Al Maktoum International Airport Careers in UAE for Fresher 2022, Online Apply (Latest Job Updated)

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As we all know, Dubai is flourishing its business in various sector. Due to which there is a massive benefit for the development of the country’s economy. It has become the land of opportunity for most of the people from the globe. Besides its growth in other business sectors, the nation is equally developing its aviation sector. Hence, with proper planning and policy, Dubai is building its second airport, i.e. Al Maktoum International Airport. This article will deliver you the information regarding the under-construction airport in Dubai.

Let’s talk about Al Maktoum International Airport. It is the second airport in Dubai which locates in the south-west of Dubai. The international airport has been operating since 2010. Since the airport is under construction at present, it is running its cargo and passenger flights. It expects that after the completion, the airport will be the world’s largest airport. Moreover, the airport will be serving 160 million passengers and carry 12 million of cargo each year. The plan is in such a way that the airport will acquire the size of ten times of Dubai International Airport.

At present, the airport runs from its single runaway and will take more years for its finishing. It will become the largest airport both in size and passenger volume. Furthermore, it will include three passenger terminals. The terminals get division for emirates, other carriers and low-cost carriers. There will be multiple concourses, executive and royal jet centres, shopping malls and hotels, maintenance and support facilities, etc. Generally, there was planning for making six runways, but later it was a reduction to five. It is the master-planned city which is almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island.

What are the airlines operating from Al Maktoum International Airport?

The airlines operating from Al Maktoum International Airport include:-

  • Fly Dubai
  • Gulf Air
  • Jazeera Airways
  • Rotana Jet
  • TUI Airlines Nederland
  • Wizzair

What are the employee benefits at Al Maktoum International Airport?

There are several perks that an employee engaged in the airline enjoys. Depending upon the company, the employers provide different benefits to their workers. Similarly, the Al Maktoum Airport also delivers advantage for providing service to the airport. Moreover, getting such gifts allow the employee to enhance their work performance and dedicate more for the welfare of the organization. It motivates them to stay longer working in the company. Furthermore, they also build a good relationship with employers.

The first benefit that the employee enjoys is receiving free tax income. Since the country has a policy of not imposing tax in the staff’s salary you do not have to pay tax to the government. Hence, more numbers of foreign workers are attracted to contribute to their service. They are also allowing themselves to visit the country. Because of the lavish lifestyle and facilities provided by the nation. Secondly, the employees will get free air tickets for returning their home town. Every year the employers provide airfare to their staffs so that they can enjoy their free time with their family and friends. In addition to it, the recruiters are concerned about the work-life balance. It allows work efficiency and increases their capability to handle the assigned task.

Al Maktoum International Airport Careers in UAE for Fresher 2022, Online Apply (Latest Job Updated)
Al Maktoum International Airport Careers in UAE for Fresher 2022, Online Apply (Latest Job Updated)


Every company in Dubai is encouraged to provide health insurance to their staffs. The staffs receive facilities with medical treatments. Hence, it would help if you did not take any stress about the health condition. All the expenses are beard by the company itself. Similarly, you will gain the facility of paid annual vacations. This benefit will let the workers be free from the workload and spend quality time in travelling. You can get a discount for travelling through your home airline and also through other partner airlines. Moreover, the employers provide gratuity fund at the end of your service period. Such fund is delivered to appreciate and thank the workers for their dedication and service.

Generally, you will get 20 days necessary salary amount if you have completed five years working there. In addition to it, you will gain 30 days of basic salary if the service period exceeds five years. Furthermore, some of the employers also grant a pension scheme for their employees. Impressive benefits are starting a job in an airport. The staffs also get the service of free accommodation, food and transport. So, it lets them work in a comfortable environment. The deserving and selected candidates enjoy such a facility.

Services provided by the airport

Since the airport jobs are concerned with customer service, they aim to deliver perfect customer satisfaction. They ensure that every passenger gets the service properly. In an airport, the management is very stable; hence everyone performs their duty effectively and in a proper manner. The employees are always available for the customers and respond quickly to their queries. Thus, the passengers are well-treated and facilitated with various air services.

Moreover, the crew members are concerned about the needs and requirements of the passengers. They are always worried about their comfort and convenience. The members aim to make their travel fun and comfort. Furthermore, they also provide medical assistance in case of any emergency. The employees serve the customers with air meal and refreshments. The airport also has different services like free Wi-Fi service, stores for shopping, currency exchange, cafes and restaurants, etc. It is one of the reliable airports and will be the top-rated airport in future.

 You can make your travel entertaining if you go through the Al Maktoum International Airport. With the development of planning by employers, the airport is getting ready to deliver more services to the passengers. Although at present the airport is serving some of the flights and cargos it will be facilitating numbers of services to the clients in coming future. Hence, the construction process is taking place, and the owners are busy planning the location and designs of the airport.

Jobs in Al Maktoum International Airport

If you are interested in an airport job, then you can try your luck at Al Maktoum International Airport. Since the company is emerging, it will take its height rapidly after the completion of the company’s project. Moreover, to get a job opportunity in the company, you can visit the airport’s official website. You can find various job openings on their page. So, you will have the chance to select the preferred job post. It is necessary to choose the job that suits you. It requires matching your abilities with the job requirement.

Furthermore, after the selection of the preferred job, you should fill the application form provided by the site. You are required submitting the form along with your CV and cover letter. As your CV tells everything about you to the hiring manager, it needs formatting in a usual manner. It is essential to insert all the relevant information in your CV. Otherwise, it may create a problem in the future.


You can also get in contact with the recruiting agencies.The agencies can provide you with information about the latest job openings. They will have a good relationship with the hiring recruiters. But it is to remember that you do not get fooled by some fraud agencies. As there can be the frauds in the market, you must not provide an additional amount for registration fees and all. In case you had already provided the cash, you should keep every detail of the transaction and get aware of such fraudulent. Thus, you will get a chance to meet up with the recruiters and learn the latest job vacancies.

It will be beneficial if you have a good connection with the people living in Dubai since they will have accurate information about the employers and the company you can contact them for the further opportunity in Dubai. In today’s century, the most potent element of success is the network. Hence, it would be best if you built more systems that will support to find a job at the airport.

Some of the jobs you can do at Al Maktoum International Airport include:-

  • Personal Assistant
  • Indoor Project Coordinator
  • Male Cashier
  • Packing Helper and General Helper
  • Hostess/Host
  • Cashier Cum Barista
  • Receptionist For a Beauty Salon
  • Female Sales Executive
  • Head Chef
  • Security Guard
  • Marketing and Guest Experience Director
  • Sales Promoters
  • Quality Team Lead
  • Technical Team Lead
  • Production Team Lead
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Sous Chef
  • Operation Manager
  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Storekeeper
  • Fork Lift Operator
  • Couriers Driver
  • Cleaner/Maid
  • Sales Consultant

Conclusion of Al Maktoum International Airport

In conclusion, we can conclude that heading towards the land of opportunity will deliver more options, basically in the aviation field. The job itself is a pride since you can meet up with famous people from the globe. You can travel to different places and gain travel experiences. Moreover, you will be able to develop your skills and knowledge. Such skills are transferrable; hence you can join any companies in case you want to change your career field. You can quickly get the job from experience you will receive from the aviation sector.

Furthermore, your career develops with an increase in the service period. The employers may conduct promotion activities to encourage the employees. You can lead your career to the next level. Hence, you can have happy and quality living joining as an employee of an international airport. Since the nation welcomes numbers of foreigners to get employed, you will get multicultural work environment. It will help you to adopt in the new environment. But the most important thing that you should consider is the culture of Muslim people living in Dubai.

As Dubai is a Muslim country, they are more concerned about their religion and belief. You might get punishment or imprisoned if you break the rules and laws. Everyone, even the foreigners, needs to follow the rules made by the government of Dubai. Therefore, you must have good knowledge of the country before taking a step in your dreamland. It will be fruitful if you also learn the Arabic language. It acts as a plus point for you to achieve your career goals. However, the people living there understand the English language. But you must be proficient in either of the language to communicate with the people.

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