Best Companies to Work for in Dubai 2022 (Latest New Job Updated)

Description about Best Companies to work for in Dubai

Are you preparing to enter Dubai and is unknown about the Best companies where you can get your future goals? Then we are here for you to provide the list of best companies to work for in Dubai. Going through the article you will be able to know about the best companies in Dubai and choose the right company for yourself.

As we are well aware about the popularity of Dubai, huge numbers of companies and industries are established for the development of the country. Dubai is flourishing its business globally and includes almost all the business sectors. Dubai welcomes mass of skilled workers every year in order to provide them employment and get their service too. If you are also eager to get the job in the best companies and expand your career then firstly you need to be familiar with the features and benefits provided by these companies.

Every company aims to attain its targeted goals. The business person bears the risk and does efforts to gain their company’s objectives. Since a business can’t get success solely the employers require the assistance of numbers of skilled and expert employees for their success. And for this, they need to open up vacancies and recruit the right person in the right place. They need to observe the overall qualities of the candidate and hire them if they are qualified enough for doing the job. The employers go through various recruitment processes and select the perfect candidate from the mass.

Employers and employees are the two wheels of a cart, without one next can’t run properly. A business can’t function well and attain business goals and success without the expertise employees. Therefore, to make the business achieve its goal both parties need to work together and respect each other’s service.

Best Companies to Work for in Dubai

Furthermore, the employees are seeking a job where they can work being comfortable and happy. They admire to work in such industries where they get respected and able to gain benefits too. Dubai has lots of such companies that provide jobs to employees. Hence, if you are planning to get employed in Dubai then first of all try to do research about the best companies to work for in Dubai. You will get all the necessary information about the company’s rules and regulations, their features, benefits, etc. and apply accordingly.

List of Best Companies to work for in Dubai


THE One is the number 1 rank best company in Dubai which was established in 1996 in Abu Dhabi. The company is related with the furniture retailing and has succeeded to flourish its business in nine countries.  Famous for its affordable and luxury furniture the company is always in search of the skilled manpower with the interest in sharing the company’s core values Love, Live, Dare and Believe. THE One Basics, FUSION by THE One and THE One Junior are the new brands launched by the company. In addition to it, the company also offers several benefits to their employees because of which the employees are motivated and attracted towards the company.

Some of the benefits working in THE One company are listed below:-

  • Market leading benefits

One is the first store in Dubai. It aims to become a market leader. It delivers its product in a reasonable price by remaining constant with the quality. As the store is known for affordable furniture retailing it is able to impress the clients and has gained a mass of customers. Similarly, with the sale of branded products the company is reputed and preferred by most of the decorators and homemakers. Moreover, the company also deals with other well -known retailers and generate a strong relationship with them.

  • Fast Track Career Progression

If you aim to work in THE One Company then you will progress your career fast as the company provides you with a mentor for guidance who guides you regarding the product sale and customer service. You will also get the chance to learn from the experts and keep you’re learning continues. You will be provided with the platform to join the events where you will meet different professionals and this will help to grow your career faster.

  • Uncapped earning potential

If you plan to work with this company then you will experience an uncapped earning which means you will be provided with a specific target for sale and with the increase in sale the earning for you will also go on rising. It means you can earn more .It is an extra commission  for the numbers of sale of the product. This benefit will also help to develop your communication skills and make you confident while dealing with the customers.

  • In Depth Training

THE One Company provides necessary training and development programs that will enhance the performance of the employees and make them able to face the situations. You get the training about the products, features, customer service and handling, presenting skills, etc. that will assist you to sale the products and increase the revenue of the company.

  • Exciting office locations

A comfortable and exciting office location also plays a role in encouraging the employees to work effectively. The office consists well-equipped materials. Since, the company consist of easy and comfortable office you will have easy access of the networks and can perform the work more actively.


DHL is one of the leading logistic companies in Dubai which started its service in late 1970s. With the aim of providing delivery service to the clients DHL has expanded its service in over 220 countries with the assistance of more than 340,000 employees. It includes DHL Express, DHL E-commerce, DHL Supply Chain, DHL Parcel, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight. The company works with the vision to become ’The logistics company for the world’.

Some of the benefits working in DHL Company can be:-

  • Flexible hours

DHL offers flexible working hours to their employee that means they can start and complete their tasks when they want. Through this benefit the employees can balance their work life and gives them more control over time off. Working in DHL helps the employees to stay physically and mentally healthy. You will be facilitated to work from home which also provides you better rest and stress free.

  • Health Insurance

The employees working in DHL gets health insurance facility. The company bears the overall expenses for the health safety of the employees. This benefit is included in the employees benefit package. If you are an employee of DHL then you don’t need to worry about your health risk as the insurance provides you all the medications freely.

  • Pension Scheme

It refers to the sum of amount kept saved for the future use. The employees get this benefit after the retirement from their work. This benefit helps the employees to run their expenses through the use of provided funds.

  • Meal allowances

DHL supplies meal allowances to their employees as they need to travel from one place to another for their service and perform overtime. The employees get certain amount as meal or canteen allowance that enables the employees to work overtime.

Omnicom Media Group

Omnicom Media Group is the leading advertising and marketing company that supplies its service to more than 100 countries and 5000 clients. The company provides planned communication and media consultant services to the latest brands in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Some of the benefits working in Omnicom Media Company includes:-

  • Work life balance

It becomes easier to the employees if they have work life balance in their work place.  As the employees have their family, children and parents with them they need to balance their work as well as their personal life. Hence, the company offers work life balance for the employees in order to encourage them to work more effectively.

  • Career opportunities

You can expand your career by joining the company. With the efficiency in your work performance the company provides you with promotion and increase salary benefits so that you will be motivated and perform well in the near future. This benefit will enhance your performance and develop your career.

  • Positive Environment

The employees seem to work long term in the same company if the company offers positive environment in the work place. Friendly environment encourage the workers to work in a team and build positive relation with the team members and the employer.


Splash is the largest and single clothing store in Sharjah, Dubai. The companies started its business in 1993 and at present flourish its brand in 230 stores in 13 countries. The company has won various awards and popularly known for clothing stores for men, women and teens.

Some of the benefits working in Splash company are:-

  • Vacation and Time off

Splash grants vacation and time off to their employees. Since, the employees may get monotonous by working in the same environment the company gives vacation so that they can spend some of their quality time and get refresh. You can get free from the stress of work and spend time in peace which will increase your work efficiency and interest towards the work.

  • Job Training

Since, it is necessary to train the employees regarding their work and provide instructions to perform it Splash get their employees trained. The employees get trainings.. They can enhance their working capability. The trainers use on the job training for providing training to the employees. They can learn through practice in on the job training.

  • Company Car

The employers provide the company’s vehicle to the employee to perform the work in smooth manner. During the working period, the employees need to move here and there and it is quite difficult to travel in the local transport. Hence, the company facilitates their employees with company’s transport for their convenience.


Hyatt is a company based in hospitality industry which is expanding its service in over 54 countries with more than 100,000 employees. It has been providing excellent guest service to the world and this has been possible with the huge value of its workers. Hyatt offers numbers of benefits to their workers so that they can obtain their targeted goals.

Some of the benefits working in Hyatt company can be:-

  • Free accommodation

The company provides the free accommodation facility to their employees. It means the employees don’t have to pay extra charges for their apartments and can save their income. Many hospitality industries provide such facility to their employees.

  • Free meals during work hours

Working in Hyatt allows the employees to enjoy free meal facility during the working hours. They get the meals as per their duty schedule. This benefit will help you to give a big improve to your productivity.

  • Complimentary stays

Being an employee of Hyatt Company you can get complimentary or discounted stays in Hyatt companies of the world. It is a great benefit where the employees can travel and stay in the channeled Hyatt branches.


In conclusion, there are  more best companies  in Dubai. They offer several benefits. These companies are the top rated companies. They are  always in search of expertise employees. If you are looking to join a job in Dubai then know about the best companies and apply to the related field. It is better to do research prior so that you can take benefit as well as make your future secure.

Dubai is the only country with the top business ideas and policies. As a result numerous businesses are peaking up and opening the doors of career for the skilled individuals. People are getting opportunity as per their talent and skills. There is a huge flow of people coming in Dubai for job opportunity. Since, the company needs to attain its goal it requires the help of various talented individuals. Best companies to work for in Dubai hire the employees and pay them high, train and deliver extra benefits.  The employees get encouragement to provide the service for the further development of the country.

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