AB Agri Ltd

At AB Agri, we’re passionate about responsibly making animal feed, creating nutrition and technology-based products, and offering data services for the agri-food industry.

We operate across the entire food industry supply chain, producing and supplying compound animal feed, feed enzymes, specialized feed ingredients, and various value-added services to farmers, feed and food manufacturers, processors, and retailers.

Vision and values

Our vision is to create a legacy. 

We are passionate about producing affordable, high-quality, and responsible food. We will inspire excellence in how our industry makes food for people and animals, pioneering reliable ways to build a more sustainable food chain. 

Our family values unite us, representing who we are, how we work together, and how we help our customers.

Our AB Agri family

We employ almost 4000 people worldwide, sell products in 84 countries, and continue to grow our global operations. We reach five million farmers worldwide, feeding one in five chickens globally.

With a detailed understanding of agriculture’s importance in the global food supply chain, our philosophy is to help change it for the better, influencing and improving food production so that everyone can eat nutritious food that is produced safely and responsibly. 

Across the agricultural supply chain, our products, data insight, and technological innovation enable our customers to responsibly produce and process high-yielding, safe, and nutritious food, using fewer chemicals and antibiotics, safeguarding natural resources, and creating less waste and lower emissions.

AB Agri is a community of businesses passionate about pioneering responsible ways to build a more sustainable food chain.

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