an invitation from the Canada Express Entry system, you need to submit your application within sixty days. Fortunately, this application can be submitted online. If all goes according to plan, you could become a permanent resident of Canada in less than a year. Direct Application

What You Should Know?

Before you take your chances with Express Entry, you should keep the following in mind:

1). To create your profile, you must pass a language test. You are also expected to undergo an evaluation that assesses educational credentials acquired from institutions outside Canada. Naturally, a passport is mandatory. You must present one before submitting your profile.

2). People in certain programs (FSWC, FSTC) must prove that they have the financial muscle to support themselves and anyone who will accompany them when they settle in Canada. This doesn’t apply to you if you already have a valid job offer.

3). The Express Entry system expects you to provide as much detail as possible when creating your profile. You must present the exact dates and addresses. This allows the people working behind the scenes to corroborate your story.

4). Your Canada Express Entry profile is very important because the information you provide when completing it will appear on your permanent residence application. So if you made a mistake when completing the profile, it could ruin your permanent residence application.

More to the point, if the Canadians think you lied, they could prohibit you from entering the country for half a decade. Be as honest as possible even in situations where you think that honesty will hurt your chances of becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Lying on your application isn’t just frowned upon. It is a crime in Canada.

How To Apply

To Apply, each candidate has to read all the details first and must fulfil all given criteria. the submit button and for link go to the main menu and You can See there Apply here Menu ( For Mobile User Click below )

Basic Requirement Documents :

1. Valid Passport and Citizenship
2. Updates Resume and Documents
3. Academic Documents
4. Recently Taken Photographs
5. No Criminal Records Documents

you can apply directly to the company
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Apply Procedure

Suitable candidates meeting the above criteria are requested to send their CV and Covering letter. Only Shortlisted candidates will be invited for Further Selection Process. You are requested to clearly mention the position you are applying in the subject of the Details Area.

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