Dubai Jobs interview Question and Answer :

It is so obvious that if you are planning to get a job in Dubai then you will be curious about the Dubai Jobs interview. The interview is more like a live impression where the employer would want to know you from every perspective. If you are good at the interview then your chance to get the job in Dubai will ultimately increase. The interview is the key factor for anyone to get a job in Dubai. If you can do well in an exemplary way in Dubai interview then they may even hire you for better opportunities. In the interview for Dubai, there are many tricky questions that the recruiters will ask you

You need to be familiar with the question so that you can have sufficient knowledge while answering the question. But the best part about the interview question of Dubai is though you will find the question a bit tough still the answer is very easy. If you know the tricky way to answer the question and you will answer convincingly then they will hire you for the job in Dubai. We have surveyed a lot to come across this question and the most suitable answer to those questions so that they will hire you for the job in Dubai. These questions are very common and usually asked but the answer id where the real trick lies.

Some of the basic questions and their answer for Dubai interview:


1. Tell me about yourself:

 This question is not only very common in Dubai, but it is popular all around the world. In no matter which company you are applying or which post you are applying in the company, they will ask you to tell about yourself. Similarly in Dubai job also they will ask you to tell about yourself.

Be careful while answering this question, try to include the work only. No one has an interest in knowing about your personal life. So try to relate yourself with the work when the recruiters ask you with this question. And since this is a sure question so prepare for this question before you go for the Dubai Jobs interview. You may include your responsibility in a way that you enjoy. You should relate everything and responsibility, skills related to the position and the job which you are applying.

2. For being an ideal candidate what sorts of skills and experiences are required:

 This is a really good question and most of the people come across this in their interview. The recruiters will ask you this question to know about why they should be hiring you for the job in their company. It is more like what sorts of skills and experience that the company need for that particular job in Dubai.

So, while answering this question, you need to be very careful. Try to research what is the need and the demand of the company. This will help you to give the exact answer which the recruiters are expecting from you. Try to relate the need and demand of the company with your skills and experience.

This will build a belief of the recruiter for your skills and knowledge. And by doing this the recruiter will neither want to lose you from their company. You can build a good impression in front of the recruiters if you answer the question properly.

3. What would one day of work be like?

 By asking you this question the recruiter want to know about how the company work will look like. If you will have the energy to tackle the everyday problem of the company or not. Every type of job has its type of obstacles and problem that may be different every day. Sometimes even though it is not allocated in your job, you may have to live for certain longer hour in Company.

You will have a fun time as well which is very obvious but the problems as well. So you will have to make sure to the company that you will do your work properly in every type of situation. You will have to merge yourself in the culture of the company. You will be the employee of the company and you will have to consider the company like yours. So try to include these things while answering this question in your interview for Dubai jobs.

4. Tell about why did you give up on your previous job:

 This question is one of the trickiest questions that the recruiter will ask you if you are not the fresher. The answer to this question should be very positive. Don’t try to blame your previous job and say any wrong word about it. Because telling badly about others gives a bad light about yourself in front of the recruiters. Even if you have been tortured in your previous job do not mention it.

Do not tell the recruiters about your bad relationship that may have arisen with the manager or maybe colleague in Dubai Jobs interview. This will make the recruiter feel like you are a bad temper person. And they may not want to hire you for that job. Instead what you can say is you would love to see new opportunities in life. And this company may bless you with that. Tell them that you love to have challenges in your life and would love to solve it and grow further in your life.

5. Why would you want to be a member of our organization? 

This is another one of the trickiest questions that the recruiters would want you to answer. But do not worry about the answer to that question because the searching for the answer to this question is very easy. You will have to research the organization before going to the company for the interview.

Try to grab every small detail related to the company. And the strategy that the company is working on, the progress of the company. What is lacking in the company? So that you can claim that you will fit in that organization. It should be more like the organization needs you and without you, they may not be complete.

Try to be honest with your answer because they will eventually catch your lie. So be sincere with your answer and your qualification. You should mention your long term goal that you may have thought for the company. Mention about how you can help the company achieve its goal.

5. The greatest strength of candidate:

There are various options for answering this question. You can answer in many different ways to this question. Because everyone has their strength in various field. The strength is not limited to a certain point. But don’t try to include the strength that they do not need as the biggest strength of what you have. Try to include the biggest strength of what you have is what the company need from us.

 What you can include to your answer is team viewer, deliver your proper work even in the extreme pressure, die attitude should never be included, leadership skills, team player, do not mouth out big and you must remember this. You must include your biggest strength as what the recruiters want from us. For this, you can check on the advertisement for the job and then add your strength accordingly.

6. They will ask you if you are applying for any other job:

If you get this question in your interview then you will have to be honest. Because honesty plays a very important role and you will be rewarded by the recruiter for this. So try to be loyal with your answer. Do not lie if you are applying for the job by saying that you are not applying for any other job. You can mention the competitor organization where you have applied for the job.

 If they want to know your job application then you must mention for Dubai Jobs interview. But you must make sure that you are not disclosing much of the detail about the job application. But if there are many of the jobs where you have applied then make sure to not mention everything. Because it will make you look like you are very much desperate for the job and that does not look nice. So you much keep this in mind to mention if there are some or maybe you should not give detail about everything. This will make you look smart but not clumsy for the job.

7. What is your expected salary for the job? 

Don’t start explaining to them that you should be paid a certain amount of money because you deserve. Neither should you mention about you don’t have any idea about the salary package? Because this makes you look clingy in front of the recruiter and cases like this the recruiter will never hire you for the job.

In cases like this what you can answer is the salary package for the job entirely depends upon the entails for the job. The salary for the job depends on the job position. But if the interviewer is asking you this question then it is very good because they might be thinking to hire you. The answer to this question is very critical and if you answer the question very wisely then you will the good amount of salary in the job. 

9. What is your weakness for the job?

It is quite a sensitive topic for anyone to discuss in the interview. The interviewer who wants to hire you for the job would want you to be honest for the Dubai Jobs interview. The lie does not have any life. So keep in mind before telling the lie that you do not have any sort of weakness. But try to give the exaggeration of your strength so that the recruiters will focus on that.

You should not tell about the suffocated weakness which may lie inside you. Because the recruiters want to listen to your merits even though they are asking about your demerits for the job. In in the merge of explaining the recruiters about this thing do not mention that you are a perfectionist and organized in everything that you do. You can tell that you are not sure about how you will take a task to be like but you will make sure to give your hundred per cent to the job. You may also mention that if there is all type of supportive environment around you and there are peoples who will help you then you will do the job perfectly. 

9. Why are you planning for the next job by leaving the previous one?

The answer to this question is very positive so try to make sure to answer it effectively. Then tell them that you are seeking for many more opportunities and you want to grow in every aspect. Because if you are leaving the job then the recruiter wants to know that the company is not letting you out but you are.

Tell the recruiters that you are seeking for more of the opportunities in your life. You see the opportunities coming on your way through this job which you are applying. You see that if you are doing great in the job then you also see that you are being promoted by the company. If we do hard work and give everything for the job then the company will see our wellbeing and give various facilities. So why would anyone not want to grab a better opportunity coming in our life through a job?


Thus if you prepare according to this factor then you will be well prepared with the questions as well as the answer to the Dubai interview question. These questions are very common and most of the recruiters ask these questions to the candidate for the job.

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