Various Job Vacancies at Nabors Drilling UAE

Various Job Vacancies at Nabors Drilling UAE

Popularly known for its facilities and excellent service UAE is the favorite workplace for most people from the world. Having the majority of foreign employees the employees will find a multi-cultural environment in their workplace. Since the government allows employers to recruit foreign employees there are lots of people migrating to the UAE for employment opportunities. Moreover, the land offers several opportunities to potential candidates. Hence, if you are also potent enough and want to work in various job vacancies at Nabors drilling UAE then this is the right article you have open up. This writing will deliver you with useful information regarding the latest vacancy at Nabors drilling and helps you to select the perfect job as per your preference.

Similarly, to lead the nation towards development the employers hire skilled and talented workers. Every year the emerging companies announce lots of vacancies globally and hire candidates from different corners of the world. Likewise, as UAE has the majority of Muslim people the rules and culture are strict. It is necessary to understand and respect their culture. Otherwise, you may get punished for breaking the rules of the state. The people in UAE are very friendly in nature and welcome all the religions from the world. They also respect other religions and cultures. Hence, it is vital to learn about the state in prior so that there won’t be any problem while you are visiting there.

Thus, learn properly about the place you are visiting and take the correct steps for attaining the targeted goals of your life. Working in UAE is a great opportunity for job seekers as they will gain lots of benefits and also can upgrade their living standards.

Benefits of working in Nabors Drilling

Getting a job opportunity in UAE is not an easy task. Due to the high competition, it is quite complex to have employment in the companies of UAE. Moreover, millions of people are waiting for their turn to grab the chance due to which it is very important to prove yourself unique. You should present yourself as a unique candidate and stand out from the crowd. However, the chance will get by the lucky and the potential one. So, you must not lose your hope and try your best for the accomplishment of your dream goal.

Some employee benefit that the workers working in UAE can have are as follows:

  • Free tax income

The first and the major reason for the candidates to migrate to UAE for employment is the facility of no taxable income. The government of UAE says no to the tax and the employees can generate all the money without any deduction for the payment to the government. Additionally, the workers will get paid for the extra hours that they will be doing for the welfare of the company and as per the requirement.


  • Annual vacations and free airfare

We all feel bore when we follow the same routine daily. Our work performance may slow down as we can get monotonous. Hence, to make their employees active some employers organize vacations on turn wise and let their employees travel to different places. It aids them to become active and get the refreshment too. Similarly, you will receive free airfare annually to return to your home town and meet with your family. This supports the employees to get in touch with their loved ones and spend quality time with them.


  • Health insurance

The condition of the human body is uncertain. Anything can happen during the course of life. A person who is healthy today may not have the same health condition tomorrow. Hence, to keep the employees free from any health issues the employers offer them health insurance facilities. Such a facility reduces the stress of the workers regarding their health conditions and encourages them to work more efficiently.


  • Life Insurance

The employers in UAE also offer the workers insurance of their life. It is generally provided in such a company where there is the involvement of heavy machinery and the work is also risky. The company bears all the compensation for any accidents or uncertainty during the operation. So, the employees feel safe when they have life insurance done by the related organization.


  • Educational assistance

Depending on the company and the employers some employees also gain the chance of having educational assistance. The managers provide them with the necessary financial support for their study. Having such benefits will enhance the relationship between the employer and the employee and also make it stronger. It also helps to reduce the employee turnover as a happy and satisfied employee is always loyal to their employer.


  • Other benefits

There are other more benefits that the employee gains by working in UAE. Some include free accommodation, transport, food, etc. Such facility depends on the nature of the organization and especially hospitality industries allow their employees with such merits. Besides, the employees also receive gratuity pay which means the payment of some certain fund at the end of their working session. The employers thank their employees for their contribution and welcome them with pure heart if they prefer rejoining the industry in the future.

How can we get the employment in UAE?

It is not easy to get employment in a foreign land especially when you belong to a different nationality. With the increase in the growing competition, more and more people are applying for the job outside their home town. As there is the availability of a good pay scale and various employee benefits more people are attracted to shift to UAE for their work. You can work with the top and multi-national companies and also gain many skills that will always support you wherever you go in the future. Working with experts from the world is not a joke hence opportunity will come to you when you make yourself capable first.

To have the work chance in UAE, firstly you will require visiting the popular job portals of UAE. The online portals like, etc. You can visit these sites and get the latest vacancy announcement of different companies you are looking for. Furthermore, you can create your job profile on social sites. Making a professional profile in the social channels will let the employers learn about you and may connect if you are eligible enough to perform the job. Hence, it is essential to create a profile decently. As the employers are also active on social sites you should post only the informational and meaningful posts so that it can grab the attention of the seeking recruiters. So, it is better to format your profile with relevant and suggestive postings rather than unnecessary posts.


you can participate in various job fairs and events organized by many companies near your home town. Attending such fairs will let you know about the upcoming and newest vacancies. You will also have the chance of meeting with the reputed personnel and the recruiting managers. It will benefit you if you have your own id card. You can distribute it to the recruiters and also be in touch with them. Another way that you can perform is by going through the official site of the related company. The company publishes their latest vacancy on their page. You can send your documents through mail or directly converse with the hiring department. Finally, the very effective thing you can do is building a network.

Since network plays a significant role in your employment in a foreign land it is essential to grow your networks. If you have any relatives or friends working and living in UAE then they are your reliable networks. As they are already familiar with the environment and working conditions they will deliver you with the correct and true information about the employer and the company. They may also refer you to recruiting companies that will assist you by increasing the probability of getting employed. Furthermore, you will require connecting with trustworthy and loyal recruiting companies. As there exist many fraud companies that only make you fool and charge extra fees for the application process. Therefore, choose the right path and assure that you are heading to your destiny land.

Various Job Vacancies at Nabors Drilling UAE

Nabors Drilling Company is one of the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet. It provides drilling services, innovative technology, performance tools, etc. to the companies to transform their industry. As the industry requires efficient and hardworking employees the employers always look for the best people who can deliver service on time. Moreover, they should be skilled enough to perform the job. This company is usually established to produce oil and gas. It is owned and operated by the drilling contractors for generating oil and gas for the country or trading to the international market. It has its operation in more than 20 countries and is popularly known as the largest oil and gas drilling contractor.

Some jobs that are available in Nabors Drilling Company in UAE are listed below:-

  • Financial Analyst
  • Shop Technician
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Driller
  • Floor hand
  • Senior Automation Engineer
  • Operation Supervisor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Yard Manager
  • Security Guard
  • MPD Field Engineer
  • Tubular Services Technician
  • Supply Chain Clerk
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Network Manager
  • Tax Analyst
  • Electrician
  • Inventory Project Manager
  • Product Specialist
  • Legal Counsel
  • Top Drive Technician

Career Development in Nabors Drilling UAE

Career development refers to the development of one’s skills and knowledge regarding one profession. The employers in Nabors Drilling are more concerned about the potentiality of their employees. Thus, various knowledge about the drilling technologies is provided for enhancing their work performance. Similarly, the employees will learn by doing the work. There is continuous learning in Nabors Drilling. Several experts are recruited to provide necessary training to the workers and build up their skills. Through their advanced drilling automation capability, the company adopts new and advanced technologies that make their work safer and efficient. Besides the training, the employees can also choose the courses of their choice and be proficient. It will support them to upgrade their career and can adapt easily to any other company.

Thus, joining the Nabors Drilling not only helps you earn money but also aids with the betterment of your career. Applying through the correct medium will permit you to land in dreamland like UAE.  

Conclusion for Various Job Vacancies at Nabors Drilling UAE

In brief, we can say that the job in a drilling company is never stopping. There will always be a high demand for laborers to work in the company. Since the work is very laborious skilled and experienced workers are the main target of the hiring managers. However, the company also grants training to the needed employees to improve their working level. Engaging in the drilling company will let you upgrade your potentiality and make you able to sell yourself in any field in the future.

Additionally, you will just have to focus on your goals and follow the instructions. You will have the chance of promotion too if you improve your capability and contribute with effort for the benefit of the industry. Moreover, employers are well-known about the happiness of their employees. Thus, they offer many perks to motivate them and encourage enhancing their productivity. It also makes their relation stronger. So, if you are also planning to work in the drilling industry then UAE is the right platform where you can flourish your potentiality and move ahead to achieve your objectives.

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