DEWA Careers and Jobs 2021

DEWA Careers and Jobs 2021

DEWA refers to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. It was founded by the then ruler Highness Shaikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1992. Established to provide sufficient electricity and water supply to the customers DEWA is a joint venture company. It is the company constitute by Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Department. The company has been ranked in the list of the best company in the world. Effective and systematic management has led the company to achieve its business goals. The people who are skilled in electrical and water supply activities can get the opportunity to follow the right procedures. Hence, you can go through the text and gain fruitful knowledge regarding the DEWA careers and jobs 2021.

Water is the basic requirement of human life. In the absence of water, life cannot be imagined. To live a healthy and happy life we must drink pure and clean water. Water helps us to prevent from being unhealthy as drinking plenty of water is the best medicine for many of the diseases. Similarly, electricity is also the daily requirement of the people. It is difficult to operate daily activities without electricity. All the home appliances are operated through the supply of electricity. Thus, DEWA is such an industry that is concerned about the basic fulfillment of the clients.

Hence, it serves and assists the customers through the adequate supply of water and electricity for making their life comfortable and convenient. Likewise, it announces many vacancies for the candidates who are interested to work in such sector and wants to develop their career too. So, try your luck and apply to the company of Dubai that will open the door for the experts and potent candidates.

Salary and benefits of joining DEWA company of Dubai

An individual joining a certain company will be concerned about the income and benefits that he will have working in that company. Such facilities attract the candidates and make them the will to apply to the company which will be fruitful for their career development. These benefits also motivate the employees and encourage them to enhance their performance. Furthermore, the employees will get a good working environment where they can work freely as a team. There won’t be discrimination among the workers relating to their religion or race. All the employees will be equally treated and praised as per their performance. It supports the industry to reduce the chances of employee turnover.

It is an advantage for the organization when the employees are self-motivated and determined to do their assigned tasks. Additionally, there will be a strong relationship between the employee and the employer. One can rejoin the organization after the expiry of their contract if they have a good bonding with the employers. There are many benefits that the employee can get being the employee of Dubai Company. So, you can have a good future making a plan to go abroad for employment.

Some benefits of working in DEWA Company are as follows:-

  • Free accommodation

The first benefit that an employee can get working in Dubai is free accommodation. It means they do not have to search for their apartment after the arrival as it is beard by the employer. There is no need to pay charges for the apartment hence you can minimize the cost for it.

  • Good work and life balance

Working in DEWA will have a work-life balance. You can manage your time for your professional as well as private life. Similarly, you will get the chance to visit your home town once a year. It will aid you to spend quality time with your dear and near ones and also work properly with time management.

  • Average pay scale

The pay scale for the workers in DEWA is average. The salary is good and satisfactory. Likewise, you will get the extra payment for the extra hours worked in the company depending on its requirement. Besides, the pay scale also depends on the performance and the experience of the workers.

  • Amazing job security

The scope of the jobs related to DEWA Company is amazing as the need for water and electricity is never-ending. It is the essential requirement of the people or customers. Hence, the vacancy for such jobs will always be vacant and you will have the chance to apply in the related area. Moreover, because of its demand in the market, you can sell your skills and get the benefit.

  • Health insurance

Health is the greatest wealth of human beings. Without being healthy one cannot perform the assigned task properly and achieve the aimed objectives. Hence, employers are more concerned about the health condition of their employees. Thus, you will get the visa only after the confirmation of good health conditions. Similarly, you do not have to worry about the health condition. As the expenses for medication are handled by the employer himself you can be stress-free regarding your medications.

  • Comfortable work environment

Since there is teamwork in the organization, all the members work together for effective output. As unity in the workplace results in higher productivity, all the employees have the potential to work in a team. Similarly, due to workforce diversity, you can work with different nationalities and also gain more skills from them. It allows becoming more sociable and builds up confidence within you.

  • Performance Appraisal

One of the ways to motivate the employees in an industry is through their work evaluation. When the employees get appreciated or praised for their performance they get encouraged and make extra efforts to maintain their performance. Furthermore, certain rewards for the employee of the month can be done for their encouragement. Conducting such programs will make them participatory and share their ideas with the management.

  • Vacations and free airfare

Especially ex-pats employees will have the value of the vacations as they will be far from their family and home town. Considering it the employers will offer the vacations to the selected employees, in turn, wise after the completion of particular period working in that company. Additionally, they also receive free air tickets for returning to their hometown and spend quality time with their family and friends. Besides, some may also take their partner and children to their workplace and let them stay together after the permission of the employer.

  • Creates good relation with the employer

We can understand and know about the employer and the company after working certain period. Likewise, the policies and plans of the company can be known if we are the employee of that organization. Joining an industry will make the employees near to the management which creates a strong relation between them. It will be the support for you if you wish to rejoin the company in the future after the expiry of your contract.

  • Training and development

Every organization has its own culture and ways of operating the daily operation. A newly hired employee may not have good knowledge of the company’s strategies. Thus, the industry provides training to the new employees so that they can compete with other competitors. All employers desire to have competitive employees in their company.

1Senior ResearcherApply Now
2Assistant ForemanApply Now
3Project ManagerApply Now
4TechnicianApply Now
5SpecialistApply Now
6Cable JointerApply Now
7Security Risk ManagementApply Now
8Deputy ManagerApply Now
9Distribution Field OperationApply Now
10Senior EngineerApply Now
11Electrical Gang LeaderApply Now

What is the average salary of the workers engaged in DEWA Company of Dubai?

Salary is the amount paid to the employees for their contribution made to the development of the company. It is the income of the employees that will support them to sustain their life and enhance their living standards. People admire to join such company where they can gain the satisfactory pay scale. Moreover, in many of the companies, there is a provision of increasing the salary of the employees after the completion of a year. Some employers also increase the salary depending upon their performance. It works as the inspiration to the staff when they get a nice or impressive payment. Talking about the average income of the DEWA’s employees the following list shows their income statement:-

S.No.Job TitleAverage Salary(in AED)
2.Industrial Technician2,935
3.Senior Technician Electrical4,666
4.Switching Officer5,636
5.Electrical Supervisor6,800
7.Store Controller7,995
8.Senior Customer Relation8,000
9.Plant Operator8,000

What is the reason behind choosing DEWA Company by the ex-pats?

DEWA is one of the best companies in the world. Its main objective is to serve the customers by providing adequate water supply and electricity. The reason behind the success of DEWA is its respectful culture in the organization. The employee can experience equal treatment to all the staff. There is no bias among the employees. Similarly, the working hour is 7 to 8 hours per day. Sometimes you will require doing extra time that depends on the requirement of the company. For applying for the job in DEWA Company you can apply online by visiting the company’s site or going through the popular job sites. Moreover, the network is the best way to have more chance of being employed in the foreign land.

DEWA Careers and Jobs 2021

Some of the jobs that are available in DEWA Careers and Jobs 2021 are listed below:-

Therefore, joining the DEWA Company will help you to develop your career in that field. 

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