How to Get Japan Visa From Philippines

Applying for a visa are often trying. I keep in mind a couple of years agone, the associate airline offered Pine Tree State a roundtrip price tag to Japan, however, I ne’er have to be compelled to use it. following year, associate other airline invited Pine Tree State to an all-expense-paid trip to the city in Japan, however, I wasn’t on the market. I delayed my dream to trip Japan as a result of I used to be frightened to use for a Japan visa. In fact, after I applied for the primary time, i used to be super anxious. So, imagine my excitement after I finally got a Japan visa, it’s like being a given a doll for the primary time. I wished to scream, however, there have been too many folks within the space.

In my expertise, applying for a visa in Japan isn’t as arduous because it appears, the Japanese Embassy looks quite lenient recently. I applied three times for the past two years, and on my third time, I used to be finally granted a multiple-entry visa. several factors are often taken into consideration: travel history, money stability, robust social and economic ties within the Philippines, etc. on the other hand} again, nobody is aware of the formula, except the Japanese diplomatist, and nobody will assure you that you simply are going to be granted a visa, not even the authorized travel agencies. therefore best to be ready, understand the Japan visa needs, get them and submit the whole documents.

I finally wrote a Japan visa application weblog. I feel I explained virtually everything you wish to grasp below, therefore hopefully this can assist you. I told myself I’ll solely weblog this once I purchase a Japan multiple-entry visa, and eventually, my dream came true. So, while not additional tumult, here’s the list of Japan Visa needs and visa application method for Filipinos /Philippine Passport holders residing within the Philippines.

How to Get Japan Visa From Philippines
How to Get Japan Visa From Philippines



Whatever type of documents (Japan visa application floor, Japan itinerary, missive, etc.) that you just got to submit for your Japan visa application, it must be written on associate degree A4 size paper. Some travel agencies can simply offer you a Japan visa form.

All documents should be ORIGINAL unless otherwise expressed.

Here’s the list of Japan Visa needs

1. Valid Philippine Passport

Philippine passport should have a minimum of half-dozen months validity and with at least two blank pages. Check your passport’s expiration date on the bio page.

Passport should be SIGNED, if you have got the newest Philippine Passport with ten years validity, there’s an area on Page three (after your bio page) wherever you wish to sign.

Passport should NOT be broken. Broken passports won’t be accepted.

2. A punctually accomplished Japan Visa type

transfer the Japan visa form HERE

Print the Japan visa form in A4 size paper. Fill out the shape fully. don’t leave something blank. Write N/A if not applicable. Avoid erasures. make sure the Japan Visa form is signed and it’s a date.

For your reference, see the SAMPLE completed type HERE.


Japan Embassy could deny Japan visa application that’s crammed out incorrectly or with wrong data.

you’re NOT needed to book your flight or building nevertheless. you’ll be able to do this once your Japan visa is approved. to induce the flight variety, rummage around for flights (e.g. Jetstar, Cebu Pacific, Scoot, Philippine Airlines, etc.) via the airline’s web site. For the address in Japan, you’ll be able to rummage around for a building in Japan and write down the name, address and speak to a variety of the building.

Now if you have got a sponsor, otherwise you shall keep in your sponsor’s house, simply write down the name, address and speak to a variety of your sponsor. make certain you raise permission from them.

3. Photo ID

Prepare a four.5 cm x 4.5 cm ikon with white background. Your ikon should be taken among the last half-dozen months. Write your name and birthdate at the rear of the ikon and paste it properly on the Japan visa form.

4. credentials from PSA

Submit a credential that’s issued among one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide). currently, if the credentials from Philippine Statistics workplace (PSO) is undecipherable, or has INCOMPLETE data, you wish to submit the credentials issued by PSA with a birth certificate issued by the native Civil Registrar.

If your PSA credentials indicate “late registration”, submit a sacrament certificate + school record (Form 137) from high school or elementary and college Yearbook (if possible).

If there’s no record of your credentials in PSA, submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA with credentials from the native Civil Registrar.


If you ne’er HAD a Japan visa before, then you wish to submit credentials from PSA. If you have got an associate degree expired/used Japan visa, no got to submit this, however, you wish to submit your previous passport together with your expired/used Japan visa.

5. wedding certificate from PSA

If you’re married, then you wish to submit a wedding certificate from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide) issued among one year. If there’s no record of your wedding certificate in PSA, submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA beside the wedding Certificate from the native Civil Registrar.

IMPORTANT: If you ne’er HAD a Japan visa before, then you wish to submit a wedding certificate from PSA. If you have got an associate degree expired/used Japan visa, no got to submit this, however, you wish to submit your previous passport together with your expired/used Japan visa.

6. Daily schedule in Japan

currently, this can be extremely necessary, therefore make certain you prepare this properly. you’ll be able to transfer THIS SAMPLE and simply follow the format, don’t create your itinerary too difficult.

If you have got no plan wherever to travel, I actually have careful Japan itineraries here (don’t follow my format there as a result of that’s too detailed already, simply follow the sample format on the link above): sample National Archives and Records Administration itinerary, Yedo itinerary, city Itinerary and port city National Archives and Records Administration sample itinerary.


If you don’t have a guarantor/sponsor for your Japan trip, you would like to convince the Japanese diplomat that you simply will shoulder your trip expenses. you would like to submit the subsequent Japan visa needs.

  1. Bank Certificate – The bank certificate should be issued inside the last three months. you’ll be able to embody the receipt if you would like. currently, if you inquire from me what proportion ought to air your checking account. I even have no concrete plan however check my suggestion on the commonly asked queries below.
  2. Applicant’s revenue enhancement comes (Form 2316) – Submit a transparent PHOTOCOPY of your latest revenue enhancement come (Form 2316).A stable job or business within the Philippines is incredibly necessary, as this means that you simply have sturdy ties within the Philippines and you may be returning to the Philippines as a result of well, you have got a stable job or business here. thus however does one prove that? you would like to submit a symptom of financial gain, and therefore the ITR (Form 2316) is one proof. This conjointly means you’re paying your taxes properly. You don’t need the diplomat to assume that you simply are a tax-evading national.


If you have got employment however don’t have Associate in Nursing ITR, for instance, your unaccustomed your job or business, otherwise you are a freelancer and you’re being taxed in another country, etc. you’ll be able to write a canopy letter explaining why you can’t submit the particular document and fix different proof of financial gain, for instance, if you’re a freelancer, ask your leader and ask them to send you a certificate of employer explaining what you are doing for his or her company. Then attach copies of receipts of your financial gain or their payments. once more} again, as a freelancer, you’re still needed to pay your taxes within the Philippines.

If you’re a brand new business owner Associate in Nursingd you don’t have an ITR nevertheless, you’ll be able to write a canopy letter and make a case for your scenario. Attach a duplicate of your Business Registration issued by DTI/SEC, if you have got BIR receipts, embody a transparent photocopy of that.

What if you’re idle, a minor or a student? Then, I counsel you to apply for a Japan Visa with a Guarantor/Sponsor, World Health Organization will offer an ITR or proof of financial gain. See Japan visa needs a visa with sponsor/guarantor below.

If you’re a student, submit a certificate of enrollment together with the Japan Visa needs with sponsor /guarantor below.


  1. Guarantee letter
    If your sponsor lives within the Philippines, and s/he can shoulder your expenses, you would like to submit a guarantee letter explaining your relationship with the patron and embody their contact details (e.g. address, contact number). See the sample templet HERE
  2. Proof of relationship with the patron you. would like to supply a symptom of relationship along with your patron and this is often crucial. If your sponsor/guarantor could be a friend (e.g. parents, siblings, wife/husband), submit documents like PSA credentials and wedding certificate (if applicable).If sponsor/guarantor could be a friend. Submit photos of you and your friend along, screenshots of e-mails and chat conversations, etc.
  3. Bank Certificate and revenue enhancement come (ITR type 2316) of sponsor/guarantor.

Yes, you would like to convince the Japanese diplomat that your sponsor/guarantor will shoulder your expenses. Submit the initial bank certificate and clear PHOTOCOPY of ITR type 2316 of your sponsor/guarantor.

JAPAN VISA needs – city
Osaka, Japan


How to get Japan visa from Philippines
How to get Japan visa from the Philippines

1. confirm the kind OF VISA that you simply would like
First, you would like to understand the kind of visa that you simply need. This Japan visa journal is merely supposed for candidates for a JAPAN tourer VISA for FILIPINOS/PHILIPPINE PASSPORT HOLDER residing within the Philippines. Meaning, you simply shall head to Japan FOR commercial enterprise and to not go to Japan to search out employment.

Now, once you’ve created up your mind and you’re applying for a Japan tourer visa, you would like to choose whether or not you may apply for a Japan tourer visa WITH a sponsor/guarantor or Japan tourist visa while not a sponsor/guarantor, see the Japan visa needs on top of.

It’s necessary to finish the Japan visa needs before you lodge your Japan Visa application. Otherwise, the agency might not settle for your application or they’ll accept it, however, your probability of obtaining approved is slim.

3. opt for Associate in Nursing licensed agency FOR JAPAN VISA process
The Japan Embassy doesn’t settle for direct applications unless it’s a special case.

You can solely apply for Japan Visa via Associate in Nursing licensed agency. you’ll be able to realize the accredit travel agencies for Japan Visa application HERE.

Now once you’ve picked Associate in Nursing licensed agency to the method you visa, head to their workplace. Submit your COMPLETE Japan visa needs. I counsel you to go there early as line is quite long in some travel agencies.

Service fee is going to be collected by the agency processes, the fee depends on the agency, may vary from PHP 900 – PHP one,600. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE notwithstanding the granting/withdrawal/denial of your Japan visa application.

Don’t leave while not the receipt, you would like that to assert your passport.


All original documents submitted won’t be coming by Japan Embassy. So, for documents like SEC/DTI, ITR, DSWD Clearance, Parental Consent and Certificate of Eligibility, you’re allowed to submit a transparent photocopy. Bring the initial copy for verification functions.

Once you’ve created your payment and therefore the agency accepts your Japan Visa application you may ought to stay up for their SMS/text message whether or not your passport is already prepared for assortment. observe that they’ll not tell you whether or not you were approved for a Japan Visa or denied. you would like to assert your passport. So, don’t lose your payment receipt.

Japan Visa process amount depends on the kind of visa. Usually, it takes seven to ten business days, however throughout might last Japan visa application this year, it solely took two business days. it’s going to take longer in some cases particularly if there’s a requirement to verify some documents. That’s why I counsel applying a minimum of a month before your planned travel date.

A white sticker at the rear of your passport indicates that your Japan visa is approved. A red sticker means that your Japan visa was denied.

JAPAN VISA – urban center
Nagoya, Japan

JAPAN VISA commonly asked QUESTIONS:

regarding two months before your supposed travel date.


Japan Embassy

2627, Roxas avenue, Pasay, underground Manila, Philippines 1300

It’s very up to you. however, I counsel that if it’s your initial time to use for a Japan visa and you don’t have a longtime travel history nevertheless, select the Japan single-entry visa. If your Japan visa is approved and you would like to come to Japan to travel once more, then you’ll be able to try and apply for the Japan multiple-entry visa.

I conjointly counsel that if it’s your initial time applying for a Japan Visa, you retain it right down to fifteen days. Requesting for a 30-day single-entry Japan visa once it’s your initial time to use might look suspicious. this could be seen as a sign that you simply are going to be staying that long in Japan to appear for employment. Unless after all you’ll be able to make a case for it well and keep a copy your clarification with correct documents.

Now if you have already got a Japan visa before (and you came to the country while not overstaying in Japan), you have got complete documents and you’re thinking that your checking account has enough funds to prove your money capability to fund your Japan trip, try and request for a Japan multiple-entry visa. i will be able to write a separate journal for Japan multiple-entry visa application presently.


the Japanese Embassy will grant fifteen, thirty and ninety days of the keep. thus make sure you won’t build Associate in Nursing itinerary for over ninety days.

The Japan visa application interval very depends as a result of typically the Japan Embassy may have to verify some documents. The agency told American state tho’ that usually, the method takes regarding 7-10 business days. except for my latest Japan Visa, it had been processed inside two business days, and that i got the text message to assert my passport when three business days. I powerfully advise using for a Japan visa a minimum of a month before your travel date to avoid any problem.



Yes. for instance, you would like to more proof that you simply have sturdy economic ties within the Philippines and you may submit proof of your properties, cars, land, etc. you’ll be able to do this, anyway, the agency can simply come it if not required.

For my recent application, I submitted proof of payments from shoppers. i used to be applying for a multiple-entry Japan visa. The employees at the agency came a number of them. I asked why once those he came wherever abundant larger payments. I told him what if I purchase declined and that I asked him why? He aforesaid, “Just trust American state. this is often enough”. I asked him why he didn’t answer. He simply smiled. after I claimed my passport, I got approved for a multiple-entry Japan visa.

No, you’re not needed to try and do that. you’ll be able to book your flight and your building once your Japan Visa is approved. you would like to put in writing down the flight range and therefore the address and speak to a number of your building. For the Flight range, head to the web site of the airline, rummage around for flights and replica the flight range.

SHOULD I keep within the building OR FLY WITH THE AIRLINE I discussed within the APPLICATION FORM?
No, not essentially. you’ll be able to book a special flight and keep during a different building

HOW MUCH cash ought to I even have within the BANK?
I even have no concrete plan, I’m not a Japan visa professional. however supported my personal expertise, here’s however I sometimes calculate it:

Estimated LOW budget daily expenses in Japan for one person is roughly JPY seven,000/PHP 3,384. With this budget, you would like to remain in a cheap bedroom, eat store and sustenance restaurants and visit FREE attractions (e.g. FREE temples, shrines and parks).

Estimated MEDIUM budget daily expenses in Japan for one person is regarding JPY ten,000/PHP 4,834– JPY fifteen,000/PHP 7,252. With this budget, you’ll be able to keep during a bedroom or single room in a budget building, crumble restaurants close to the looking areas and visit some attractions with admissions of around JPY 100/PHP 48- JPY 500/PHP 241.

Estimated HIGH budget daily expenses in Japan for one person is around JPY fifteen,500/JPY 7,493 above. Meaning, you’ll be able to keep in mid-range building, crumble restaurants close to looking areas and visit attractions with entrance fees of JPY 100/JPY 48– JPY 1000/ PHP 483.

*Now observe that transportation isn’t nevertheless enclosed in these calculable budgets.

So, supported the approximate Japan budget daily expenses for a solo person on top of, you’ll be able to multiply the daily expenses by the quantity of your supposed keep in Japan. for instance, you propose to travel to Japan for five days. Aim for a minimum of the calculable medium daily budget in Japan, that is as I discussed on top of is roughly JPY ten,000/PHP 4,834– JPY fifteen,000/PHP 7,252. So, if that’s the case, for a five day keep in Japan, your calculable expenses are roughly JPY seventy-five,000/PHP 36,248.

Again, this sample budget doesn’t embody the transportation price. So, if you haven’t reserved your airline price ticket nevertheless, contemplate that in your calculation too. Also, this is often simply supported my expertise, to allow you an inspiration of you the value of travel in Japan, might expertise could also be completely different from your experience. don’t treat this as a bible.

Once you’ve calculated your calculable expenses for the length of your Japan trip, add additional to that, merely enough, not an excessive amount of. as a result of typically, if you have got approach an excessive amount of cash on your checking account, particularly if you’re simply an everyday worker and your ITR doesn’t match or can’t make a case for why you were able to acquire that abundant funds on your checking account, it is suspicious and you would possibly get declined. it’s going to be seen as a reason for you to abide in Japan.

The money in your checking account is simply one of the numerous factors for crucial if you may be granted a Japan visa. you’ll be able to have an outsized quantity of cash in your checking account, however still be declined. See my discussion below on doable Reasons for a Denied Japan Visa.

I DON’T HAVE Associate in Nursing ITR, what’s going to I do?
perhaps you’re unaccustomed your job or your business, you’re a freelancer (freelancers have to be compelled to pay taxes by the way) however you haven’t processed your ITR nevertheless thus you can’t submit it. you’ll be able to write a letter explaining this. However, I might powerfully advocate you to connect extra proof of financial gain if that’s the case. for instance, business registration, receipts for payments from clients/employer, certificate of employment, etc. If you’re a freelancer, try and request for a certificate of employment from your client/employer, embody the name and speak to details of your leader and confirm it’s signed. Basically, you would like to prove your sturdy ties within the Philippines in order that the Japanese diplomat is going to be convinced that you simply will be returning back to the Philippines.

CAN I SUBMIT a canopy LETTER thus I will make a case for one thing (E.G MISSING DOCUMENTS)?
Yes, you’ll be able to write a canopy letter. I’ve done this before as a result of I’m missing Associate in Nursing ITR since my business is new. once more} again, I connected copies of receipts from payments from shoppers as supporting document.

Yes. I’ve done this double as a result of my initial two Japan visas wherever processed by the PR for airlines because our trip was sponsored. I submitted a signed authorization letter, ID and photocopy of my ID.

No, however, make sure that your forms are punctually accomplished. whereas applying for a Japan Visa recently, one in each of the candidates had to decide her husband over the phone to inform him to travel within the agency as a result of there was one thing missing on the shape. Avoid this. If just one of you may head to the agency to file the Japan visa application, confirm all the documents are complete and therefore the form is dully accomplished. conjointly bring a signed authorisation letter also because of the ID of the applier.

CAN I SUBMIT the necessities VIA COURIER?
If for instance you’re during a remote province and you can’t in person apply for a visa, perhaps the flight to Manila from your house is pricey, you’ll be able to submit the Japan visa needs via messenger. Contact the agency for additional info.

Once you collect your passport from the agency, that’s the sole time you’ll recognize. However, neither the agency can recognize why your application was denied. Japan Embassy doesn’t disclose it.

you’ll be able to re-apply once more when six months. scan my Japan Visa tips below. Avoid doing constant mistake.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

we tend to don’t recognize of course as a result of as I aforesaid the Japan Embassy doesn’t disclose that. however, here are some doable reasons and TIPS to enhance YOUR possibilities OF JAPAN VISA APPROVAL

Fake documents: ne’er ever submit pretend documents, even credentials.

You don’t have a longtime travel history: perhaps it’s your initial time travelling abroad and you can’t prove your sturdy economic and social ties within the Philippines. Again, there are several factors, I do know somebody World Health Organization got approved although it’s his initial time to travel abroad. however, he was able to prove his money capability to fund his trip. Another one got approved although it’s her initial time to travel overseas, however she contains a sponsor.

I recommend building your travel history initial, travel visa-free countries for Filipinos, come to the Philippine and ne’er abide in another country, and once you have got some stamps in your passport, try and apply for a Japan visa. Previous travel history will facilitate your visa application.

You don’t have sturdy social and economic ties within the Philippines: I’ve detected of the many visa horror stories before, particularly for Filipinas travelling alone. Now, once it involves applying for a visa generally, I usually hear this “If you’re a feminine, and you’re single (meaning not married), you don’t have youngsters, your probability is slim.” That’s as a result of they could assume you’re travelling there to search out a husband or find employment since you are not married here. I hope this is often not true, however it appeared to have happened to some ladies i do know.

Another doable reason for weak economic ties is that if you simply resigned from your job, you’re unaccustomed your job or your business is new.

Again, the Japanese Embassy doesn’t disclose the denial reason, thus we tend to don’t recognize of course. however if ever, you would like to prove you have got a gentle supply of financial gain, again, I discussed this on top of, submit copies of payments/receipts from shoppers. I conjointly counsel, except for Japan needs, you submit different supporting documents, like if you have got a title of your real estate, land, car, etc. Or if you have got different investments, stocks, insurance, etc.

Your checking account is questionable: perhaps you have got enough or megabucks in your bank account, but your ITR or different documents can’t make a case for however you were ready to acquire that fund. this may raise a red flag. Depositing a fulminant great amount of cash in your checking account for the visa application isn’t suggested. this could be seen as a red flag by the Japanese

You are idle otherwise you don’t have enough cash in your bank account: If you discover yourself during this scenario, apply with a patron. confirm the patron has the money capability to fund tour trip. See the Japan visa needs on top of beneath WITH patron.

You applied for a visa while not a patron, however, you wrote down that you simply are going to be staying at your friend’s place or family member’s house: If you’re applying for a visa while not a sponsor, write down a building address. Otherwise, the Japanese diplomat might enkindle extra proof that your friend or family is residing in Japan lawfully and this could delay the method or worse, your visa can be denied quickly.

Too several erasures and wrong info in your application form: once more, make sure that your form is complete, correct and neat!

You requested the incorrect range of days for your Japan visa: once more, the Japan Embassy will solely grant Filipinos fifteen days, thirty days or sixty days visa. for instance, if you propose to remain there for over fifteen days, don’t write down fifteen days on your type. Request for thirty days. If you intend to remain over thirty days, then place sixty days in your request. If you intend to remain over ninety days, then you have got a drag, as a result of most keep in Japan is up to ninety days solely. once more} again, take care of your request for over thirty days around, you would like to submit extra documents to validate your reason for staying that long in Japan.

Too sophisticated Japan itinerary: once more, don’t complicate things. simply follow the templet on top of and confirm your itinerary is accomplishable.

That’s it. Hope this journal is in a position to assist you steel onself for your Japan visa application! smart luck, and that I would very appreciate if you allow a comment below concerning your expertise to assist different readers also. If you discover any errors within the blogpost, please let American state recognize thus I will correct in real-time. If your Japan visa is approved, do let American state recognize within the comment sections!

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We thank all the applicants for showing their interest and trust in us. However, only the most eligible candidates will be selected, and further procedures will be conducted directly with employers; no charges, fees, or original documents will be asked from any applicant. All the best!

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