How to get Qatar Visa

Visit Visas are applicable to tourists, WHO shall pay quite fourteen days in Qatar, and people returning for family visits likewise as those on a semipermanent business visit. It needs the support of a resident in Qatar or any company or building authorized to control at intervals the country.

The Interior Ministry in Qatar offers entry visas of assorted varieties, including, visa-on-arrival, visa-in-advance, electronic notification, etc., supported the laws and call. The mortal ought to possess a sound passport indicating the minimum six-month length and a round-trip ticket or onward ticket. Some countries can also need building reservation, money or MasterCard too.

Visa-free entry to Qatar
Visitors from most countries within the world will currently enter Qatar visa-free, or by simply filling out a web application, betting on the passport they carry.
Nationals from quite eighty countries are allowed visa-free entry into Qatar, allowing varied keep length. Nationals of those countries don’t need a previous visa once visiting Qatar and might get a visa relinquishing on arrival to Qatar, upon presenting a sound passport with a minimum validity of six months and a confirmed onward or round-trip ticket.

Therefore, if you belong to the list of states that are permissible visa-free entry, it means that you are doing not got to build visa arrangement before your trip to Qatar, and you’d be eligible for a visa relinquishing (a definite length of keep within the country while not visa) upon arrival, free from charge.

how to get qatar visa
how to get qatar visa

Visit Visa for GCC residents

GCC residents, World Health Organization hold positions in approved professions and people related them, will get a GCC Resident Visit Visa on arrival in Qatar.
However, to get this visa, they must have a GCC residence allow and passport validly of a minimum of six months. The visa is going to be valid for one month and may be extended for one more three months if needed. The human for such a visa ought to hold a round-trip ticket.

The single-entry visa, which may be obtained for a QR100 fee, collectible by Visa or Mastercard, holds a validity of thirty-days and may be revived for an extra 3 months.

Visitors seeking to avail this visa there is also asked to gift official documentation, stating their profession on entry into Qatar.
Terms and Conditions for visit visa for GCC residents:

The profession of the human ought to be among the approved professions.
The residence allow ought to hold vi month validity
The Passport ought to have a validity of vi months.
Accompaniers ought to be in the midst of the human
A fee of QR100 by MasterCard
A one month visa is granted upon entry, which may be revived for 3 months by providing an extension fee of QR100 by MasterCard for every month.
The amount of fine for surpassing the amount would be two hundred riyals per day.

Family Visit Visa

Families of sponsored residents might enter Qatar on a short Family Visit Visa.

The visa holds one-month validity. However, relatives World Health Organization want to remain on the far side one month might have to be compelled to bear physical examination inside the primary seventy-two hours of arrival ANd obtain an extension. The visa will be extended to most of six months (five months in cases of immediate relations and 2months for second-degree relatives).

The second-degree relative includes father, mother, sister, and kids, and maybe extended for simply 2 months just in case of alternative relatives.

Visa Application method

Expatriates visiting El Beda are needed to own a passport and a visa. Therefore, if coming up with a visit to El Beda, begin the visa application method at least a month beforehand to your trip. In the majority of the cases, applying for a visa is simple, and may be done on-line through the Ministry of Interior portal, Visit site 

Visa Fee

A fee of QR200 is applicable for every visa, with QR50 for every registered dependent or companion. The visa is extended against an identical fee with outstay fine of QR200 being applicable per day.

Exit Visas
All residents, except girls and kids sponsored by their father or husband, would force associate degree exit visa before exploiting Qatar. Exit permits are typically organized by sponsors.

Authorized users will complete the procedure of exit visa on-line by work on to , or face to face by reaching to MOI Passports and airdrome department. Else, there are immigration offices in Hamad Medical Corporation, Al Dayin, Al Khor, Al Shahaniya, Mesaimeer, Q-Post, Bida Industrial space, Souq Waqif, Al Wakrah, Al Shamal, Dukhan, and Umm shallon.

Exit permits are either single or multiple. For on-line applications, choose the exit to allow kind, and fill all told needed fields as well as the human ID and passport numbers and pay the requisite fee.

Tourist Visas
Nationals of over eighty approved countries will get traveler Visa upon arrival. This visa also can be issued online before travel.

The general forms of traveler visas are:

Tourist visa through the leader, whereby hotels, embassies and different licensed employers will prepare visas for nationals of the approved countries before they arrive in Qatar.
Tourist visa through airline or hotels, wherein, the visa is granted to guests of approved countries through licensed hotels operational in Qatar, or sponsoring residents with relationship to candidates through Qatar Airways. this is often valid for one month and can’t be revived.
The third kind could be a Joint traveler Visa that enables guests to travel freely between Qatar and the Asian nation. this is often a one-month visa that’s issued on arrival or on-line before arrival and may be extended for one more month. The fee for extension is QR100.
For getting traveler visa, fill within the form and submit it through hotelkeeper or his representative. Attach different requisite documents like passport copy of the visitant, original institution ID card of edifice or traveler agency, and ID of the human.

Tourist visa issuing fee is QR100 for a visa and QR50 for related to the person. outstay are charged a penalty of QR200 per day.

In cases of traveler visas being applied through Qatar Airways, the visiting person ought to be a relative or relative of the sponsoring resident in Qatar, with initial or second class relationship. Attach a copy of the passport, and document that supports relationship like credentials or different document, together with form.

Transit Visa

Transit travelers stopping at Bida International airdrome for six hours or additional are eligible for the 2 days transit visa, provided, they’re sponsored by the Airlines, and their application confirms onward booking to a 3rd destination.

You will have to be compelled to apply for a transit visa before you travel. The visa holds validity for twenty-four hours and permits you to depart the airdrome transfers space and keep in Qatar.

Transit visa is organized by your native Qatari Embassy before travel. The Embassy employees and different licensed folks will apply on-line for a transit visa on behalf of the mortal.

This type of visa is right for folks whos jobs to need a brief keep in Qatar.


It is currently doable for nationals associate degreed residents to get an e-gate card before occurring vacation. this will facilitate avoid traditional immigration hassles. The e-gate card is inserted at the e-gate and you’ll be able to place your finger on a biometric scanner. These cards is obtained at the airdrome immigration workplace, settled opposite the airdrome. However, check that that you simply carry your ID card with you. the utilization of e-gate is free. there’s no got to pre-register before you utilize the e-gate. It is used once inbound or outward-bound from Qatar. ID card holders over the age of eighteen will use this.

We thank all the applicants for showing their interest and trust in us. However, only the most eligible candidates will be selected, and further procedures will be conducted directly with employers; no charges, fees, or original documents will be asked from any applicant. All the best!
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