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Atlantis the palm job Dubai Latest Job Opening

Dubai is the best workplace for most foreign people. Since the city lacks the availability of skilled and experienced manpower, the employers permit the recruitment of foreign workers. Similarly, with the support of these human resources, the city can enhance its business and also contributes to the development of the city. Hence, if you are seeking to have a job in Dubai then here goes the writing for you about the first resort on the island i.e. Atlantis the palm. Going through this writing you can gain the overall information about the Atlantis the palm job Dubai Latest Job Opening. So, be prepared and apply for the right post through the right medium.

Talking about the resort Atlantis the palm, it is a luxury hotel resort built on the island which is situated at the apex of Palm Jumeirah. It is themed on the myth of Atlantis. It was opened on the joint venture of Kerzner International Holdings Limited and Istithmar on September 4, 2008. As the resort was established to deliver marvelous and excellent service to the visitors and guests, it requires more numbers of employees for serving the incomers. Moreover, employers are announcing different vacancies and recruiting expertise personnel. With the joint effort of all the departments, the company satisfaction of their customers.

Similarly, employees are also trained if they require any training. The main motive of this organization is to provide service and assistance to the guests and enhance their revenue through customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it consists of various facilities that attract the customers and let them spend their time on the resort. So, if you are interested to work in the resort then Atlantis will be a suitable one.

What are the benefits of working in Atlantis the palm?

Every business organization wants to have talented and competent workers. For this, they select and hire a potential worker from the list of thousands of candidates. Moreover, they provide advanced training to their employees and make them strong to compete in the business market. The competition is tough due to which the employers are seeking a suitable candidate who can contribute to their company. Since Atlantis the palm is a service company, their main target is the customers. They are more concerned about their guests and try to make them happy through their service.

Similarly, the workers working in Atlantis the palm are offered various benefits. As the employee, you will have the chance of meeting with new faces daily and sometimes also with the celebrities and famous people of the world. Furthermore, you will gain the opportunity of learning by doing. The job is more secure and the skills that you will learn from there are transferrable which means it can be utilized in every field. As Dubai is the favorite place of many foreign workers, the company consists of different people belonging to different nationalities. It will aid you to have knowledge of the foreign culture as well as understand their norms and values.

Talking about the pay scale the salary of the employees is impressive and they get other employee benefits too. However, you will always have a busy schedule but working with the team is always fun and also supports you to boost up your confidence level. Likewise, there exists good management in the organization. The team has unification and all the human manpower is allocated sufficiently in all the areas of the resort.


with the enhancement in your work performance, the employers also allow your promotion and upgrade your post. It is a good beginning for living a standard and quality life. The major benefit for applicants trying to have employment in Dubai is free tax income. Other basic benefits include free accommodation, transport, food, annual vacations, health insurance, gratuity payment, etc. Hence, you will have a very satisfying job in a multi-cultural environment and there is always a high scope of getting a job since there are several positions where you can apply and select the perfect job for yourself.

Eye-catching features of Atlantis the palm

Built as the first resort on the man-made island it is equipped with various amazing and fabulous features. These facilities attract customers and let them explore themselves in the adventure. Visiting the Atlantis the palm resort you will experience dining in one of the award-winning celebrity chef restaurants. It offers you excellent service and the best quality food. You will have signature dining experiences and casual eateries. Similarly, the Aqua venture waterpark will make you experience the water activities plus incredible marine animal experiences.

Likewise, there are many suites and guest rooms that offer a perfect family experience or couple retreat. While Signature Suites redefine luxury allows you to view the aquarium that is filled with 65,000 marine animals. It will be an adventure for you to explore the world’s famous palm fountain and enjoy every moment as there is always something interesting happening in this resort.

What is the average pay scale for the employees of Atlantis the palm?

Generally, the pay scale in the Atlantis the palm depends on the position as well as the working period of an employee. Moreover, the staffs get an impressive salary as compared to other hotel industries. We have listed the list of the average salary of different positions which goes like this:-

S.No. Job Title Monthly Average
1. Waiter AED 1000
2. General Accounting Cashier AED 1,783
3. Agent Guest Services AED 2,000
4. Agent Call Center AED 2,140
5. Team Leader F&B AED 3,000
6. Team Member AED 3,500
7. Reservation Sales Agent AED 4,800
8. Marine Mammal Specialist AED 5,300
9. Bell Man AED 6,500
10. Spa Manager AED 8,500

How to apply for a job in Atlantis the Palm Dubai?

Finding a job in a foreign city like Dubai is not an easy task. As the market has very complex competition there are lots of people waiting for their turn to come. Hence, you should do extra effort to get prepared for the selection process in Dubai’s companies. Normally, to apply for the job in Atlantis the palm you can directly visit the official page of the resort at You can search for the latest vacancies on their page and register for the preferred position. Similarly, you can also visit the popular job portals of Dubai like,,, etc. These online sites are in contact with the companies and publish the vacancy when there is a requirement.

Although the best option to apply for the job employment is through the online channel but you must be careful with some scams and frauds that only make you fool and take extra fees for registration. It is better to find the right medium and register to have a job in Atlantis the palm in Dubai. So, take proper consideration and let your dream come through working in the renowned resort of the globe.

Available Atlantis the palm job Dubai latest job opening

Since the sector relates to the service industry there is a huge flow of customers daily. People admire traveling and experiencing new places and adventures. Likewise, staying in the Atlantis the palm of Dubai will surely make the guests feel on an island. With its memorizing view and the perfect accommodation and food has lured not only the youngsters but also the children and older people. It is the best destiny for all ages. Hence, if you are planning to visit Dubai then it is a must-visit place that you should not skip. Here we have mentioned some available occupation in Atlantis the Palm Dubai:-

  • Waiter

A waiter is the one who serves the customers and ensures they are enjoying their food and drinks. Furthermore, he is responsible to greet and welcome the guest. It is their duty to escort the clients to comfortable sittings and take the order of their food and drink. Being a waiter, you should have proper knowledge of available food so that you can suggest or recommend it to the customers. Since the guest’s happiness is the prime objective of the service industry you should be sure that your service will fulfill their needs and satisfy them. It is also essential to assist them with payment. Besides, you should take their feedback for necessary improvements to the company.


  • Receptionist

A receptionist is the first contact with the guests. When the guests enter the premises the first person to converse with them is the receptionist. Hence, they should deliver a good impression towards the visitors. Moreover, they should think of the necessity of the customers and provide them every possible assistance. It will be fruitful if you surprise the guests with any special package or amenities for their special day. It is your responsibility to make sure that the guests are comfortable in their rooms or not. You will require answering the phone calls and responding to the guest’s queries.


  • Senior-In house security

A company cannot function effectively if there is no proper security. Almost all the large organizations regard security as their important part. Without a secure environment, no task can be performed accurately and there is no possibility of business too. As the security of a company, you are responsible for the overall premises of the resort. It is your role to deploy the security guards in all the areas and monitor the locations. It is needed to do an effective patrolling daily and check the surveillances of different places of the resort. Furthermore, you will have to prepare daily reports of the security activities and send them to the management. Sometimes you should also require giving training to the required guards for self-defense and other safety measures. You need to ensure the safety of employees, employers, and the assets of the company.  


  • General Accounting Cashier

The job of a cashier relates to the daily cash transaction of the guests and visitors. It is their duty to keep a daily record of the sales transactions made and submit it to the concerned authority. They should also prepare the financial reports for the top-level that support making decisions in the future. The managers can know the condition of the company through the analysis of the daily reports prepared by the accounting bodies. Since the work is related to monetary activities it is risky to handle and should require more focus as the small error may lead to a huge loss of the organization.

Conclusion for Atlantis the palm job Dubai latest job opening

In conclusion, we can conclude that Atlantis the palm is the 5-star luxury resort of Dubai which offers several adventures to the visitors and make them feel like in an island. The availability of marine animals is the plus point for the resort that attracts millions of people from around the world. Moreover, the service is great and you will never have to regret spending your money on exploring the facilities in the resort. It is so lavish and full of fun for every age. You will also find activities for kids that will certainly admire them.  

Furthermore, to deliver perfect service to the guests the employers are announcing several vacancies for the foreign job seekers. Dubai has the majority of foreign employees so if you are also looking for a job in Dubai then it’s the right opportunity you can have to apply in the popular resort of the world. Therefore, prepare well first and do a proper study of the company and city before heading your journey. It will aid you if you do prior preparation and make it easy to sustain in the new atmosphere.

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