Inspire Selection Jobs has the perfect job opening available for 2023 with free visa and ticket.

Inspire Selection Jobs has the perfect job opening available for 2023 with free visa and ticket. Don’t miss out – apply now to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Inspire Selection Jobs:- Inspire Selection is offering a great opportunity for freshers to become Senior Accountants in Dubai. This remarkable job opportunity can help you take a step forward towards a stable future and make your life far better! Don’t miss the chance to get the best Senior Accountant job in Dubai. Inspire Selection is currently searching for new talent to fill the position of Senior Accountant in Dubai. This is a great opportunity for fresh graduates who are looking for their next challenge.

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Inspire Selection is currently looking for an experienced Senior Accountant in Dubai. If you have the relevant qualifications and experience, then this could be an ideal opportunity to lead your career path to success!

Finest Jobs in Inspire Selection Jobs:- The Inspire Selection Jobs website has now introduced a Senior Accountant Placement alert system to keep job seekers informed of opportunities. This is an excellent resource that helps people find their desired job quickly and easily.Individuals who have completed their secondary school diploma in any field and possess the necessary experience criteria can apply for the Senior Accountant job position in Dubai by visiting the Inspire Selection Jobs Work website.

The income range is AED 3800.00-8400.00 per month on average. Before you apply for this Top Senior Accountant Job, be sure to read through all of the details including the job number, work area, educational background required, age range, salary and any other benefits offered. Inspire Selection has provided all of the necessary information for you in their job description.

Job description

A senior accountant is a highly experienced professional who is responsible for performing advanced accounting tasks and providing leadership and guidance to junior staff members. Their duties may include preparing financial statements, analyzing financial data, managing budgets, and providing financial advice to management. They may also be responsible for overseeing the work of other accounting staff and ensuring compliance with accounting regulations and standards. Additionally, senior accountant can be responsible for maintaining a company’s financial records, reconciling accounts, and preparing taxes.


  • It is essential to make sure that all commercial operations in the ERP Oracle Financials are reported according to IFRS regulations.
  • Collaborating with the Chief Accountant to help complete month-end tasks and generate reports in SAP.
  • I can help with the yearly audit, composing financial statements and accompanying notes as necessary.
  • Streamline the invoicing & expenses process from start to finish. Monitor and maintain accounts receivable/payable records meticulously.
  • Collaborating with financing banks, evaluating the profitability of trades, actively taking part in and managing reconciliations and transactions that relate to the banks.
  • Regularly contribute to the design and creation of a monthly dashboard & KPIs, specifically tailored for the MENA region.
  • Engage in the preparation of annual budgets and month-by-month outlooks in collaboration with the Chief Accountant.
  • Responsible for filing taxes and accurately creating intercompany recharges.
  • One of the key tasks in financial management is handling & organizing balance sheets (such as prepayments, advances, deferred payments and provisions). This is an essential part of making sure that monetary flows are managed properly.
  • It is crucial to be able to quickly respond to any ad-hoc requests from management, which require careful preparation.

Duties of a senior accountant typically include:

  1. Preparing and reviewing financial statements: This includes creating balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  2. Analyzing financial data: This includes identifying trends and areas for improvement in a company’s financial performance.
  3. Managing budgets: This includes creating and monitoring budgets, and identifying any variances between actual and budgeted amounts.
  4. Providing financial advice to management: This includes making recommendations for cost savings, revenue growth, and other financial strategies.
  5. Overseeing the work of junior staff: This includes reviewing and approving the work of other accountants, and providing training and guidance as needed.
  6. Ensuring compliance with accounting regulations and standards: This includes staying up-to-date with the latest accounting regulations and ensuring that the company’s accounting practices are in compliance.
  7. Maintaining financial records: This includes ensuring that all financial transactions are accurately recorded and reconciled.
  8. Preparing taxes: This includes working with tax professionals to ensure that the company’s taxes are prepared and filed correctly and on time.
  9. Participating in audits: This includes working with external auditors to provide information and answer questions during the audit process.
  10. Reviewing financial reports and identifying areas to improve: This includes reviewing financial reports and identifying areas where the company can improve its financial performance.

Requirements of becoming Senior Accountant

The specific requirements for becoming a senior accountant can vary depending on the employer and the industry in which they work. However, the following are some common requirements:

  1. Education: A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is typically required, along with relevant professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or other recognized professional credentials.
  2. Work experience: Most senior accountant positions require several years of experience in accounting, with many employers looking for candidates with at least 5-7 years of experience.
  3. Strong technical skills: Senior accountants should have a solid understanding of accounting principles, financial analysis, and tax preparation.
  4. Leadership skills: Senior accountants are often responsible for managing teams and providing guidance to junior staff members, so strong leadership skills are essential.
  5. Good communication skills: Senior accountants need to be able to communicate financial information effectively to management and other non-financial stakeholders.
  6. Attention to detail: Senior accountants are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial records, so attention to detail is critical.
  7. Strong problem-solving skills: Senior accountants often work with complex financial data and need to be able to identify and solve problems effectively.
  8. Adaptability: Senior accountants should be able to adapt to changes in accounting regulations, technologies and the business environment.
  9. Industry-specific knowledge: Some senior accountant roles may require specialized knowledge of a particular industry, such as healthcare, retail, or manufacturing.
  10. Professional certifications: Many senior accountant positions require professional certifications, such as the CPA, CMA, ACCA, or other recognized certifications. These certifications demonstrate a level of expertise and knowledge in the field, and can be an important asset for those looking to advance in their careers.

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Benefits of becoming Senior Accountant

Becoming a senior accountant can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Career advancement opportunities: Senior accountants are often in a position to advance to higher-level roles such as manager or director of finance.
  2. Increased earning potential: Senior accountants typically earn higher salaries than entry-level or junior accountants.
  3. Professional development: Senior accountants have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in areas such as financial analysis, budgeting, and tax preparation.
  4. Job security: The field of accounting is stable and in demand, providing job security for those who work in the field.
  5. Variety of work: Senior accountants may work in different areas of accounting such as audit, tax, financial reporting, cost accounting, treasury or other specialized areas.
  6. Flexibility: Senior accountants may have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and settings, such as public accounting, private industry, government, or non-profit organizations.
  7. Impact: Senior accountants play a critical role in helping organizations make informed financial decisions, which can have a significant impact on the success of the company.
  8. Professional Recognition: Senior accountants who become certified with professional credentials such as CPA, CMA, ACCA, etc. can gain professional recognition and enhance their reputation and credibility in the industry.

About Inspire Selection

Located in Dubai, Inspire Selection is an award-winning recruitment company that specializes in finding talented individuals to fill positions across the Middle East region. Our consultants are experienced & knowledgeable professionals who specialize in matching the right candidates with the right job opportunities.

We have earned a reputation for being honest, trustworthy and consistent in delivering only the best quality candidates for our specialist sectors.Therefore, our services make us a desirable choice for organisations from established blue chip players to companies based in the local area. We are proud to be their recruitment partners.Our expertise spans a range of sectors like HR, Administration, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Sales & Marketing (including Digital Marketing), IT, Oil/Gas/Energy, Engineering, Procurement and Manufacturing as well as Higher Education.

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Our success is due to our integrity and trustworthiness, as well as our demonstrated aptitude to find the most suitable professionals from a wide spectrum of industries. We prioritize building long-term relationships with prospects and customers through high quality customer service and a strong commitment to excellence. This ensures trust, satisfaction, and loyalty in our customers.

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If you’re looking to apply for Inspire Selection, here is a guide on how to do so effectively. Following the steps outlined will ensure your application is successful and maximizes your chances of being accepted.

 If you’re interested in applying for the Senior Accountant role with Inspire Selection, you can fill out the application form based on the given details here.

  • To start, head over to Inspire Selection’s main website.
  • Once you have done so, click on Options for Inspire Selection Jobs.
  • By 2023, we’ll be able to access Inspire Selection’s Job Listings.
  • You will be able to secure employment by simply clicking on the appropriate job postings.
  • If you’re interested in applying for this job opportunity, simply click on the link below to be taken directly to the application page.

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