Chalhoub Group is now offering Beauty Ambassador positions in Dubai, UAE 2023.

Chalhoub Group is now offering Beauty Ambassador positions in Dubai, UAE 2023. Easily apply online and enjoy the perks of a free visa and ticket. Check out their website to stay updated on the latest job openings!

Chalhoub Group Jobs:- Looking for a great opportunity to work as a Beauty Ambassador in Dubai? Chalhoub Group is recruiting freshers to fill these positions. Applying for these Chalhoub Group Jobs may just be the career move you need to make your life better. So, don’t miss this chance and apply now! The Chalhoub Group Jobs Employment Website is looking for qualified applicants for the position of Top Beauty Ambassador in Dubai.

If you are interested in working with the Chalhoub Group, then take a look at the many job opportunities available on their website. With great deals of positions being offered, you are sure to find something that matches your skills and expertise. If you’re looking to extend your career opportunities, Chalhoub Group Jobs can help you with that. We’ve got a wide variety of roles for you to choose from, all suited to your requirements & abilities. Check out our website and find the perfect job for yourself today!

Top Beauty Ambassadorship opportunity available at Chalhoub Group in Dubai!

Finest Jobs in Chalhoub Group Jobs:- The Chalhoub Group Jobs website has recently unveiled the Chalhoub Group Jobs alert feature, providing job seekers with opportunities to apply for Beauty Ambassador placements. Individuals with a high school diploma in any field and the necessary work experience can utilize Chalhoub Group’s online job portal to find suitable employment opportunities. This Beauty Ambassador Arrangement is located in Dubai and comes with a monthly income ranging between AED 6600.00-9100.00.

Before you apply for the Top Beauty Ambassador Position at Chalhoub Group, it is essential that you review all the key elements of this job like Job number, Work Area specifications, Educational qualifications required, Age limitation and salary & benefits. All these pieces of information have been listed out thoroughly here for your benefit.

Job description 

For more than 60 years, Chalhoub Group has been delivering and crafting exquisite luxury experiences across the Middle East. To be the best Hybrid Retailer, The Group has added a selection of 8 of its own brands, as well as over 300 international brand names from the luxury, beauty, fashion and art de vivre sectors to enhance their distribution and marketing services.

In recent years, Chalhoub Group has diversified its portfolio and started offering luxury watches, jewellery & eyewear. This move was made to ensure that customers always get the best experience possible. With a focus on innovation and constant evolution, the company offers premium experiences at more than 750+ physical locations, online stores and mobile apps. All of these customer touchpoints are designed to ensure maximum satisfaction.

With its recent ranking as the third-best employer in the Middle East and first in Saudi Arabia, Chalhoub Group currently employs over 14000 talented professionals across 7 countries. This is a significant result of the collective work of all its employees dedicated to making it an exceptional workplace.

To maintain the momentum of innovation, the Group has formulated ‘The Greenhouse’. This is not just a place to generate ideas, but also offers incubation and acceleration services to start-ups & small businesses in the locality, as well as abroad.

To ensure that it keeps up with the times, the Group has taken many steps to reinvent itself. These proactive and forward-thinking measures aim to provide long-term success. The Group is committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability among its people, partners, and planet. It has become a part of the United Nations Global Compact Community and signed on to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, showing that it places sustainability at the heart of its business strategy.

What you’ll be doing

Our Beauty Consultant is expected to deliver excellent customer service & must be able to use the appropriate sales strategies & possess knowledge about our products in order to meet the set sales goals.Our Beauty Consultant is responsible for keeping the counter clean, stocking up inventory and introducing new products. They will also promote the products and merchandise them. Additionally, our Consultant must follow certain grooming standards to ensure a certain level of quality.

  • Crafting and upholding excellent guest experiences is vital for fostering long-lasting customer loyalty.
  • Answering questions from customers about products, prices, availability, uses and services is an essential part of customer service. Our team is here to provide a prompt and satisfactory response to any inquiries.
  • Making sure that customers are happy and their needs are met, is the key to success. Connecting with customers to understand their expectations is essential in order to help them in the best possible way, while exceeding those expectations.
  • Help customers pick the most suitable product for their requirements through comprehensive guidance.
  • Showcase the various ways in which brands & products can be used, and present their benefits to the audiences.
  • Maximize revenue growth and meet strategic objectives by utilizing expertise in make up products.
  • Monitor the sales performance of each store against their target goal in order to gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions.
  • On a daily basis, generate sales reports and strive to reach incentive goals.
  • Analyze sales performance after the product launch at each retail store to gain insights.
  • Make sure the merchandising levels in the store adhere to brand standards and guidelines.
  • Make sure that shelves/counters in retail stores have enough stock replenished at the right times.
  • To report any shortage in the stock, kindly fill out the Stock Order Form.
  • Follow established protocols to guarantee successful stock receipt.

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Benefits of becoming Beauty Ambassador

Becoming a Beauty Ambassador can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Flexibility: Many Beauty Ambassador positions are part-time or freelance, which can provide flexibility for those who want to balance work with other commitments.
  2. Networking opportunities: Beauty Ambassadors often have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the beauty industry, such as makeup artists, hairstylists, and fashion designers.
  3. Product discounts: Many Beauty Ambassadors receive discounts or free products from the brands they represent.
  4. Earning potential: Beauty Ambassadors can earn money through commission on sales, as well as through bonuses and incentives.
  5. Professional development: Beauty Ambassadors can develop their skills in areas such as sales, marketing, and customer service.
  6. Brand exposure: Beauty Ambassadors have the opportunity to represent well-known beauty brands and gain exposure in the industry.
  7. Educational opportunities: Beauty Ambassadors can learn about new beauty products, techniques, and trends, and can receive training on how to use them.
  8. Being part of the beauty industry and making a difference: Beauty Ambassadors play a critical role in the beauty industry, and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s self-confidence and self-care.

What we can offer you

If you choose to work with us, we’ll help you to realize your ambitions. We believe in helping you grow through a combination of experiences, learning opportunities and chances to take on different types of role. Our internal mobility options also provide a great way for you to broaden your skillset. Our Group provides excellent opportunities for exceptional individuals to develop their professional careers.

At our organisation, we understand the value you bring to the table and strive to give back as much as possible. Our competitive benefits package includes health care, child education contribution, remote & flexible working policies along with exclusive employee discounts. We are eager to welcome applications from all backgrounds and experiences.

We understand that it is the diversity of thought, culture, ability and views which really motivates, energizes and satisfies our customers. Chalhoub Group ensures a diverse and inclusive environment for all its employees by providing equal opportunities & chances of growth to everyone regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, faith, origin or physical ability. We invite everyone to come join us and be part of our amazing future.

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To become a Beauty Ambassador, you need to meet specific requirements, such as having knowledge of makeup and skincare products, the ability to interact with customers, and passion for the beauty industry. Additionally, good communication skills are essential for fulfilling this role.

The requirements for becoming a Beauty Ambassador can vary depending on the company or brand, but some common requirements include:

  1. Experience: Many companies require that Beauty Ambassadors have previous experience in the beauty or sales industry.
  2. Education: Some companies may require that Beauty Ambassadors have a high school diploma or equivalent, while others may prefer candidates with a college degree.
  3. Skills: Beauty Ambassadors should have strong communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills. They should also be comfortable with public speaking and able to demonstrate products effectively.
  4. Passion for beauty: Companies want to hire people who are passionate about beauty and have a good understanding of beauty industry trends and products.
  5. Social media presence: In the current era, many companies are looking for ambassadors that are active on social media and are able to create engaging content, so a strong social media presence can be a significant advantage.
  6. Licensing: Some positions may require a specific license, such as a cosmetology license, depending on the type of products or services the company provides.
  7. Legal compliance: Candidates must be legally able to work in the country where they are applying to become a Beauty Ambassador.

About Chalhoub Group

For almost 65 years now, the Chalhoub Group has been a pioneer in retail, distribution, and marketing services in the Middle East. Established in Dubai, the Group’s reach & influence transcends across multiple industries such as fashion, beauty, and gift wares.

Chalhoub Group has the perfect mix of Middle East understanding and luxury knowledge, allowing them to cultivate successful brands in the region. They ensure a great experience for their customers through passionate teams, while providing outstanding service to all partners.

Having more than 9,000 employees in 14 different countries and managing over 470 retail outlets, the group’s success is largely due to their highly talented and hardworking staff. This valuable asset has been the driving force behind their achievements.

The Chalhoub Group has been a leader in the market due to their passion & professionalism. Additionally, their implementation of sustainable practices has been awarded by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce with the prestigious CSR Label in 2013.

If you are looking to apply for a job at Chalhoub Group, here’s how you can go about it. Research the company and its vacancies, create an up-to-date CV and cover letter, submit your application online and follow up with the recruitment team.

If you’re looking to become a Beauty Ambassador for Chalhoub Group, then we’ve got the perfect page for you! You can find the information needed to fill out an application form right here – simply follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go!

  • To start, visit the main website of Chalhoub Group.
  • Once you have done that, select the Chalhoub Group Jobs option.
  • With the upcoming year, people are on the lookout for job opportunities at Chalhoub Group. Here is a list of Job Openings in 2023, which you can avail to get your dream job.
  • You can easily find employment opportunities in your desired field by simply clicking on the right job postings.
  • To apply for this job post, you can simply click the direct link provided below.

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We thank all the applicants for showing their interest and trust in us. However, only the most eligible candidates will be selected, and further procedures will be conducted directly with employers; no charges, fees, or original documents will be asked from any applicant. All the best!

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